Theists are on the bottom of the IQ chain

Theists are on the bottom of the IQ chain.


>protestant church on the top of the chain


> Episcopalian/Anglicans higher than kikes
Israel BTFO

no. protestants are based

wtf I'm converting to anglicanism now

Catholics and Kikes eternally BTFO

>inb4 catholic larping army

really makes you think

Catholics cucked again

Personal philosophy is basically atheism

Quakers are even higher

Just a reminder that Martin "Merk the Turk" Luther is based AF

Get lost kike

considering smaller sample sizes have more variability in their averages, the catholic average is pretty impressive

That's probably why it's as high as it is.

>6.66 points above the average
>not only literally the number of the beast but only higher than arabs and niggers

amazing nigger hating thread

Catholic IQ is brought down by American ((White)) Hispanics. (Which are really Mexicans)

White Catholic nations have high IQs.
Italy in particular has the highest IQ average in Europe.

Deist: 140


>smarter then jews
>still jews are on top

>table made by atheist

taking religion literally is a sign of below average IQ and autism -- especially bad if you are an atheist.

anyone else surprised the Mormons aren't higher on list i mean they are basically actually White Jews

Where the fuck are these numbers from ? Everyone's IQ is above average ? Doesn't make sense.

>No source


They're all white, so global average I can maybe see it. They also spelled muslim, muslem.

Not really, some of us are pretty fucking retarded.

>white IQ by denomination
>includes Mormon and other American shit
Safe to say this was a poll on a few thousand white americans.

also OP apparently doesn't realize that Anglican is a church.

rekt yourself, Shlomo

Catholics blown out hard. They barely beat out "other"

oh im not Mormon just surprising all the Mormons i know have their shit together