Evolution debunked

Evolution debunked
*pic related*

Do atheists really believe in evolution?

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Why are crabs so cute

Are you sure about that?

How does that image debunk anything
>its another "i dont even properly understand evolutionary theory but im going to pretend im right because im an idiot" episode

Crabs eat baby turtles. They deserve a machete before ending up on my dinner plate.


Sea spiders, literally shit tier food. If you're going to eat that, you might as well fry up some black widows and kys.

>doesn't understand English
>understands "(((evolution)))"
Sounds about right.

What kind of dog is that?

Get a load of this faggot

That's a trilobite, considered extinct for a trillion years.


you're really telling someone to kill themselves over eating crab?

It obviously worked.

none of you are ready to talk about evolution. You carry too much baggage.

Fuck off, Jeb

DNA is real. Mutations, errors deletions and duplication can change many attributes of an organism.

is this thread a joke?

>Crabs eat baby turtles. They deserve a machete

Sea turtles lay 50 to 200 eggs. Nature compensates.

Most atheist are a bunch of decadent losers who only adhere to atheism to rebel against traditional morality in attempts to masquerade around their "supposed" superior intellect.

ik this is a troll thread but trilobites are extinct

I've never eaten horseshoe crab but en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibacus_peronii is delicious.

Atheists are an evolutionary dead end.

It's a fruit fish and it's a crustacean. Also how can you deny that evolution exists when pick related is real?

>in attempts to masquerade around their supposed superior intellect
t. christfag with 77700 "holier than thou" denominations

Also putting "supposed" in quotation mark in your context would imply the "supposed" part is absurd, meaning fagtheists really do have superior intellect. Learn2english fag.

That's a horseshoe crab you complete faggot

what that gifs doesn't show is that there are billions of billions of guys doing the exact same thing and that out of all those people only one created a somewhat complex painting.

The blood of a horseshoe crab is more valuable than gold.

No you dunce, it's a FAMAS


That's a horseshoe crab, but the trilobite is an ancestor of it. So, thanks for proving evolution????????

What does it taste like?

Evolution is true.

but how would pekemans work if ther waz no evelotion?

>errors deletions


this. Evolution is a (((story))) for the goyim.

>>Eating a 300 gorrillion year old crab.
my my my

You actually proved evolution OP.
Horseshoe crabs DNA can be traced directly to trilobites.
Also evolution doesn't run in a straight line, sometimes it runs sideways or not at all. See: crocodiles

Ops, I meant this video

A just and loving God would never have created such a horrifying creature.

Clearly evolution is real.


you see. when an organism spent 150 gorrillion years making an insertion into the DNA db and find that the environment has changed to make said insertion "not preferable", it just decides to go ahead and take another 150 gorillion years to delete that aformentioned insertion.
>> (((it's so simple if you don't think about it.)))

A horseshoe crab does not equal a trilobite.
Even if we found a live trilobite it would not disprove evolution.

>posts an example of evolution to disprove evolution
What did he mean by this?

>t. christfag with 77700 "holier than thou" denominations

LMAO you think anyone who is critical of atheism automatically make them a christfag? I'm not religion in the slightest, all I'm saying atheist are some of the most pretentious people you'll ever meet, and they act like angsty teenagers trying to rebel against their religious parents rather than the "radical free thinkers" they try and portray themselves as.

Proof of evolution:
1. Fossil records
>fossil records show a progressive sequence from simpler organisms in earlier periods to more complex organisms later
>this is proven in two ways: the principle of superposition and radioactive dating, e.g. with carbon-14
2. Embryological Evidence:
>similarities in the embryo development in different species implies evolution from a common ancestor
3. Anatomical evidence:
>homologous structures suggest evolution from a common ancestor
>vestigial organs are body structures that are present but serve no function. The presence of these organs implies that species have changed over time
4. Biochemical evidence
>similarities in chemical makeup of different species are evidence of a common ancestor
5. Biogeological evidence:
>similarities in species that live on different continents but adapted to similar environments supports evolution.

Fucking retard. You shouldn't be allowed to vote.

If being edgy and pretentious made an argument invalid we'd have to shut down Sup Forums.


Read up on it.

Evolution is not a belief system.

This fish has remained the same for 66 million years.

No but being a degenerate faggot and opposing traditional values solely because they're traditional values, without asking yourself if they have any merit is retarded.

>I'm not religion
If you're "not religion" then you're an atheist. Maybe an agnostic atheist, but you're an atheist. Or you a "deist", meaning you either believe your own personal version of god is the true god that eluded man for thousands of years, or you're not sure what he looks like but you think there's probably one. Then you're an agnostic theist, which isn't that far from many agnostic atheists.

>An organism well suited for a stable environment hasn't changed because a lack of natural selection pressure in it's habitat.

wew lad


>Grew up in Charlotte, NC
>home of Discovery Place, a big, fun museum-type thing for kids
>which has a large aquarium section that ends with a big petting zoo pool thing
>it's full of small, minor, or otherwise non-threatening animals, stuff like sea urchins, starfish, small fish, etc.
>mostly full of horseshoe crabs
>fucking horseshoe crab petting zoo

>now, I find OP's picture genuinely adorable

Atheism and evolution have nothing in common. Stop making these shitpost threads every day

Honestly the "rationalist" and "scientifically minded" people who oppose traditional value have a fairly small amount of empirical data available to make an objective choice, and that data seems to show traditional values work fairly well.
>without asking yoursel if they have any merit
Nah they'd rather sit down in an armchair and have an epiphany F-E-E-L-I-N-G like traditional don't make sense.

Evolution explains the variety of species on the planet. This contradicts the bible in which god creates each animal according to it's kind.

Hey, I went there and got to pet a horseshoe crab on a field trip in middle school. Fun times.

