Canada or the UK

Which has a bleaker future?

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UK. At least Canada isn't in the EU. Canada is also on a separate continent than the shitskins.

Yep, we have America to fucking Annex us if shit gets bad enough.

Canada: fuck me daddy

USA: ⊙_⊙ no thanks....

...and we need to make things 10 times worse


If it weren't for the frogs in Quebec you would be a right wing country. They should have just left. Anglo-Canadians are just as based as Americans.

Alberta is like the Texas of the north.

If you expel Quebec, we'll consider invading and assimilating you.

>If it weren't for the frogs in Quebec you would be a right wing country. They should have just left. Anglo-Canadians are just as based as Americans.


Can't you just nuke the Quebexicans? They do have a lot of natural resources you can take.

UK just elected a communist Sharia candidate because they hate Jews so much.

Canadians elected a male model air-head because middle aged women's pussies got wet at his pretty curls.

Idk which is worse desu.

I wouldn't want it to go down like that.

I would want it to be the most loving, bloodless invasion and subjugation of a country by another country in history. Casualties must be kept to a minimum.


Just the refugees in Quebexico City then?

Nope. If you go to shit we will just build a wall

Lmaoing at your life son

Canada has the day of Rake to look forward to. As Trump during his 2nd term takes the resource rich areas of Canada.

The UK is fucked on two fronts of communists and muslims. The EU circling around waiting to strike.

All of us, it doesn't matter where you are, eventually we'll all become trans-abled part-time baristas who rely on government gibs to afford the rent of a tiny house.

we haven't elected them they've just gained seats

UK can't even own guns, they have four times as many fags statistically than us, and they've fucked themselves with mudslimes even harder than we have.
Not to mention one of the whitest and most normal places in the world right now is Atlantic Canada.

The UK. If things go bad up in Canada we will roll in and annex you fuckers so fast you won't even have a chance to politely invite us in.

The UK by far.

And I don't say this because I'm an Argie.
I have Welsh heritage, I love Britain and everything it represents. I believe the Falklands are theirs.

I say this because of the quality of immigrants the British have imported. While Canada has accepted its disastrous share of rapefugees, aside from that Canada practices "cognitive elitism" in its immigration policies (with a points-based system allowing only the most educated and capable to enter), which means an IQ gain through legal migration, an IQ loss through refugee programs and a net static IQ in overall terms.

Britain on the other side is accepting the worst of the worst scum of the world, Africans, Pakis, and other nationalities with extremely low cognitive capacities, resulting in a massive IQ drop and a radicalized Muslim underclass similar to that of France in the near future, with the endgame for Europe being a Muslim version of Brazil.

Unless the British uncuck themselves heavily in the coming years I see no hope for them, whereas Canada can still be saved without resorting to radical measures.

Western Europe as a whole has effectively commited suicide.

This. Canada's immigration system is surprisingly strict, relatively speaking.

UK. As cucked as the refugee shit is, they only let in families so we rarely get terrorist attacks in this country. What a shame; UK was on the redemption arc

LMAO have you seen the US lately? They're a shit show. Canada and Australia are the two Anglo nations who have the brightest futures.

>Canada and Australia
>Actual nations
One is as relevant as Greenland, the other is a jailhouse "nation"
>Both 90% uninhabitable
>Muh resources
Congrats, you'll get raped either by the white man or Mexican la raza if you are a leaf or Poo's and nigger tier Asians if you are an ausfag. For both your sakes I hope it's even the "60%" meme of white man.

Your country is a divided mess and the world laughs at your leader's buffoonery on a daily basis

The world might laugh at us, but that's because the world pays attention to us, unlike your iced over country. I know it's difficult for such a nonsense country's citizen to conceive of being under a microscope such as the USA, but it comes with a lot more ridicule than caribou country.

Well except for that total economic collapse that we'll get sooner or later

UK, at least we have 2 oceans and a shit ton of land to spread out to.

Canada is shit, bye

The UK is also shit but to a lesser degree

Not wrong, bye.

I have lived and worked as an adult in both countries. The UK is fucked and in a downward spiral.
Canada might be cucktastic right now but it has a future. Population might end up as divided as the US but we have options. Resources and plenty of space really do keep things civil. I think the state of other countries will keep Canada on a better path. For once being decades behind everyone else will benefit Canada.

