This culture is incomparable, and there invading our countries. This is what they think of our victims

This culture is incomparable, and there invading our countries. This is what they think of our victims.



any country that plays soccer has no culture

Guessing moment of silence for terror victims at the start of a soccer game. The white? team stands respectfully while Muslim/Nog? team niggershuffle around the field.

Yep. This was in Adelaide, remembering the Australian victims. Yellow team is Australia.

Oh, the white team is Saudi Arabia.

So what are you going to do about it?

nothing lmao

I wish soccer hooligans gave a shit about their national pride instead of petty infighting about muh club.

because the "soccer hooligans" in Australia aren't even Australian


The Aussie's lost the game too.

They are not at our level. They are way beneath us. The fact that they still carry out that nothing is wrong deserve to be shown the light on with there dark colours of violence.

petty fighting about muh club is all people had to fight about back when England was ethnically homogeneous

Now instead they can fight about the DNA they were assigned at birth and are unable to change

Isn't globalisation and multiculturalism great

>unable to change
Who said argue about DNA? They should argue about the cancer infecting our countries, which we ARE able to change. At least on paper.

Multiculturalism doesn't work, since cultures are incompatible by definition. And I'm talking deep-culture, not just food/music/clothing.

Don't worry. Their own people don't know how to fight. They need to hire mercenaries to operate their military equipment.

When push comes to shove, Saudi Arabia is most definitely fucked up the ass HARD.


No fucking way.

Show other white people

Even more fucked was a South Australian girl was killed during the attack. Not only were they honoring the victims but a girl from the city the game was being played at. I'm honestly suprised no one jumped the fence andbstarted throwing punches.

Don't listen to Ahmed. We won 3-2

Black and White will never fully accept each other in society

When times are good the differences can be overlooked

But when times are bad the tribalist ape part of our brain will override any vague sense of cultural unity

Physical appearance and DNA are inherent to identity and culture, they are basal foundations for cultural identitfy to be derived from

Take someone from continental Europe and put them in Britain and generations later they'll be British because the differences between pretty much all Europeans is just cultural.

Take someone from India or Africa and put them in Britain they're always going to be African and Indian. They might be Black "British" or "British" Indian because they're partially assimilated into Anglo culture but their roots are never going to get severed to their actual identity

For example, Continental European immigrants to Australia all faced contempt and racism by the main Anglo-Celtic society that Australia is built on, but they all eventually assimilated and nowadays you wouldn't be able to tell a part most European Australians. Non-Europeans* will never be Australians unless you fundamentally change what the identity of Australia actually is, and that is a Caucasian person who speaks English and is Anglo-Australian culturally.

*Caucasians from the Middle East and Central Asia (Like fair skinned Levantines and Iranians) may one day be considered fully Australian but they have a long ways to go in ditching their past identities (Islam). Their assimilation is far slower than European immigrants of the past.