I was offered $50...

I was offered $50,000 to marry a 23 year old Vietnamese girl for a few years for what I can assume is so they can legally become a citizen, what do?

Try for 80,000

isn't that illegal

Can you even hold hands in that agreement?

Depends. Post pics of your new bride so we can make an informed decision.

Is she a bab

fuck you, slant poon is best poon. give her some creampies and facial abuse and screw the law


Sell your nation for shekels, goyim.

Ask for her sister too

Don't do it user, report it to AFP. The money would be good upfront, but once she's a citizen and divorce happens she'll get half your shit.

Take as many as you fucking can.
>get paid half a million dollars to have 10 subservient wives
>stastistically one is probably a ladyboy
>oh well

>I was offered $50,000 to marry a 23 year old Vietnamese girl for a few years for what I can assume is so they can legally become a citizen, what do?
go to the police, don't betray your race or your country.

This is whats going to happen to you

AFP is going to give you a vist or letter because there are a high amount of human traffickers from SEA and they come here for prostitution.

After 4 years of "marriage" for permanent residency and path to citizenship

She can claim abuse and fuck you over.

get blowjobs too

50K? 3 years?Get it in writing. Also find out who will be handling the paper work.Talk to them. First

Sounds like your "wife" will be working as a prostitute for the next 4 years

Don't do it user, I used to work at a bar in Cabramatta and it's too much of a pain in the arse. They have to live with you and you need to prove you're in love and shit. Not to mention they probably won't speak any English and won't be capable of working anytime soon.

Source: Got one yahoo conversation in with a sister of a work friend and it quickly became apparent that it was gonna be a cunt of a 2 year period.

Do it. Be sure to put your money into some account that she doesn't know of.

Don't listen to these cunts, mate. Take the money, then shoot her.

how? How do I get in on this.

Who tf spends 50 grand to get a lame Australian citizenship.

It was justified if she was going US.

seed her up

Record it and turn in the evidence to the police


Do it and alert the authorities after you've moved the money to another country.

get the money then bury her in the Simpson

sell your country's interest for yours, your country was there for criminls in the first place anyway

get ready to lose half your stuff when divorce comes

Just go to any SE asian family and say do you have any cousins or relatives that want to come over to Australia.

If they aren't from the rice patty ala not educated about the world they will make a perfect wife but if they are from the city they are a gold digging cunt.

thanh phan spotted

Why would you do this? You would be directly contributing to the dilution of your home with foreigners and as others have pointed out, she will be getting that money back from you in the inevitable divorce.

She'll act entitled as fuck and be a raging cunt the whole time.

50k usd or 50k croc bucks?

>get your crime in writing
>make sure your crime has a "proper" contract
Are you retarded

Came here to post this.
Its a scamerino, bambino.

Wrong. Non-white women are a sea of brown and fish stenches user.

t. experience

I would do this for the Vietnammy Punani alone

$50,000 isn't worth it though. It's literally fuck all.


I don't know if Preenups are possible in Australia but if you did it you would have to make sure to secure everything you own.

>her family pays you 50k to marry their daighter
>you take it
>she fucks off and does her thing
>she gets her green card
>2.5 years later you're given divorce papers
>lawyers fees, divorce and what not cost you a 100k in money and assets


50k didgeridollaridoos

Knock her up.

you realise in this country if you get her pregnant, which you will, like it or not, you will be paying child support?

are you fucking retarded?

Not to mention spend as much as your 50 grand as possible on herself. You're asking for fucking misery for this user.

These kind of women are very disrespectful, materialistic and very, VERY sub-human. Don't be surprised when she is spitting in your house onto the floor.

Where do you think they get 50k from in Vietnam btw?

We have prenuptial agreements but that shit usually does not hold up in family court.

You will need to take care of her for the years? Will she basically be a renter and work?

If its 50k to sign a paper to get her citizenship thats one thing.