The UK is already fucked up and I haven't heard anyone paint a good picture of the future. Get over here Brits, Canada needs you to help save it.

>Muh space
Habitable space vs uninhabitable

Of course with a lot of money spent, you could manage to live anywhere, but one country just has livable land and the other has to treat it like an expedition.

Definitely Canada.

Say what you will about the political situation in Britain, but at least they aren't full of ignorant fucking leafs.

Having lived in Vancouver, and Quebec, you are speaking directly from your ass.

>Get over here Brits, Canada needs you to help save it.

You shouldn't talk like that. Your Chinese owners might evict you.

The live thread on reddit (ikr) says 275 seats for the cons and 78 seats left to allot. How can they say Corbyn is elected? Could May not still have a majority?


Truth is, Canada is our younger brother. No one is gonna mess with them on the playground while we're around.

The Quebecois are fine. Toronto is literally the primary problem. Fix Toronto and well ratify your provincial Constitutions when written Canada.

UK has been fucked for years. Long before the SJWs/feminism/muslims came in.

You had ghettos of black wannabe gangstas long before all of this that were massive crime problems.

Shit got so bad you guys basically have CCTV on every street and at every corner because your police force simply can't patrol the country effectively anymore.

Now thanks to colonial era citizens getting into the country during the 50-70s you have to deal with a large contingent of their radicalized offspring.

The London riots confirmed for me beyond all doubt that your authorities are barely holding the country in check.

The only thing you have going for you is that white communities seem to be unapologetic about excluding shitkins and scum.

It's only a matter of time before your middle class starts to break down with diversity quotas and shit like that.

We'll always be able to say "we're too small a country to support mass immigration". That said we're pretty cucked in general. Same thing will happen to us it'll just be about 100 years slower probably.

I saw somewhere that by 2066 whites will be the minority in the UK so good luck with that.

Howdy, proxy leaf

Why would I pretend to be American instead of just being American? Were literally connected by a land border.

>The people who want to get sovereignty via France, the new Caliphate aren't the problem at all.


>The Quebecois are fine.

>defending quebecois
not even canucks are this disgusting

Muh space is only a retard meme if you're talking to inner city idiots who have never seen how impassable muskeg is or the sheer uselessness of tundra.
I do oilfield exploration work and I know that almost every city in Canada has loads of space to expand without sacrificing arable land. Plus the urbanization of cities that are mostly older smaller apartment complexes. Canada does have space to grow it's just not where most assume. Burgers are just mad Canada is a place where hope isnt dead yet and they're stuck weeping and wailing as it all falls apart around them.
If you think the UK has a future that doesn't involve mass riots and civil breakdown, your head is up your ass. People were burning down their own streets a few years ago simply because they were so retarded angry they couldn't even go burn down some other rich fuckers stuff. Mental.

outright majority : very unlikely
coalition majority (with DUP/ irish) : very likely

This. It sucks being in Northern Ontario and having Toronto project all of their SJW cuckery across the province. Wall that place off and let it go to shit.

>Hope isn't dead
>Quasi-french trying to get independence anually
>Even now when France is quasi-Caliphate
>All of the land in USA is livable as of right now with minimal infrastructure, most of Canuckaland requires a lot of money to turn into livable, most under varying degrees of ice
Okie dokie!

>elected a communist Sharia candidate
wew did that too tho

Thank you.

We'll annex the bongs before we touch you filthy kucknucks.



Canada clearly poses a security threat to the USA

When the fuck are you going to wake up to that fact and go full Manifest Destiny 2.0 & finish what the Founding Fathers started?

Archive the shills

>thedailybeast com/articles/2017/02/07/fbi-reports-show-terror-suspects-coming-from-canada-while-trump-stares-at-mexico

Oh yeah, tell me how nice and habitable Flint is. Everywhere in the US is 'habitable' because you tards don't know what uninhabitable looks like. Every week somewhere is either flooding, burning down or suffering a drought. Even when places are habitable you either poison the place or just turn it into a dustbowl. Just because you can find Canada on a map doesn't mean you have any concept of where and how Canada could expand its cities. Only retards like Americans try to build places it's just not worth it... well you and Africans.

thanks for the reminder based archivescriptanon

Cucks like you whining for America to save you from scary bearded fellows and blacks who make you feel like the manlet you are, are exactly what's wrong with Canada. Fix it yourself you fukkboi.

