Affirmative action/Quotas for Pagans?

Given that Pagans were Persecuted and nearly wiped out by Christians, should they get Affirmative action in Universities and jobs?

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As long as they look like that.


no. you should spend your freetime educating "normies" about white genocide and the jews. instead of wasting your shitty life posting irrelevant garbage, do something actually useful.

Yes. Now as minorities, whites must file numerous affirmative action lawsuits that they were discriminated against for their race or their Asatru religion.






Example of Aryan faiths:

>Stoicism (reason as divine)

>Buddhism (moral nihilism)

>Zen (anti-cult)

>Nietzsche's Overman (Will to Power)

>Naturalism (nature as divine)

>Cosmotheism (Dr. William Pierce, evolution as divine)

>Nazism (blood and nature as divine)

>Pythoagorism (numbers as divine, "man is the measure of all things")

All perfectly acceptable alternative to Semitic slave cults.

And for the more Esoteric fag who wants Spiritualism you have:

>Zoroastrianism (good replaced with wisdom of good, evil replaced with incorrect thoughts; the first philosophy)

>Vedda (Brahmanism)

>Wotanism (non-cucked chivalry)

>Druidism (nature as spirit)

>Mithra-ism (divine purity, Christianity stole most of its ritual from)


I wish. And what a sublime beauty. One look at her and any white man should have the resolve to continue fighting and struggling for our future. Such beauty and grace deserves to live.

That is what I am doing and Christianity is part and parcel of white genocide. Majority of Christians are not white. They are going to want to white countries and Church is already helping them do just that.

there's no evidence that any existing Stavkirker were ever pagan temples

I believe the one pictured in fact pre-dated Christianization of (Iceland or Norway?)

>nearly wiped out

*totally wiped out

Paganism does not exist today in Europe nor in the West generally.

What does exist is a LARP 'religion' which is entirely distinct from its historical inspiration.

You are not a Pagan in the same sense as ancient Europeans were, and you never will be. You're just a special snowflake.

Meanwhile my Church dates back to Peter. How does that feel?


Good thing the Christianity thought police are here to shit on our native religion. Were you going to invite me to services this Sunday too?

>cherrypicking:the post

>Meanwhile my Church dates back to Peter.

Given a choice of Christianities, the Latin Church is one of the most cucked. How does that feel?

It was the Catholics who should pay #NotAllChristians

that's Borgund Stavkirke it was built between
>1180 and 1250
there is no evidence that a single Stavkirke existing has ever been a pagan structure. There are no pagan Nordic temples left. you are a larper


Nothing says cucked like being a transpagan. Don't worry, I'll respect your pronouns, but you'll still never be a real Pagan, as they don't exist anymore.

Inventing your own religion would have more dignity than trying (and failing) to revive a dead one.

Kekinism is the true pagan religion . Check these digits!!!

It would be better for you to accept your situation. Christianity is cucked. You are a gateway institution for Christian niggers in Africa, Amerinds, and Christian east asians to flood white countries and erase European genetics forever. But at least you were all one in Christ.

>Meanwhile my Church dates back to Peter. How does that feel?
You mean the one that created 300 dogmas during their existence?

But they do still exist. Either openly or by keeping their traditions right under the Christian veneer. All over Europe.
You Jew worshipers are losing people right left and center. Christianity is the biggest LARP fest.

He's right though. Germanic pagans rarely had temples, they had sacred places that they made their rituals. I can think only in Uppsala having a temple


Kekinism isn't a religion. Kek is one of an Ogdoad, and of a larger pantheon.

"The subsequent King Harald Greyhide, also a Christian, was known for destroying pagan temples but not for efforts to popularize Christianity."

Are you supposed to be proud of that? You had a tyrant destroy your own native culture and replace it with a Jewish/Roman cult, and you are proud about it now?

I'm not sure you even realize how you have been intellectually cucked. Your native culture has been raped by a foreign penis, and you're enthusiastic about it.

>Meanwhile my Church dates back to Peter. How does that feel?

Haha, doubtful. How many religious iterations are you away from "Peter's Church?"

Do they hold mass in Latin or Aramic?


Finally. Check 'em.

paganism obviously couldn't compete, as it died out everywhere in Europe while having just as much of a chance as Christianity. by your praise for National Socialism isn't Christianity therefore superior?

>by your praise for National Socialism

Wait, what? I haven't praised National Socialism in this thread. Who are you?

I replied to;
you responded, I didn't check if your ID was the same

That is a medieval church... called a stave church... not a pagan convert building


Sick of Europeans larping as Ancient Israelites? Sick of the Aryan Race being neutered? Sick of your own race pacified by the Holy Jew, having their legends, lore, tales, replaced? Sick of having to turn the other cheek? Join this group.


>Muh form of Judaism is better than yours
>Not all kikes
>Jesus was a blonde, blue-eyed Aryan
>Crypto-judaism is Aryan
>Europe was worse than Africa before Christianity
>Not all Christians
>Jews used to be good
>Jews aren't the Yahweh's chosen folk, Protestant Anglo-Saxons are
>Europeans are the lost 12 tribes of Israel!
>Deus Gevalt
>Jews are based
>Rabbi Yeshua(Jesus) was a white nationalist like us
>The Yahweh of Torah is completely different than the Yahweh of the new testament, ignore the old testament goy it's totally irrelevant
>Bible gave a moral code to Europeans
>Europe was built by Christianity not white folk
>Christianity is totally different than Islam it doesn't matter that they were both made by Semitics
>Its totally ridiculous to larp as Pagan, true white nationalists larp as Jews
>Christianity made Europe great ignore the dark ages

"However, he did see no other source for the main stylistic characteristics of the stave-church - "the striving for height, the raised central roof and the surrounding gallery at ground level" - than indigenous Norwegian buildings, since the main influence on early Norwegian Christianity was Anglo-Saxon England, where stave churches were not built."

The drive-by cowards have left though...

An Asatru government should burn Christians at the stake for apostasy.

Crap. I guess we missed a few. Looks like we're just going to have to wipe them out again.

No thanks.

>the subversive nature of Christianity makes it supeior
I guess you're a Jewish supremacist too

>I didn't check if your ID was the same

Your first day of 6th grade summer vacation, and you decided to try "Sup Forums" for the first time, slugger?


You've been kiked.

At the tail end of the Roman empire Britain was already christianised. The invading angles and saxons tried to bring in their brand of paganism with them but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Asatru can be a successful minority religion for whites to assert their ethnic separateness and interests.

Quite different than Catholic Bishops inviting illegal Mexican immigrants into the U.S., or Protestant missionaries naively believing that they can improve the behavior of loincloth-wearing niggers in the African backcountry.

At the tail end of the empire Britain it was already Communized. The invading National Socialist tribes tried to bring in their brand of paganism with them but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Protip: they don't. They're all greasy hamplanet women and socially awkward hairy men.