If she becomes a dependent, doesn't work, and then walks away with half your shit thats a whole nother story.

shieeet a mail order bride that wants to pay you??

do it and try to get her to stick around past the few years

! for fuks sake

Report the incident to the police and ensure that scum never reaches our shores.

user the divorce fees alone will eat most of that money up. Unless he wants to be tied to this bitch for the rest of his life this is a terrible idea.

This prenups aren't worth the paper they're written on.

Negotiate obviously, ask for 100k, then walk the way down if not accepting. Also is she hot?

Make her sign a prenup and get as much of the money up front as possible. Then get her pregnant, sell the kid on the black market, and divorce her.

They wont be offering you anything they dont have an advantage on, resist brother

Most likely from the suffering of others. Sex trade, drugs, etc..

From reading Aussie posters, as a proud burger. I wouldn't do it. Too much risk, too many side effects.

She won't work probably, and you will spend half the 50k taking care of her, and time investment would equal even more.

She will walk away with a nice divorce settlement.

The other catch is that in Aus you have to be separated for a year and one day before you can file for divorce.

drugs and prostitution.

Prenups aren't legally binding here. Fuck I don't think you can even get them anymore because they're totally meaningless.

my farts are worth the paper their written on

every time i take a shit its written in stone

wanna smell?

go to the police, don't betray your race and country

>sell the kid on the black market



take the deal and use her as a cum bucket

>tell her you want half up front
>take it
>report her to the authorities
>deny ever taking the cash

well user ill tell ya ur a dirty race mixer.

also where where did u find this girl asking for a friend

That isn't a terrible plan.

You still can lawyer jews offer them for a lot of money.

>sell off all assets months prior to divorce
>give all the money to your parents or family members for safekeeping

Take the money and run

Up it to 70k.

Ask for it all up front.

Buy a house.

Divorce her.

Marry a white woman.

any way you can hook me up with an arrangement like that?

Ensure daily blowjobs are part of the deal

Nah, she can get out of prenups with the "im asian and engrish isn't my natrive ranhgguage your contract doesn't bind me me rawyer says ching chong"
in ameriland at least.

ya but Mexicans have been walking across the border for years, need to equalize this

The only thing you'd be marrying in Australia after a divorce is your second Job. if you could even find one.

prenups mean nothing

>what do?
go to jail
but it's ok, you can ask the aryan brotherhood for protection in jail. After you explain the situation about how how you tried to sell out your nation to brown enemy invaders I'm sure they'll take good care of you

Do we have any figures for how often prenups are thrown out?

Digits confirm she becomes a legal citizen. You never get to fuck her and you go to jail for rape.
Go ahead.. sell out your country.
>White privilege.

My Spider-Sense is tingling. You're going to suffer, user. I don't know how, but if you do this, you will suffer in some way. I doubt that you would even see any money.

this is fucking nothing. that is barely enough to survive for 1 year, especially if you have to support this fake gook wife.

>end up a retard with no property and a foreign alien in your country

Take the money and buy 10 more 23 year old Vietnamese wives.

This flag.. irony. Jesus Christ.

50,000$ isn't shit, m8. Demand at least enough to buy a house.

Nigga thats barely a years samary un australisn minimum wage

Charge her with crime, throw her in jail, and asset forfeiture the money.

Chinese are doing this too. I got offered $38,000 & free board.
(Chink student lets me live in her chink household for free while I study at university).

Money is good. If it’s USD of course, not kangaroo monopoly money aka AUD. But. Make sure you know exactly how many years you have to endure this shit and what’s on the table in terms of policy discussions. If it’s 3 years then cool. More than that is kind of stretching it…

>isn't that illegal

You just tell the cops that you really love each other.

Ask for a deposit then turn them in.

Second that. Perhaps I've heard too many stories about Western men getting screwed over by Southeast Asian women. Life is opportunistic, the know they've been shortchanged luck-wise so they're taking as much as they can.

Citizenship in your country has literally zero monetary value Rajesh.


isn’t why they pay money in the first place? to not have to do these things?

Minimum wage aus would be 38k a year

Most likely a scam. If her family can offer that kind of money why wouldn't they do it in a safer way? Unless you actually do know really well this people, I don't see why they would be willing to give you money and their daughter just like that.