Why would it? It's apparently doing fine

>300 gorillion year old crab

I laughed so hard lmao

I am a Christian and I believe in evolution.

Genesis and the stories of creation in the Bible are poems by people who were barely out of the stone age.

They describe the spiritual story of mankind.

Thinking Genesis describes the physical creation of the Earth is not only bad science, it is bad religion.

Exactly. We wuz scientists, cretard christfags better not get in our way and libtards better go back to their sex stew.

For evolution to be real you'll have to show us the first organism evolve into something that's alive today. There's nothing supporting evolution, it is a lie, a joke, a non issue. You're all a bunch of moronic simpletons who believes in something that will never be proven. I know it sucks being you, a hopeless believer in this insanity but you are hopeless. No go ahead, retort with Allele frequency or something equally as daft so that i may laugh at you.

I like you, guy.

well yeah I could care less if you believe in God or not, I just find the behavior of many atheist to be extremely irritating.

>I'm afraid to anger my flying sky wizard but I'm also afraid to seem unintelligent

Yeah it's not like God could make a bunch of goatfuckers understand general relativity and have them make the big bang their creation story with all the math and physics.

DNA is the code Christ used to write life. Much like a programmer, our Lord reused behaviors or classes, if you will. Our DNA is nothing more than code. So please, try again, you incorrigible moronic simpleton. Show us proof of evolution from the first instance of life unto something alive today that is not hearsay, conjecture and make believe. Go ahead, I'll wait.

>flag from nigger country

Checks out.

It just needs to reach level 40 to evolve

Pretty sure it's literally just an American thing to deny evolution, every other nations Christians and other religions just see science as the study of God's work. Even muslims are not this autistic.

isn't it ironic though that idiots believes in the big bang when they can't show it in a lab or recreate it because then it'd mean the end of everything? Even funnier, have big bangers explain to you as to why another big bang hasn't happened and also provide actual observable testable proof as to why another hasn't happened again seeing as how the first arrived without provocation or warning but successive ones hasn't happened all of now. So what's preventing another one, and another one, and another one, and another one. And mind you, the response as to why has to be given with observable testable proof and not made up conjecture that can never, ever be proven.

>show me proof, but only proof that meets my criteria so is impossible to produce

>survival of the fittest
>evolve random shit that has no survival value

All religion is bad religion... there is only spirituality.


U just called the word of God "poems from people out of the Stone Age"

Watch your shit stupid faggot

IN lieu of actual facts there of--which I know you'll never, ever have---we resort to childish drudgery. As you were, varmint.


>could care less

I've literally seen horseshoe crabs IRL

>vestigial organs are body structures
Fact: Most organs once thought to be vestigial were later found to be functional. The assumption they were vestigial due to the lack of an obvious function retarded medical science.

> from simpler organisms in earlier periods to more complex organisms
Diversity of life reaches it's climax just after the Cambrian Explosion. Animals then were just as complex as they are now. The diversity and multiplicity of forms has continually diminished since this time period, in exact contradiction to what the theory of evolution predicts.

>homologous structures suggest evolution from a common ancestor
Could also be evidence of design. Similar needs or functions call for similar forms.

>similarities in chemical makeup of different species are evidence of a common ancestor
Could also be evidence of design. Similar needs or functions call for similar forms. Why reinvent the wheel with each creature?

>similarities in the embryo development in different species implies evolution from a common ancestor
Admitted as false by all modern biologists.

Your comment containing the word "idiot" is of a surprisingly delicious irony user.
Go back to your creation book because you're to stupid to understand the actual universe.


>>> /r/atheist


Bait as fuck

But it's pretty sad there are people who really look at shit like this and think "Haha stupid atheists"

atheists don't believe in evolution. they genuinely think they have proven it to be true even though its working on more half assed assumptions to justify it than a invisible man in the sky

why would you give a crab a machete before eating it

Then it isn't real. You either provide observable testable proof for all here to see and touch and observe and recreate and digest, and chew and meditate on, or you're as much of a believer as theist are. You see faith is believing in something that isn't at all beheld but for you, it's as good as real. With actual observation and testing and recreation, one doesn't need faith because it's literally there. But you don't even have that, so all you have and will ever have is something you believe in. I.E., you're one of the faithful much like the theist.

Oh young one, you'll have to do better than that. I need to see the first instantiation of life, i.e., You'll have to show us brownian motion self creating life then going on to create allele frequency in said life to evolve from the purported what was into what is.

That's not proof there of that's you admitting defeat.

You're going to have to show us as it happened proofs, evidences, facts of one organism becoming its successor species and proof there of that is both skeletal and genetic of one creature evolving into its successor species.

>"animals evolve to be stronger and better able to survive!"
>"birds are related to dinosaurs!!"
>the t-rex evolved into a chicken
yeah i still haven't fallen for the darwin jew.

Evolution is speculative historiography masquerading as science, based Bahamas bro.

Not sure why I bother with replying to subhumans like you, but there are tons of cases where features of animals are more consistent with their evolutionary cousin than with animals in similar habitats and niche.
The whale for example, their limbs have more in common with mammalian limbs than fins of fish despite their similar shape.

>show me things that are impossible to show, otherwise they don't exist
You just disproved god along with evolution.

this is now an "evolution" thread

Jesus Christ you are stupid.

Lol I didn't even made any comment about my religious beliefs, I am just better informed about terminology than you are.

Horseshoe crabs are my favorite animal.

And yet on this shaky foundation they would build ramparts and trebuchets in an attempt to destroy us all, good sir. They're rather insane. What a frighten bunch they are.

Whales have entirely different hunting, eating, and migrating patterns then fish. They operate over a far greater range of temperatures than any other one species of fish. Why would they be like fish?