Were we for or against her? Was she Hillary Clinton or Marine Le Pen?


She's Hillary and Corbyn was Bernie

she's very totalitarian so you Hitler memers would love her but anyone with half a brain wouldnt want anyone of that sort in power

She was fucking terrible. Gifted the leadership and she blows it on a snap election. Good riddance. Not that Corbyn is better but at least she's gone now.

>a childless woman running the country
Hopefully we dodged that bullet.

**Cucked parliament**

Marine Le Pen was unironically a socialist. I will never understand why Sup Forums loved her so much.

how many more does jezza need to declare a majority?

> women
> in politics

Pretty much. Although Corbyn is even more of a socialist than Bernie.

It was like having a Hillary/Trump hybrid vs. a even worse Bernie Sanders.

UK is fucked either way.

LOL she thought she was gonna be the next Thatcher. Proof that hubris and entitlement aren't exclusive to the left.

RIP Brexit
Her horrible campaign which ended up in a hung parliament means that the EU is going to bully the UK so hard and easily get what it wants..
So much for American politics being the joke of the world.

So then the UK is saved?

She hated muslims.

It's over. A hung parliament has officially been declared.

Who doesn't? Oh right Frenchies.


Well she got what she wanted.

She now gets to resign and no longer has to be the "PM that got a bad deal with Europe".

Can't wait for her to resign

At this point Labour and the other minority parties essentially team up and tell the Conservatives to eat shit, right?

It's Hillary vs. Stalin

No, the tories need the DUP (protestant Irish) in order to form a government. The DUP demands that there be free movement between the EU and UK so there is no border in the middle of Ireland. This means Brussels has all the power in the Brexit negotiations. The UK is going to get fucked hard.

on a side note, why does the guardian let paki/pajeet/refugee writers cover important shit? is this some new way of achieving "diversity"

personally i wouldn't trust any brown person with anything important over a white person 2bh

Jesus christ. Complete backfire.

please remember i was right.

Lube up, lads. In 11 days time, the frogs and krauts are gonna rape us, HARD.


wew lads
Make your country Great again, Great Britain

that's unlikely, the Conservatives will probobly team up with some other minority party, but May will probobly step down and hard Brexit wont happen

Can anyone explain UK politics to me what's a hung parliament?

No overall majority of any one party. Last time this happened, we got Lib+Con. Fat chance of that happening again, tho.

I think she can't easily form a government solely with her same party, so she'll have to do more horse trading with her political enemies than normal in order to form a government.

Maybe. Although they all have a similar hatred for the Tories, there are also intrinsic ideological differences between, for example, the SNP and Labour. Also, the Tories could also just form a coalition government, like they did in 2010. Except this time with the DUP, instead of the Lib Dems. This would give them the mandate they need to vote through laws in Parliament.

A minority Government. We literally use the same system in Canada.

Labour, with all the pakis ,all the euros and all the students proved they will never lead this country ever again.
Labour are brain dead zombies.

Corbyn has done more criticism of SA than she ever did

>hard brexit won't happen

If you think we can reach agreement with 2 parties in discussion with the euros you are deluded.

Because jews don't whites telling the truth, they want the public to remain ignorant.

>muh Saudi's
Why would the French give a shit about that?
The problem is the Muslims in France.

Nobody has a majority so every single bill becomes a horse trading game because they all need the other parties to make law.
The overall message this sends is "We don't like any of you so we're going to make it hard for you to do anything"

>Trump nearing impeachment
>Macron beating Le Pen
>Far-right losing in Dutch elections
>EU rawdogging the UK in Brexit

>Now this

Holy shit. Right-wingers are getting absolutely BTFO this year.

>"We don't like any of you so we're going to make it hard for you to do anything"
AKA the US for going on 20 years now

Wow that sure is cucked.

Putin is authoritarian.

It's a good thing when he is on our (white race) side.

Why can't women do anything right?

No, UK is the cuckiest country now. I am sure that Sweden will try harder next time

And right back where you belong.

Try taking my anime doujins away now, you fucking witch.

>our (white race) side.
Putin is on the side of a very small number of rich scumbags and henchmen who are useful to him. All his gangster talk is just for the retarded plebs.
He is a razor sharp heavy, but not some great guy.

Will she resing her position?

Ran through a cornfield?