This is the final red pill that Sup Forums simply refuses to swallow

This is the final red pill that Sup Forums simply refuses to swallow

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Do you think average folk lived in those tax funded buildings?

I can see a wheel in the nordic one. Also a metal pot, nails holding that home together meaning metal working. He is wearing fully woven clothing. He has a fence and a net of some sort. Also is that a boat in the background?

You are comparing that to a house of sticks and mud.

>I can see a wheel

Our masterrace, folks.

No bully please

I don't see a wheel in any other picture.

That southern european "roman" places are not even real you idiot.

first one of the southern europe examples looks like the old Rialto bridge in Venice..
the second one no idea.. looks roman, but i can’t think of any port existing today with that kind of buildings. It’d be very famous if it (still) existed

Your graphic leaves out the fact that recent DNA studies suggest Egypt was populated by people sharing European DNA...

So the english isn't considered northern European now?

>Northern Europeans are literally the "WE WUZ" of the white race


Oh and btw this is denmark

for one thing, the pyramids are thousands of years older than other examples in that image. it's kind of an arbitrary image, bait obviously but I don't mind any excuse to talk about history.

the reality of northern and western europe is that anything interesting that was built there 5-10k years ago is underneath the water now. I fully expect the legendary city of ys to be discovered off of the coast of brittany when we have the technology to perform oceanic archaeology, given that the cairns we find on the coastline of brittany are not only ridiculous for their geographical location for 7k years ago but are pretty impressive by world standards for that time, and that there's no sensible context for how cairns of that magnitude exist, as though there should be large cities nearby. the coastline was much further out at the time, and there's probably some interesting stuff out there. in legends, it was the most impressive city in europe at the time, but all we have is that proto-history because they didn't write shit down.

also, stone henge is unironically an incredible megalithic monument demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of astronomy and construction. what we know of it's original form is a lot more incredible than what's left after the romans dismantled it(check out some diagrams), and we will never know the true extent of the construction.

I expect we'll be finding some pretty interesting stuff in the persian gulf as well when we can conduct offshore archaeology. the persian gulf didn't exist at the beginnings of mesopotamian civilization. there are likely entire cities underneath the water there, civilization itself and writing might be older than we think they are.

Finnish people are the Irish equivalent for Scandinavia

scandinavian, top left on the cart dumbfuck. Also, do africans normally have dogs as featured in bottom pic?

Yeah, but Varg told me that southern europeans are basically niggers and inferior to mud hut dwelling snow niggers.

First one probably got inspired by Venice but it definitly is not actual Venice.
Second one is pure fantasy.

Digits confirm Sweden is cucked, and Finland is the Belarussia of Scandinavia

Wow I never thought of that before. That's fucking awesome. How far are we to getting that technology?

fucking hate all this racial autism.

Maybe Northern Africa and Southern Europe have something in common...

Maybe it's the Mediterranean Sea!

Orcs keep culturally enriching your country.

Those black women are hot

also, I'm not really one to get into "masterrace" arguments, but I find it a little bit ironic that people argue that northern europeans are inferior in a northern european language. at some point, anglo-saxons conquered your ancestors in one way or another(violently or culturally), and you are now speaking their language for a reason. angles and saxony are tribal regions nested beneath denmark along the coastline, and the absolute most spoken language numerically and one of the most globally successful genetic haplogroups comes from this location. I think it's a little bit of a farce to claim these guys are a joke(compared to what?), but I also don't understand why people have difficulty defending them when the entire world is using their language.

it wuz undawata AND SHIET

dem damn floods be erasin our history

>False equivalency of urban vs rural structures
>Trying to discredit Aryans

Gee, who could be behind this post?

Okay but thats not a Pagan temple now is it?

>"Northern African"

>Literally Samarkand in Central Asia

look it's a we wuz saying we wuz!

The plebs had similar homes outside of rome too.

given our sophisticated offshore oil drilling technology, I expect that we could do it now if there was interest. we are too preoccupied with fighting wars and getting ahold of ourselves as a bunch of apes who found out how to make supercomputers to begin spending billions of dollars poking around coastlines out of historical curiosity. I don't mean to sound like a peace advocator, I don't really care. just explaining the situation to the best of my ability.

if we're lucky, some curious millionaires will get into the idea within the next century. the persian gulf is basically guaranteed finds, and I expect the same from the coasts of brittany and the YRV area of china.

Compare USA to Luxembourg, that's basically what this is, that you don't see how dumb you are.

Always with these same fags that do not understand how much planning goes into the load-bearing of a functioning green roof.
That structure is strong enough to carry anywhere between 150 and 250kg on top of its own weight -and- the extra kilos of snow it deals with yearly.

Your dumbass couldn't do that with modern materials.

Of course not, Norse paganism does not use temples. Sacrifices would be done on hills or in special rooms inside of the local lord's manor. But of course ignorant burgers like you don't know anything about the religions of your ancestors.

I mean, you could meme or you could educate yourself. this doesn't apply only to europe, pretty much all of the earliest cities worldwide are almost certainly underwater.

