Comey: I've had discussion before with other HUMANS"


MCCAIN: Yeah, but I — I think it would intensely arouse my curiosity if the president of the United States said “We had that thing, you know” — I’d like to know what the hell that thing is, particularly if I’m the director of the FBI.

COMEY: Yeah, I — I get that, Senator. Honestly, I’ll tell you what — this is speculation, but what I concluded at the time is, in his memory, he was searching back to our encounter at the dinner, and was preparing himself to say, “I offered loyalty to you, you promised loyalty to me,” and all of a sudden his memory showed him that did not happen, and I think he pulled up short.

That’s just a guess, but I — I — a lot of conversations with humans over the years.

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I didn't watch the whole testimony, did he actually say that in those words??

>6' 8''

Reptilian confirmed.

I don't think Reptilians are that spineless though. Maybe a tall white? A kind of grey?

This fucking nigga does not act or look human. I fucking knew it.

it is odd, most people would have said "people" and not "humans".
What an odd duck he is.

yes, he actually said that, the jew york times has the full transcript.

Could be a tall white. They're evil right?

Wow so he talks differently. Talk about a snooze fest I'm going to catch some Z's

Quite an eccentric character indeed

he didn't say other humans
just humans

This is very strange. How would Comey know Trump was searching back to his encounter and how would he know what he was preparing to say? Was he inside his head? Reading his mind? Sounds more like an alien and a human subject on some kind of experiment. And then his MEMORY SHOWED HIM???
How does he know what his MEMORY "showed" HIM?

Ayyy lmao



all you brainlets using normal words
literally nothing wrong with what he said
Ive fucking talk to birds before faggots

oh shit he's draco?

I can't take this teasing anymore. We need disclosure ASAP

Fucking ayyliens are now even reading our minds. I bet they spoiler every movie too. Fuck them.

Intelligence communities won't release info on ayyliens bc they are the ayylmao

Yes, but he was more in the tone of "if I know people like I think I do" like he was going to explain trumps statement as a brainfart.

I'm telling you, this "thing we had" and "McCabe thing" is the 4d chess component that we don't know yet. I think we will

Yes, when I talk to people, I'm talking to humans. Humans.

Fucking CIA niggers letting these AYYs in positions of power. Fuck you CIA.

You're saying this is a human?

I took it as a tongue and cheek response.

Like someone asks you how you could interpret something in a conversation and you go deadpan and say:

>"Uh... Because I've had many conversations over the years. Conversations with humans. Like I'm doing right now."

McCain seemed like he was losing it in the testimony. He kept referring to Trump as "President Comey".

That's a Nigger. Porchmonkus Watermelanin.

He's probably shitting his pants because of the files Trump now has in his possession.

They're called Illojim and it depends on your definition of evil.

this is fake

>Shitting his pants

Nordics and Illojim are different, right?

>conversations with humans
I was listening, but didn't notice Comey saying that

because I also speak about humans

Or wait, are you referring to McCain?

That could be an explanation, I have no clue, he seemed a little demented.

That or he's just an old neocon fuck who's starving from the lack of war he was dreaming of.

I've come to find that when US officials use awkward phrases or clunky words, it often has a very specific *legal* purpose.

I'm not saying I know what that is here, but it very might well be he is trying to not technically lie according to some very specific statute or regulation.

Comey looked tired like he woke up early this morning realizing he was not prepared.

You guys are retarded... I've had a lot of conversations with humans over the years too. We all have.

I believe so. You also have humanoids that look like us from Procyon. Nordics come from the Pleiades the Illojim from Aldebaran I think.

Disingenuous faggot. We're talking about an obviously strange way of articulating the idea.

Tbf this is how i would explain it, there isnt really an easier or more clear way of saying it when your talking off the top of your head

Is there somewhere or something that gives a rapid gesalt on all these different races/factions

It talks about a few races. It's obviously nonsense but a guilty pleasure of mine. From what I can tell no two Ufologists seem to agree on how many alien races are visiting, what their agenda is and what they look like for the most part.

