For being 6'8, Comey sure has the confidence of a manlet

For being 6'8, Comey sure has the confidence of a manlet

>Wahhh don't leave me alone with Donald
>Wahhh I did't have the guts to tell him no
>Wahhh I was fired

Seriously how can he be so tall but so weak??

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It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.
- Mark Twain

but its the manlets that always try and be tough guys
trump is probably the first person ever who's talked to him without being overly nice to him just for his height

He's a big guy

>Inviting him to a one on one dinner and kissing up to Comey to gain loyalty..


surprise surprise in things outside of Sports and Women, height isn't that relevant

Tall people are terrified of winter's icy sidewalks.

he's in the "too tall" zone. Women love to ride the cocks of men between 6'2 and 6'6... Anything taller and you start to become "weird" and undesirable like 5'10 manlets

>Trump tries to be buddy buddy with him
>laters tries to be a tough guy and demands loyalty
>both times Comey, knowing his job is on the line, sticks to non-partisanship
inb4 nu Sup Forums trying to blame Comey for Clinton getting away with it (why hasn't Trump appointed a special prosecutor for her? Why is Trump not interested in pursuing her?)
Comey was actually bretty based.

eh, i always pictured the dinner as a new york mobster dinner where trump just makes threats off topic and shit.

Comey: "t-the lobster is good melania... you really seasoned it w-we-"

Trump: "let's cut the shit alright? don't fuck me on this Comey. we all know this Russia thing is Bullshit, so why don't we all just fugget about it, and enjoy melanias lobsta"

>his shoes

>fugget about it

As a 5'7 guy I can tell you they don't matter when it comes to women either

All lankets are like that




Oh, lordy!

5'10 is a good height

Tall trees are easily cut down.

AKA "lanklets"

Comey is a lanklet through and through.

Nice try, manlet


>m-mister president, i i don't think that's appropriate
>dont worry about it. once you've tasted melanias lobster you'll forget all about this nonsense. believe me. melania's got the tastiest lobster this side of the free world. you think i'd settle for any less?

I do this too at my gym but I always get scared im gonna knock something off into the shower next to me and onto some dudes head



Being tall is irrelevant. "Muh height" people are no better than niggers "Muh Dik". You can be a bitch at 5'2 or 6'6

Omg comey really is an ayyy lmao

What is this a pic of? Fawkin space jam!?!?!

This never happened. The sandnigger speaking up is what gives it away and any gym worth its shit would end your membership after a 2nd offense.

He has principles you dipshit and anyone with an IQ above room temp can see that Grompf is one walking time-bomb.


That's... not how this works, Mr. President. That's not how any of this works.


Comey being a massive pussy makes sense. 6'8 and is some geek fucking lawyer instead dick swinging athlete.

u mad boi?

Not so much mad as extremely disappointed in the quality of our civics education in this country.

>implying Melania cooks
>implying that an experienced FBI director couldn't handle some NY mafia boss
>Clinton kills people

Since when does height correlate with confidence? I meet many tall guys who have no balls, and manlets who think they're hot shit.

height =/= confidence

despite /fit/'s fetish with height

He looks pretty skinny, I wonder how much he weighs

I'm basically a what Sup Forums would call short dude. Hell even some tall dumb asses have said it to me in some socially awkward moments among how being short is horrible for life and success. At a whopping 5'7/ 5'8 ish. Short Women( as in like 4'11) have also stated to me they prefer taller men even though they are are short. The only thing these interactions have concluded to me is that people are fucking stupid . My current taller than me, my job is top tier and my life is great. People pay top dollar for confidence but also for the ability to interact with co-workers/clients etc etc at a level far beyond what some of these "im tall gimmie dollars" can even dream of.

"high level moisturizer"

You sound like a top notch bitch. Also stop peeking at dudes in the shower.

>That's... not how this works, Mr. President. That's not how any of this works.
Except that's not what he said

He was a beta bitch and gave him loyalty
I mean he was bullied into submission by Loretta Lynch, guy shouldn't have any power at all

sure little guy

He's a mistake
Blood can't pump to his brain efficiently

5'10 1/2" master race reporting.

Lots of Hispanics in that list.
The funny part is a short CAn is 5'4"

No they aren't. You idiot. Where did you hear that? That's a stupid fuckin saying you fucking idiot Jesus Christ what is America coming to?

>>implying that an experienced FBI director couldn't handle some NY mafia boss

This is the same fbi director who forced not to prosecute hillary because a little black woman told him not to.