He's American, he's probably half-nigger himself. You can't expect him to understand anything about building.

it wuz all undawataaa ! watamelon

thats why we be livin in huts
dem damn ice caps be meltin n shiet

someday I hope to do some diving, but I doubt anything interesting will ever be found without sophisticated drilling technology.

Fact: most cities are built on the coast or on rivers.

Fact: river plains and coastal areas are the lowest points above sea.

Fact: significant changes in water level can cover large areas of prime land.

are you mad that you fought on the wrong side of every war ever?

Le 54%face

that turquoise color is beautiful.

>but all we have is that proto-history because they didn't write shit down.
They did, but its gone or the Vatican, Smithsonian or some one else got it.

They don't want us to know our past because the real history of mankind would shit on the out of africa theory and make people see our true potential.

Less population in the north and harsh climate. Also, northerners went to the moon. Fuck off with your divide and conquer bullshit.

Here's why white people are the master race

None of those cultures have changed at all, whereas white people engineering spans the goddamn solar system

>Fact: most cities are built on the coast or on rivers.
Yep. Before the introduction of the railroad water was the only way to transport any meaningful amount of goods. So pretty much every single significant human settlement (if not all) would have been close to water.

ofc there are lakes that has some potential for human settlement and trade, like the great in the US lakes or the Caspians sea. The former wouldn't have been a good place to live when pic related happened though

Aztecs before spaniards

one group caught up, the other didn't, it's pretty obvious why

How many people lived in Norway when the Pyramids were built?

My guess is 40-200.

Hey nigger faggot, you forgot the almighty Persian nordics who cucked those roman wops for 700 years.

Yeah, those Aztecs sure had it figured out ehh Juan?


The Aztecs and the Incas were ruled over by a blonde Aryan upper caste that had arrived in the New World a few thousand years before the shitskin Asiatics.

I have seen these bodies in this museum, they even admit they were genetically tested as European.

Why do you think the Aztecs thought their "Gods" (tall white men) had returned once they saw the Spaniards?


That African chick on the right is THICC

Lima Peru, where da fack is that, not Aztec son

Average IQ of Mexico: 88

Barely above street niggers. You're inability to read my post explains everything.

>The Aztecs and the Incas
it's the first five words juan

you know, at this point I don't really believe that they commited human sacrifice anymore. the catholic church is batshit crazy, and the history of the inquisition and false confessions tortured out of the knights templar for "ba'al" worship, and the amount of falseified evidence for the holocaust have seriously damaged any credibility that any narrative that world history pushes.

Are you telling me you cannot point out peru on a map?

HAha Thats what Annon says not the pic reference, nice try

I can, its not me mixing civilizations in two diferent emisphere and centuries apart

Spreading fake facts is fucking gay my dude, but hey believe your lies, that's healthy.

Found the shitskin.
I've been to that museum, Pablo.
You could go there too but your low-IQ, lack of money, laziness, and shit colored skin all correlate to make such a voyage unlikely.

>This is the final red pill that Sup Forums simply refuses to swallow
Under the EU there is no architecture except PostModern bullshit, all new art is supposed to represent some fucked up freudian idea and it looks like shit, Everyone is equal, no room for uniqueness, all food taste the same, all classes in all colleges teach the same narrative, all people vote the same party, all ideas lead to the same results.
Except that the majority of the continent is filled up with niggers.

Dude built his hut alone while all those 'cool' cultures of your + the niggers have their tribe to help. It's about numbers not about advantance.

who are you replying to?


>ancient world
>northern european wearing christian cross

>This is the final red pill that Sup Forums simply refuses to swallow
If you dont like the vikings then sure good for you, but that age was over 1000 years ago, we dont push our architecture down peoples throat today and we are civil, we would have been portrayed as civil if it hadn't been for the historical records written by the monks that we pillaged.

These days we can't even sell our cultural past as tourist attractions because the Left are afraid of how the niggers will feel if they feel their are being left out of history.

So we're pretty much destroyed by our indirect EU membership, the narrative is still there.

Heavy iron tools that literally smashed the fuck out of everything they came in contact with. White man seated is still taller than every other race.

hello /polk/

It's just shitty museum with reconstructions in Southern Sweden (which was part of Denmark at the time).

Here: Museum/@55.4273662,12.9534385,9z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x96f90e7ad89d4ab4!8m2!3d55.4283098!4d12.9519901

nor is the guy in OPs pic, he's wearing a cross

The second one is Rome. Pic related, it also has similar bridge architecture.

Romans were quite the builders back then, though it got burned down and mostly destroyed when Rome eventually fell.

Also peasants didn't live in the nice houses in OP, they lived in similar shit like the Northern Euro's but then in a town all stacked together.

>Okay but thats not a Pagan temple now is it?
nope, looks like an outhouse, the other buildings are not temples either, they are gigantic monuments, hellenic temples were small, often just the size of a shed, Chinese did not build a lot of temples, they were more into Shines.

This it's literally "we wuz kangz" level

Are you colourblind?