Brit/pol/ - Election Special, 48th edition

>At a glance
Most likely situation is a Tory+DUP coalition, meaning some people will be tricked into thinking they are getting a hard brexit while still getting 300k+ migration per year
DUP already outlining a soft brexit as part of the terms for propping up an enfeebled Tory party
SNP getting blown the fuck out
Exit poll proving to be correct so far
Nigel Farage will probably go back into politics.
Conservatives might just about win it.
Conservatives are just as bad as Labour.

>Why did it happen?
The number of UKIP voters going to Labour was underestimated.
They ran a very insincere campaign.
U-turns on social issues undermined her authority.
People fell victim to the soft brexit meme.
Manifesto negatively impacted Tory voting core.

>Watch live coverage of the election General election 2017 Voters to go to the polls

>What time will the UK general election results be announced? Hour-by-hour guide of seats to watch on polling night 2017

>General Election 2017 results and maps: What time will we know the winner?

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>Vale of Glamorgan

CON+DUP = 321


SF won't be sitting so majority is 322 instead of 326

9 seats to go

1 more seat for far-right coalition

Don't know a lot about DUP, what are the chances of them rejecting a coalition offer?

Have we avoided the disaster though (i.e. a non-conservative government)?

>may utterly btfo
>labour cannot win
It's better than I could ever have thought.


fucking BASED dude, mummy may is getting le stronger :^)



Surely there are enough MPs who don't want Corbyn's socialist utopia and want a clean Brexit that the Conservatives will get some defectors.

They might have to drop some of their more draconian polices, which would be good, right?

I want to cuddle with Laura cutesberg to be honest

Do they think that they won or something

Very low.


Anyone else looking at options abroad?

>the fate of the entire country is being decided on a literal fucking hairline

haha how are politics even real


Every day you do this shit, you post your fucking threads around 290. Stop this bullshit now.

Fucking tripfags, jesus christ.

The Tories aren't Conservative you twit.

congrats bongs, you did well. Maybe next time you can end the tory plurality but this wasn't bad at all.

7 seats left matey, you're missing the one independent (left wing iirc) and one other

I don't think they realise that it'll still be a Conservative government.

its not though is it, we'll end up with a shitty deal that keeps freedom of movement, this conservative government will be unbelievably limp and lose the next election (if they make it that far) and we'll end up with an open borders labour party in power

DUP coalition would be even more based than a majority.

>when you still lose but not as badly so you think it's winning

>CON+DUP 323
hooray! i'm goin to bed

CON+DUP will definitely get over 326

We're in for a great coalition I hope

>around 290
Just perfect to stop thread splitting

I am using Sky News

they are Conservative but they are not conservative



All millennials to Long Kesh

Does she get wigs with those horrendous bangs?

Laura Kuenssberg's vag is completely hairless right?

not far-right m8 i wish

what happens if no coalition is made

How many recounts are there going to be do you reckon?
Tories lost a few seats by only a couple hundred votes.

>when your expectations are so low that a loss feels like a victory

>tfw you will never be a Tory grandee forcing the Prime Minister to resign behind closed doors

i can't even tell if they are being serious or not

So it will be a DUP/Tory coalition?


rekt thread

my instincts say yes

He's a pathetic attention whore. I am the superior OP poster because I backlink and also edit the links, editions and descriptions more rather than just copy pasting so I can be the damn OP twenty posts early.

I don't give a shit if it's me that does them, but I want to see them done right. It's fucking annoying.

Sup Forums should also have a 500 post count rather than 300.

queen takes control


Does this mean you fucks are going to roll back abortion and gay marriage?

Are you going to do Chesterton proud?

I'll allow it.

She is the biggest supplier of amphetamines to journos in Britain

Has she demanded a recunt yet?

Reminder that Jezza will win in 2022. This is the where the Tories start their downfall

Lots of limp-wristed pro-brexit conservatives though who will vote the government down

To be fair to them, it wasn't the whitewash for Corbyn that was predicted. Credit where it's due.

>tactical snap election
>lose a shitload of MPs

el oh el.