UK. In Canada you can at least move to the Northern Territories and become an alcoholic recluse on your 50 acres of land. In the UK there is no escape.

>scary bearded fellows and blacks
I see them every Jumu'ah at my local mosque, I'm not sure what you mean m8

>Only retards like Americans try to build places it's just not worth it
The City of Las Vegas has 1/16th your entire national GDP. Its number 38 for Metropolitan areas by GDP.

>The City of Las Vegas has 1/16th your entire national GDP
lel JUST

>Entire country lives in 10% of the land
>90% under ice, and once again would require a lot of HQ tech to live in
>Living dispersed throughout the land
>B-Buh drought! Nature! REEE
>Always rebuilt
>Able to colonize deserts as a young up and comer
>Before tech
>Canada still can't utilize their land in CURRENT YEAR
>No money
>Still can't get Degrassi before USA or Australia, despite being the most well known export in the form of shitty teen-soap drama as well as the PSA's "where are your kids right now?!" faggots, even in current year

>implying you couldn't do the same in Wales or N.Scotland.
They are just as much a peopless wasteland as the North of Canada.

>>Canada still can't utilize their land in CURRENT YEAR
We let it burn, desu

>>>Daily Reminder

>>South Africa sent 301 firefighters at the request of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre at the end of May. The firefighters were trained during the month of April at a boot camp, in order how to learn to use special hoses instead of the leather padded wooden sticks known as "firebeaters" they typically use in their home country due to a lack of water.

If the rest of you were like this, I could totally forgive the whole burning the white house shit. Even the french fag in your blood helped us a lot against the bongs. Sadly, most of you don't give a shit about any of that.

> wasteland
Anywhere without people is heaven to me.

Reading comprehension is really failing you tonight. I'm not saying we are going to build in the wastelands, we don't need to. Las Vegas is impressive but I only said it was retarded to build there. Which it was, congratulations you're on par with all the sand people and their marveellous sand castles.

USA will be having a shit flinging civil war while Canada enters a golden age of growth as we learn a better way from watching you retards fuck it all up.... or more likely Trudeau will get me blown up or stabbed before then but still, fuck you.

>importing africans to solve problems
>allowing children to be taken from their parents if they dont support their transgenderism they never would have even learned except from cuckschool elementary TM brought to you by the soros foundation
>litterally will take your kids and start them on hormones
>forcing people to use made up gender terms
>pm justin "the cuck" trudeau
>justin "equality of outcome not opprotunity" trudeau

You guys burned 2.3k sq miles of land.
Your land is about 3.5million sq miles
You didnt let it burn your habitable land away.
The fact that you couldnt get a handle on a fire and enlisted africans to help is glorious.

So you're just going to build up? Like a third world country? You are still working with 10% of habitable land. How are you relevant in any of this? If we have a race war, who do you think will get all of the immigrants? You, thanks to Trudeau. Who will he take in? American niggers. You're right, you win. :^)

>You didnt let it burn your habitable land away
They actually had to evacuate a town of 90,000 people

>The fact that you couldnt get a handle on a fire and enlisted africans to help is glorious.
That's the part that makes me lel non-stop

The fact they went on strike is just icing on the cake

The UK isnt in the EU, retard

You realize if the "wrong" side of that civil war wins we're ganna free you fuckers too.

And I could list the disasters that fucking annihilated verious parts of the states with no real response from their government. I'm not excusing the Fort Mac fires response, it directly impacted me and I'm outraged but it's not a reason to sell your country out and despair all hope is lost. It's just an issue for the next election.


>sell your country out
Country is still owned by the Crown, nothing matters

>despair all hope is lost
Meanwhile, Canada is going to be under 50% in less than 33 years, and going to be a brown mess by 2100
>Imagine Canada with a population of 100 million — roughly triple its current size.

>>>For two of the most prominent voices inside the Trudeau government’s influential council of economic advisers, it’s much more than a passing fancy.

