There is literally nothing any of us can do to stop the browning of the world. So why not cozy up with a qt non white...

There is literally nothing any of us can do to stop the browning of the world. So why not cozy up with a qt non white? At least then you can teach your kids conservative values

Already have a Syrian girlfriend and a baby.

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If as many wombs are birthing children fathered by whites as possible, then the world on average becomes whiter. Go for it. It's redpilled.

I want to impregnate this octoroon

The entire world was brown at some point in the past. Then mutated white people showed up, became supreme, invented and built almost anything worth having, and now here we are at our present. If it ever happens again that brown takes over, expect society to be a nightmarish shithole until mutant whites emerge once again.

Bet money on it.


We haven't even got to the point of out right fighting in the streets yet and already you are saying it is over?
People aren't fighting because the threat is not yet that of a level where people are going to put their careers in video game development on hold etc.
The browner it gets, the dumber and more corrupt it gets, and thus the military, police and surveillance become increasingly less sophisticated and able to contend with resistance.

At the moment it is still mostly Whites fighting Whites, even Jewish troublemakers depend completely on their White defenders and even then from time to time their White defenders go nuts and start stomping hard on Israel.

Even the White liberals, who like to see themselves as the heroic guardians and masters of non-Whites, will eventually have extreme fits of rage when they realise that non-Whites are not interested in giving them the praise and worship these narcissists think they are entitled to and are prepared to actually become an existential threat.

Nobody wants to have sex with you because you are fat/dumb/ugly.

>Year 2023
>War against islam is rampant in Europe
>mass white refugee immigration to USA
>USA 80% white nao

Even among American blacks, you are seen as better and better and better the lighter-skinned you are. This indicates that whiteness is here to stay as even blacks are working to keep more and more white DNA in the world, rather than trying to produce more blackness. Simple math there.

Even over 3 generations you can't escape the nigger nose lmao

The problem is the degenerates.
You are not going to get the critical mass of African American males out of that becuase it is deliberately encouraged with a FUCK TON of money to help deteriorate society for the benefit of those who like a nice docile, simple minded populace. Niggers are a waste of limited resources.

Because the white people are going to rule over the mixed race cattle like they do in Brazil


The cucks on here will never understand how beautiful having children is, it makes me kinda sad for them.

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She's fucking white..

Levantines are white, Jesus was the same complexion. Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians

Defending the borders isn't difficult

Even mass-deportations on non-whites could be achieved

What is lacking is the political will and popular sentiment

they are not white, but they are the closet to white of all the non whites

That's funny coming from a leaf. The vast majority of Canadians are egalitarian and pro refugee. Stop lying to yourself

my kid looks at nigs as if they're aliens

14 months old and he's already aware that they don't belong

muh Civic nationalism fuck off shill

What is this girl if not white? She's not an Arab

Serious Question guys, say the worst happens and non whites take over Europe, from what we know the Indo Europeans who eventually arrived to what is now Northern Europe weren't exactly the whites we saw today.

Is it possible that thousands of years down the road (assuming an asteroid or nuclear war destroys everything) that any brown people who settled the Northern parts of Europe will eventually adapt to the harsh conditions of the north like those Indo-Europeans thousands of years ago? Or will it just be uninhabitable for the non whites? If it is uninhabitable by them wouldn't it be best for all of you to retreat to the great white north?

> People living in the middle east
> White

Only nonwhites say shit like this.

No white person looks at that face and thinks white girl. Fuck off nigger/sand nigger/kike, this is a whites only board.

Baby brain detected, I can't blame you for being dumb

>Brittany will never forcibly BROWN you

why live

No she a non white

In about 7-8 generations of breeding with whites only, her lineage will be about as white as Sicilians! I mean, her tits are almost passable.

no still not white

You're right, she has more value than you're typical retard american white girl who worships niggers


Yeah, no. There will always be people that want to keep the white race pure.

conservative lebanese girls can be hot, but they are non white

Don't even bother debating people on the matter, they look like this.

>teach your kids conservative values
>by creating mongrel kids with no allegiance to their country
An hero, you defeatist nigger.

She's Syrian, and your convulated idea of whiteness will be your undoing.

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you're on here m8

you cannot replicate what has already happen in the past to the T and the way other early humans breed and are already gone so it wouldn't be the same.

My wife is white,All my friends who have kids are white....They all have 3-5 kids.You mad bro? You fuckers should be afraid.

>dem lips

Bleaching exotic qt.'s = good and necessary alpha Chad behavior
>putting white roasties on a pedestal = beta male tier
>permitting coal burners to exist = omega male tier

I didn't say everyone looks like that but when I imagine the majority of MGTOW, I view them as that. They're ugly and unapproachable, just evolution doing its thing, no point debating with them on having children.

no you don't get it, I know these people, we are bros with eachother, but we respect the fact that they are not white, and they are proud of it for the most part

Bitch I know who yo are rrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee get over it you are starting shit now

I met this Christian conservative chick here in Spain a while ago that loved Trump (which is rare in Europe) and was redpilled as fuck. She also had HUGE fucking tits on a nice tight body. Had a husband though. Oh well

What is White? Your answer will always be an opinion rather than a fact. White is a social construct, Its definition is vague and has changed numerous times. At best we can say that [most] people who live in the eastern Mediterranean are Caucasian racially (Turks have significant Asian admixture as a result of the Ottomans, some Arabs (especially Egyptians) have significant African admixture as a result of the Arabian Slave Trade) but whether you think they're white or not is entirely an opinion

Usually when something is at risk of becoming extinct leftists try to save it.