The polling evidence is clear

Tory minority Government or a new election

>Scotland and Northern Ireland just about save the election for the Tories (and hopefully some kind of at least half-decent brexit)

what fucking timeline

losing=winning according to must not follow american elections,it's all the rage here now

>Brit/pol/ is full of reddit city labourcucks

Just woke up what the fuck happened

>no right to free speech, hate speech laws out the ass
>downright draconian gun laws

Self-explanatory. Most types of firearms are banned. Most guns people own are shitty .22lr bolt actions.
>need a license for fucking air rifles
>need a fucking license for paintball guns
>need a license for crossbows Legislation.html
>airsoft is banned
>LASER pointers over 1mw are banned (effectively banning the vast majority)
>fucking YO YO WATERBALLS are banned
>novelty toy-like lighters are banned
>smokeless tobacco is banned

>toys containing beads are banned

>need a helmet to ride a fucking bicycle

>plain packaging on cigarettes
>absurdly high taxation on alcohol and cigarettes
>many violent games and movies banned or censored even after the R18 was introduced
>video games are expensive as shit

How did she fuck up so bad, she had it all
>Pre-existing majority
>Overwhelmingly favourable polls
>Complete control of tabloid media
>2 fresh terrorist attacks to stoke anti-immigrant sentiment
>Opposition leader who is undermined by his party at every turn
And she threw it all away. For what?

another election

Are we finally beginning to see the effects of Labour flooding the country with millions and millions of vermin blacks and asians?

Interestingly enough, I read a recent survey that showed that 7/10 of women in the UK want the abortion time limit reduced

is she stealing our memes?

May is getting binned

>Wagecucks all gone to bed or maybe even work


This blond tart on the BBC well wants a ride on the old Corbyn cock. I bet she's proper wet.

You're going to be a Christian nation again thanks to DUP. See you in church, user.

Mustache man is on now


>the one independent (left wing iirc)
not quite, she's ex-Ulster Unionist and goes along with the unionist liney, she just opposed the official UUP/Tory pact

>"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." -CS Lewis

Ausfailia is one of the biggest NANNY STATES IN THE WORLD.

>"h-heh at least w-we don't get shot" typed the increasingly nervous and embarassed australian man on his 1 kb/s internet as he remained locked up in a padded room forced to wear a helmet, with his body bubble wrapped under constant harm supervision by his government let he cut himself on a piece of paper

I didn't expect that people in London such fucking mongrels contrasting to the whole south. Because only mongrels vote for Labours, normal people vote for the noble and posh Tories. Not for the many, for the few!

Lamentable results, we lost 13 seats.

your south wales is shit compared to ours, suck a koala cock you sunburnt bastards

Libs already said no deals or coalitions
DUP already said no coalition without soft brexit
Stop this cringeworthy score keeping

To try to kill Brexit somehow, she's still a remainer at the end of the day.



>DUP wants no border between the republic and NI, and no internal border within the UK. a.k.a. Free movement of people between the UK and EU.
tfw brexit is officially kill no matter what

Lads. What's been your highlights of the hight.
For me:
- Clegg losing his seat
- that Soubry interview

hung john curtice is hero of the night, he nailed this

Laura Kunnesberg is a pure and virtuous lady of political discourse

We're heading for another election aren't we?

That's some good 4D chess.

The Government also collects 50 cents of revenue for each cigarette sold.


lmao, he actually trusts politicians' words



This election is very interesting.

One, it shows May is fucking trash.

Two, it shows that much of the leftist youth are totally retarded.

Three, it appears the remain voters are quite willing to try and undermine the referendum result.

However, on the plus side.

>Alex Salmond BTFO

'Are Nige might come back to try and save us.

Can someone please explain why the EU was a bad thing?


No but they're more right wing than the Tories

if there isn't a coalition you bet

Yes, it's only going to get worse.

>tfw you go down in history as one of the worst ever PMs at a time when we really needed a leader

don't knock a 22lr bolt m8, cumbria took out 12 with one and a 12g

'74 all over again