South China Sea

What exactly is China's deal with the South China Sea? Why do they want control over it so badly?

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Shipping channels

>What exactly is China's deal with the South China Sea? Why do they want control over it so badly?
Because it's their territory. Why else would it be called the south CHINESE sea

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Key shipping routes

They want to prepare themselves when america does get a president that goes full chimpout mode

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resources and influence

Second only to North Korea, this is the most important geo-political issue facing our region. China needs to pull it's fucking head in, and it needs to get a bloody nose over this. Bullies only respond to force. Unfortunately our piss-weak military and cucked leadership isn't up to the task. Trump better get on the job, quick-smart. Aussies will be there to piss fart around the edges, but it's really only the US and Japan that can stop these cunts.

I’m writing a thesis about the problematics of the border delimitation around the spratly islands. I could maybe answer a few questions if i don’t fall asleep.

btw, those claims are a huge generalisation and brunei is not included in the map.

oil and fish
power projection capability
policing sea lanes so you can begin your own world police team

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it’s very late for that.
China has recently installed anti-aircraft missile defence system on Subi reef. US provocation won’t be easy there anymore.

The process of building artificial islands on submerged reefs and features that are above water at low-tide has picked up the pace. China has built 7 quite big bases there.

Trillions of dollars of goods flow through that sea lane.

Further trade agreements will create more supply chains in the region, making control of that water even more valuable in the future, they see this and want to set a precedent for control over it as its value grows.

Exactly this. Specifically because of the oil tankers coming from the Persian Gulf. Asia is the last puppy at the teat when it comes to petroleum. They have almost no petroleum deposits of their own and due to geography they're essentially forced to take whatever the rest of the world doesn't use.

There are numerous geopolitical strategists predicting a coming conflict between China and Japan due to this very reason.

I think Trump has caused them to quiet down a bit, but it will only be until America gets another weak president, and they will ramp up their activity again.

Americans really need to stop this globalist nonsense of trying to be friends with people who only want to stab you in the back, and only act friendly when you're watching them.

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Portuguese named/added China to the name - China's Sea.
Chinese refered it before PT as South Sea.
Chinese diaspora detected,

this + oil fields, fisheries, and all the potentialities (fresh water, reclamation - more territory is never bad, tide hydroplants, salinity gradient power, ...), control over the first-island chain.

How do you think a potential conflict could play out? What are the conditions to get the ball rolling?

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I always wonder when I see Japanese, SK / any Asian flag if it's a weeb who escaped to one of these countries or a genuine oriental.

>Why do they want control over it so badly
because its worth shekels you stupid goyem

I'm a mixed who went to school here but I'm American and I've interacted with tons of Chinese, too much

China is basically at war with America as far as I can tell, they are just slowly weakening the west until they can usurp power. They take advantage of American globalist cuck ideology to further their nationalist agenda

>Because it's their territory. Why else would it be called the south CHINESE sea



Sorry, it's Vietnamese and Philippine now, bub. Us three countries have every reason to keep you out of the South Sea.

It's literally the symbol in their flag for a reason. It represents their sphere of control in the world. They will go to war over that shit.

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I wouldn’t treat the whole south china sea as one single unit. You have 4 island groups there, spratlys being the biggest.
In the past there already were conflicts between the vietnamese and chinese navy, philippine and chinese navy, philippines and malaysia. It never escalated because it was always limited to one or two maritime features. I think any future conflict will follow the same pattern - never escalating.

The chinese have had a long time to plan this. They’ve developed the "cabbage strategy". They bring over 50 ships to one disputed reef and block all passages, so ships belonging to other countries can’t pass through. Then they slowly build a base there, and then move on to the next unoccupied reef (even if it’s claimed by others). This passive aggressiveness is very successful for them.
Other countries (particularly vietnam which occupies 19+ reefs and islands) are just trying to defend their features against the chinese. They’ve got miniature bases there and I don’t think China will risk openly attacking any features that are already occupied.

If everything stays as it is now, countries will eventually delimitate the borders themselves according to UNCLOS.
There is a lot of overlapping on the sea, but no overlapping on the individual reefs and islands, which is a good thing - not too difficult to delimitate according to equidistance.

Right now all the countries involved are still a bit butthurt because the Permanent court of Arbitration decided last year that there are no real islands in the spratlys and paracels, which means none of them can create an EEZ around features. It will eventually cool off imo.

The Senkaku's and their oil. Also Methane Hydrate Deposits, its not worth it yet but new tech is being developed to extract them.