>It’s a target.

The 14-member council was assembled by Finance Minister Bill Morneau to provide “bold” advice on how best to guide Canada’s struggling economy out of its slow-growth rut.

>One of their first recommendations, released last week, called for a gradual increase in permanent immigration to 450,000 people a year by 2021 — with a focus on top business talent and international students. That would be a 50-per-cent hike from the current level of about 300,000.

The council members — along with many others, including Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains — argue that opening Canada’s doors to more newcomers is a crucial ingredient for expanding growth in the future.

>They say it’s particularly important as more and more of the country’s baby boomers enter their golden years, which eats away at the workforce.

The conviction to bring in more immigrants is especially significant for at least two of the people around the advisory team’s table.

When the situations in south and central america, and the one in the US blows up, you know where people will go?

You're correct and I'm incorrect, but I more or less ment you didnt burn the 90% of the land to make in uninhabitable, you burned a portion of the habitable land and bolstered that to like 90.00034%

We're they white south africans? why the fuck didnt you guys just call America?

The fuck? Nigga who do you think I'd be rooting for in your civil war? Just because I'm not tearing my hair out and throwing away my collection of commemorative Tim Hortons cups over Trudeau doesn't mean I'm a liberal.

The white house was burned by brits, not Canadians

Canada was founded in 1867, the White House burning was in 1814.

Are you trying to imply that Canada has the balls to spread out into and annex the US?

>We're they white south africans?
lmao all black m8

>We're they white south africans?
"The firefighters were trained during the month of April at a boot camp, in order how to learn to use special hoses instead of the leather padded wooden sticks known as "firebeaters" they typically use in their home country due to a lack of water"

>why the fuck didnt you guys just call America?
You offered, Turdeau turned it down lmao

Australia, Israel, Mexico, the Palestinian Authority, Russia, the Republic of China, and the United States offered international assistance in battling the fire, though the offers were turned down by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau said that while the offers were appreciated, they were unnecessary

>both offered help
>turned down a chance for peace in middle east

I'm a white conservative immigrant. Did you just forget that's a thing? The shit hole state of Europe and our strict immigration policies mean we get plenty of Euro's who know exactly how to vote to stop the shit show they lived in from happening to Canada. Also I'm not a racist retard so I have no problem with an immigrants skin color or nationality, only what they can offer Canada.
Still pissed about all the refugees we're taking in though that's a different matter.

This is why I called for more Brits to get over here. The memery about leafs needs to stop so it doesn't scare off the people who should be coming here to stop this current idiot show. I'd even take the trolltastic yanks if I thought they'd survive the winters.

He's an idiot, but he was confused as to how a country can be run by a cunt sock (old woman), with a large land mass that has been okay with that power structure off and on, that the leafs latched onto despite being majority french and anti brit in the beginning, but they got cucked, which is natural for them.

How's this even a question? Bongs of course. As much as I despise the (((enrichment))) there's no way I'd want to be stuck in bongland, an island which has 3 times our population a significant portion of which enjoy blowing themselves up in public places. We are importing refugees but unlike the euro ones these are genuine ones, a lot of them even work for a living. They do fuck up the economy but at least they don't build fancy clocks ahmed.

I still can't believe pic related was actually taken in the UK...

Imagine if that plane just crashed. Pilots and staff just jump and take their chutes. How many little nigs could have been avoided.

Wut? For real? I liked playing assassin's creed, not fucking living it. Goddamn I feel for those guys. Slimes make everything they touch worse. Even blacks (Somalians)



>Yep, we have America to fucking Annex us if shit gets bad enough.
>Canadians still want to be annexed by the great satan of the world
>Canadians still forget that MacDonald warned us about this shit

Fuck off. While certain individuals south of us are fine and are really good people the institutions looming over them is a fucking horrendous monster that acts as a great evil in the west and deserves to be destroyed so that the ACTUAL patriots of that nation can begin ruling over their individual states as intended. CSA deserved to live.

America which is 60% white? Stand up for yourself and your country, you fucking idiot



Sorry man I guess they're all niggers to me. Even the pale ones. All a bunch of dull eyed, morose, amphetamine addicted shit pumps