Delet this

thanks m8


lmao what a loser

>Implying that's not 3 midget reptilian minions in a comey suit.

>someone familiar with his thinking

Someone give me a quick rundown of what all this means for DRUNMMFNMPFFPPH

A Muslim alien
A Muslalien

It's not strange at all in a deadpan context.

McCain was asking a stupid question, and so he got a stupid answer.


Trump is potentially fighting aliens. The deep state has been compromised by Martians and trump is leading the charge against them

We wuz currency.

its all over for Drumpfy. Aliens are pissed

>implying that the most boring man in the world would have the gall to crack wise in a congressional hearing

I haven't been keeping up with the importance of If Trump and Russia have ties

My question is, why is Comeys testimony so important lately? Like, everywhere was watching it like some sporting event. I don't see the importance

based reptilian

dumbasses wanted some shocking revelation that would lead to impeachment. the russian thing is their "seth rich."

Normal people don't say things like this. We don't call around saying "oh ya, I had this talk with this HUMAN..."

We say "oh ya, I had this talk with this person the other day..."

That one small slip may just be a big enough deal. Can someone point this out to Victoryofthelight on twitter? I don't use it. I'm surprise they hadn't said anything about it today.

It's like somebody asking an adult how they know to properly park a car.

>Because I've driven many cars over the years.

How the fuck are you supposed to respond to such an inane question?

I don't see how anything related to firing an fbi director could get any President impeached
That's like how my grandmother years ago sent in 100 bucks to the RNC to get Obama impeached
People are dumb

>I was going to have dinner with my wife
What about those huh? Checkmate he has a wife he loves her

I love weird/pol/

What's weird to me is that Comey's testimony implies a pretty clear case of obstruction of justice, yet leafs that have no say in US politics act like they know better about what constitutes a crime in our government.

Regardless, the fact that Trump is outright denying what Comey is saying makes me think we need to get Trump in front of congress and giving his own testimony.

Perjury used to mean something, once, it's the reason why Clinton got impeached after all.

>What's weird to me is that Comey's testimony implies a pretty clear case of obstruction of justice
by firing the 1 person who works at the FBI

Think its just a distraction, it's bassically nothing. North Korea all went to shit looks like. And think we all lost interest in that Kathy Griffin bitch.

By isolating a subordinate responsible for Flynn's investigation in his office in telling everybody else to leave, and then telling that subordinate how they want the investigation to be concluded and referencing a prior conversation where they had demanded loyalty over honesty from that subordinate.

That he later fired said subordinate when they didn't comply speaks volumes as well.

hes a big goy
making my fire rise tbqh

That's not what happened.

it's worse than just North Korea bro, we're all fucked.

Nephilim bloodline confirmed

>"Oh yes, Trump surely colluded with Russia. Ignore them e-mails though, nothing to see there. It's just Russian propaganda."

Half. Nephilim

False, the thing was ignoring McCabe's intimidation of the White House.



Digits comfirm

>talks about how he shared Trump's concerns about leaks to the media numerous times
>leaks documents to the media

According to Comey's testimony that is what happened, according to Trump's lawyer it isn't.

I would love to see Trump give testimony in front of congress. Bonus points if has and he releases all his tapes.

Hillary can go get fucked for all I care.

>According to Comey's testimony that is what happened


This. Abolish that shithole /x/ and make /weirdpol/ a thing.

As a Brit something we have noticed during this whole business is the inability of senior American politicians and officials to construct a sentence in English. This may be because they are trying not to give anything away by speaking only in semi-gibberish, or it may be because their own thought processes are so garbled that what is coming out of their mouths accurately reflects what is actually going on in their heads, but the end result is just tiresome. It feels like I have been listening to grown-ups stuttering like small children for months now.

The right alien in the wrong planet can make all the difference in the world.