Senkaku Islands aren't in the South China Sea, you're thinking of the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands


Control of the entirety of the South China Sea would allow China to get their new nuclear subs into the pacific undetected by the US and guarantee them a second strike capability which is something they currently lack and desperately want.




I agree with everything. China should be as small as possible, because it's an immoral country.

the chinese logic that the south china sea belongs to them starts to make sense if you think of what the americans own in the pacific.

Midway Atoll, Wake Island, Howland Island, Baker Island and several other features are all incapable of sustaining life (can’t be economically independent) and are thus not "real islands", yet the US still claims the huge EEZ around those features.
The only real difference is that the american "islands" are not claimed by anyone else. Sooner or later someone will point this out, esp if US ratifies UNCLOS.

That sea belongs to Hong Kong and Hong Kong belongs to us.

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>not mentioned Macau and Portugal

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btw, that argument is retarded - Indian ocean isn’t indian.
SCS is also known as the west philippine sea, or east sea (vietnam). SCS is just the most common exonym.

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It is just pure and unadulterated national interests. They get to control the sea lane of communications in South China Sea. They get safe space for nuclear powered submarines that carries sub launched ICBM. And they get to excavate undersea resources.
Recently they just claimed successfully mining of Methane clathrate.
And it is also a national pride to "recover" lost territories.

Well, you want nationalism, and this is nationalism. At least chinks are serious about it.


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It's a lot of time and effort, but trust me, it's worth it man

I hope we can help you get your islands back one day Vietnam-kun

Are there better tools to use besides MDBG and googuru transrate? If I"m in over my head with what I want to write, I use google then reverse-engineer the words they used with MDBG and then rewrite it myself.

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Anyway, the SCS has practically always been China's. China has had sovereignty over the seas of Asia for about 2000 years and the countries in that region were vassals.

Nope. China has never overextended itself. The SCS was originally China's.

It's just a natural body of water, it's not a product that has a creator and owner. China might have *controlled* it in the past but now it's *controlled* by other countries.

>China has never overextended itself.
Well, it drove the Tais out of their ancestral homeland when it conquered the southern half o the country. Then there's the invasion of Tibet and subsequent "cultural revolution" that murdered millions of innocent people. Oh, then there's North Korea and Mongolia, I could go on but I just want to keep you from fooling any anons.

for sentence structure i sometimes use youdao dictionary 有道词典..

>sovereignty over the seas
nope. they just built a few huge ships and visited a few places, such as southern india and indonesia.. But didn’t establish trade routes or control over the seas.
Sure there were some fishermen in the SCS but that’s not controlling the sea. China was until very recently always focused on the land, not sea.

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What's sad is that a billion people have been brainwashed to believe this shit, even though their own government is responsible for a trillion times the destruction of ancient Chinese culture as the rest of the world combined. And then they attack white historians who are study China for a living. While buying a bunch of shit they don't need from Western countries like appul and prahdah. Absolute and total cucks.

Nciku is a good dictionary for example sentences. Also make sure you download Pleco, my Chinese wouldn't be where it is today without that app

I'm actually sad for china all the lying would catch up to them eventually, their foreign policy relies on people believing what Beijing promises to other countries while doing the opposite

So what happens when people stop believing what the chinese say are white lies or that they didnt lie and the other party didnt understand what beijing was saying.

Implying his opinion is worth a damn. The US has practically handed the SCS on a silver platter to China. No amount of your anti-Chinese rhetoric and memes on this Laotian basket weaving board is going to change a damn thing. So kindly fuck off you irrelevant 越南猴子 imbecile.

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I laugh each time I see Chinese claim they're anti-imperialist and that the US should get out of Asia, and then proceed to call all of their neighbors "monkeys".

There's literally no difference now between Chinese nationalist rhetoric and Japanese nationalists rhetoric during WWII


> can't present a single piece of evidence regarding the historical basis of the claims, instead resort to the intellectually dishonest method of chinking out while reminding the audience of insecurity stemming from the century of humiliation
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>Chinese plebs believe this map
Every Chinese person I've met was unreasonable on any border issue.


Oh what the paper tiger of a baby and army law by corrupt bureaucrats in uniforms and communist indoctrinated officers who spend 50% of the time studying communist rhetoric.

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Spratley Islands

Shipping routes. Methane ice.

This is one of the cleanest maps I've ever seen on the issue.

Do you imagine this is a prelude to greater pressure on reclaiming Taiwan in any way?

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One of the largest shipping line in the world pass through these straits. China want to bully them with more tariffs.

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>Why do they want control over it so badly?
Resources, strategic position, image.