Can't impeach the bleach. Prepare for global white wash. Whenever you label something taboo it will undoubtedly resurface even stronger than before.

they are not white(only) they are a subcategory of white like hispanics/mexicans

Fair skin, round eyes (not Asian) = white

Would a toba tier bottleneck event in humanity even things out? Despite how grim things look I doubt actual Europeans are going to go away, we're long overdue a hard reset and you guys are the only ones who are naturally equipped to survive an Ice Age, don't count yourselves out to quick

Someone told me that Brittany Venti's pussy stinks. Have not yet confirmed this myself.

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North white if you are south of Greece I will stand with you but will not breed with you. I appreciate your conviction.

10/10 - would create Mother Base with.

>they are all cucks
>they immediately start protesting for us to let in more camel jockeys
>clintonbot2000 gets elected
>America falls to the muzzies as well
>white people extinct


whatever happened to body acceptance

We could always be reddit....

Is she not white? Looks ok with me although I am taken she has black eyes...

Because American white women hate white men, use them, dump them, steal from them, don't give a shit. Too many are like deviant little psychopaths.
But other races women are sometimes just women. And that's crazy enough, but maybe it could be possible. And that's the thing going on with white guys.

oh I know whites are not going any where but there is only 14 words to the problem

Nah they are blue good to go never mind. Would.smash.

Because gross

Colored eyes your in .

How would we be better than muslims if we fled our ancestral homelands? Nice dream 56%.

The bitch looks tired.


We will come back in force!....

You know, I'm no meteorologist or even that smart to be honest but I can't help but feel that all this climate change bullshit is just humanity not being able to come to terms with the natural progression of the Earth. From what I've read, Ice Ages are just normal stages in the Earth's cycle, sure we might be speeding up the process but doesn't that just mean that we really just need another reset?

Not surprisingly enough, niggers, inbred hajis and most beans aren't very well equipped for surviving an Ice Age

Why are they all so brown?

The out of Africa theory was proven wrong just recently and white people might actually be one of the first types of races to live on the planet and everyone else spawned out from them.

What if you are a robot and can't even talk to women besides wörk?

Completely different ethnic group

Who gives a shit? Fuck whoever you want! Pol is full of such insecure pussies obsessed with race.


That whole picture is 8/pol/ angst personified

I really wish it was a real, physical place so that it's edgelord teenager inhabitants would shoot it up and the problem would correct itself

If you have some nerd interest like vidya/card games/anime, go find a local meet up of that sort and try to engage with a fellow autist gril. alcohol helps


she's obviously white. there's a lot of underage kids on the internet.

Yeah new evidence puts the out of africa theory to question, after it has been taught as the final scientific truth across the globe for decades.

nice shitpost Shareblue

It's not so much about how people think, but their anti-social behavior in general makes it impossible for them to have children in the future.

Most people on here don't see the link between their anti-social behavior and why they try to dictate how and what other people should do with their lives.

It's the ultimate redpill that will cause a massive cataclysm on here in a few years once people realized they wasted years, potentially decades, making pointless arguments about societal issues while their own lives deteriorate.

Don't get me wrong, the issues discussed here are important and generalizations that are made here are for the most part true. But in your personal life, things can be different, factors have to be weighed and so on.

>propagating racemixing

go away

>Then mutated white people showed up, became supreme, invented and built almost anything worth having
Here's the ranking of the world so far:
1) Jews
2) Mediterraneans
3) Nordcucks and Asians
4) Everyone else.

this. sad it even needs to be said, this should be common knowledge.

>when Sup Forums is more diverse than the left

>3) Nordcucks and Asians
hahaha you delusional faggot. Anglos and Aryans have created the only things of value in civilization.

>nerd interest
Not fanatic enough to socialize around it. Already drinking a lot.

As many people have pointed out, new evidence suggest that the Out of Africa theory is bunk, that being said I'm extremely curious about the original Berbers before their arabization. The Guanche people of Cape Verde islands were related to the Berbers but they were said to have blondish hair and colored eyes.

Just what the hell were those people? Why doesn't anyone ever hold the Muslims responsible for all the cultures and ethnicities they destroyed in their conquests?

the fuck

Those sort of nerd meet ups are your only chance of finding a non normie girl, unless you try online dating which is a nightmare. Godspeed fritz

What happened here? Did she get arrested?

Already fell for the online meme back then, naive as I was. Was a disaster naturally.

any of u fags have her nudes?

Nah. They are not operator enough.
At least /ourguys/ seem like they could be into something other than an eating contest.

>dark hair
>blue eyes
>big tits
Who is this sexy goddess? Slav?

id rather whites just snap and kill everyone