How a Jew goes through school

>Be me
>Be a jew
>have huge jew nose
>grow up being told im gay and communism is great by peers
>Cali school district made me do a video in support of socialism in 2012
>wasn't falling for it but did it anyways got an A+
>started high school 2013
>literally laughed when they taught us about actual socialism
>kicked out of class numerous times for calling out teacher's stupidity
>assigned project to theoretically change class curriculum, not meant to be implemented
>brainwash class into loving my form of socialist class policy with a flawed presentation
>got a B- which only made people agree with it even more
>class held impromptu referendum to try my policy for a week, teacher caved in and let us
>communism.jpeg and I was the leader
>power trip got to my head
>formed an online group and almost everyone from my class joined and sent it to friends to join
>went really good first few days, and soon got nearly 80% of school to join the group
>started to direct the mob towards becoming a 'movement' against oppression
>mob of angry students would riot over random shit usually local identity politics
>establish PC culture for the teachers where students basically threaten them
>several English classes banned numerous books, semi-segregated library and cafeteria
>feel like I'm ruining my own education
>school district was in absolute chaos
>drop out and get my diploma via independent study
>watch education decay from the safety of my home

This is 100% true and I have no fucking regrets for making an entire school district turn into a commie hellhole. This was the best year of my life.

Yes, yes I get it. "You're not like the other jews", now step back into the oven.

wait so you are gay or not?

you would've been the first to die, smelly bean trash.

not, but I did pretend so I could gain the support of all the losers who were.

then you can fuck right off into the oven, breeder


Great...but you're still a fucking jew...

Your country is going to reflect my flawed policies in just a couple years, degenerative leaf. Just wait.

High verbal IQ means good at manipulation. Lack of loyalty to majority means bored and alienated by its causes. So what? Go do something big with your superpowers. Anybody can fuck with the minds of teenagers and their handlers. This is like Tyrone bragging he scared whitey by doing a few muggings.

>Buying into the nazis killed everyone other than aryans lie.
Wait, you invented that.

>Jew jews Goys
wow, never seen that!

err, what? this is like the stupid leading the blind. congratulations on fulfilling your fantasy, kike.

More like
>Buying into the nazi never recruited jews lie.

Why do you kikes come here, we hate every single one of you filthy pieces of shit.

ruining my campus as we speak.

hahahahaha I meant my mob army you dumb spick hahahaha

No, it was a localized test. Next step is amplifying it up. My fantasy is much larger scale than this. I was just young and smarter than all the low IQ morons around me. Kind of like right now.

study the enemy


also, on campus I'm having similar success. Local to my high school, so I have a lingering support base. I bet you inbreds all wish you knew what the pillars of my education policies were. You'll see when they're forced upon your children who will be even bigger bottomfeeders than yourselves.


Fake and gay

I need proof otherwise I call (Pick related)

> larping evergreen to raise awareness

we get it, ur fighting the good fight. blabla

Not true. But kys for making teachers lives hell


HAHAH THIS IS BRILLIANT. This is why I like Jews. They get shit done.

>yfw "class" is code name for "country"
jews just want to see the world burn

Now that's some 10/10 subversion. I like you, Shlomo.

I bet you wish, pseudojew.

I like how all the ones calling fake are not american. We all know how real this threat is, especially in california. Keep your disbelief, I don't need it

>Not true, but kys for (not true action)?
you would've fallen for it

Post proofs it's true

There would be a local news clipping about something like this


>I like how all the ones calling fake are not american
Wasn't gonna post but I call bullshit as well. You're probably not even a jew top kek

Not calling fake. I just want proof. if you did do this it is fucking hillarious.


op, post your tits

There are local news clippings but im not a fucking idiot. I know exactly how trashy the people on this site are, not about to give them my identity. I have ongoing operations in the same area, so California is as specific as you get.

show cut dick for proof

WE need the proofs!

I have...many questions.

>grow up being told im gay and communism is great by peers

Now being from an older generation when I was told I was gay it was an insult. Among gay genderfluid commies I assume it is some kind of compliment now and the secret handshake?

Also, you seem kind of cynical about communism. Is it great or just a tool for you to cynically rebel and destroy forms of authority keeping you down? I can't really tell.

>feel like I'm ruining my own education

You're not just ruining your own but for everyone else at the school, and by the momentum you give this movement, the rest of the country full of idiots that think any of that is at all useful.

>watch education decay from the safety of my home

Obviously you know what I've typed above but any regrets about that? Is there any way we can stop it? Do you want other kids growing up in a hellhole of anarchy and rapes and murder like the congo of south africa? This is where we are headed under leftism without exaggeration in any way...see Venezuela or literally any communist regime.

Different Jew here.

Don't worry about us, we'll be alright.

>california was already a commie shit hole
so you basically pissed in an ocean of piss?



I used the communist theory to advance my generic spinoff. They ate it up like candy, being led by a gay reformed socialist.

I felt like I was ruining my education only in the sense that nobody was opposed to it. I wasn't changing the curriculum itself, just how it was delivered. We saw grades go up in my class at first, but then the mob mentality formed and I got high on power and people liked being in a movement. Then classes had sit-ins and grades fell, and class petitions, etc. Then partial segregation in the library and cafeteria, which was when it got out of my control more or less. You'll never know what that's like, so you can try to demoralize it all you want.

I was never met with opposition, despite the fact that I was the one calling out my teachers' for propping up my own BS theories. Any moron should've caught onto my scheme but they're all followers. Nobody was a leader, which honestly would have been much more effective for my cause. I'm a great public speaker.

>Be a jew
shit on something and turn it to shit then fuck off and to your "independent studies". lets not try to hard to smash stereotypes

True reason of this is not a jew, but inherent utter obedience to jews that runs deep in burger blood. They literally cant stop serving gods chosen people. It must be good to be literal member of highest caste in literal caste system that is JewSA.

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