This gif made me start coming to Sup Forums,why the fuck are you here?

This gif made me start coming to Sup Forums,why the fuck are you here?

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also this one too i guess,I just wanted to know how we let humans get to a stage whenre ppl like this are allowed to drive.

i wonder what the fuck she is looking at? you cant see her eyes because of the sunglasses. is she looking at the guy walking? the car to the right? is she expecting the car she hits head on to turn for some reason?

>women drivers

came here by accident. then i clicked on a pciture and what i saw never let me go again. i had to know what happened.

ever since i come back daily to see the conclusion

pic related

forgot pic

she was holding a phone in her right hand and was texting

>women and Asian drivers

I first came here for the Obama/McCain election. Good times. Stayed since. Wow its been 8 years...

I just never thought the Holocaust added up when I went to the Holocaust museum in DC, and a lot of digging took me to Sup Forums circa 2010, and eventually here

I nearly made the mistake to move to Eur-istan a while back, parents are French/Dutch. Then I did some research on the socio-economic etc. situation in Europe. Eventually ended up here. Stayed for the bants.

this just happened, everyone thinks she knew it was there and wanted the money

she's probably looking at the car she's about to hit, panicking, and pushing harder on the gas instead of moving her foot to the break. she had about a 4 second window to react and in that time couldn't figure out that she should probably at least take her foot off the gas.

Would come here to enjoy the election banter and eventually stayed.

so many lulz
this is like a fucking rising crescendo of lulz
i wish this was the gif that brought me here
but, it's the gif that kept me here

looks like she's looking at the black guy in the rear view

also car with dashcam is to blame - driver knows the other behavior is wrong, doesn't use horn

lol forget this shit
>IᖴᑌᑕK TOᑎIGᕼT .ᑕOᗰ

Something about dongles, I can't remember.

Oh and the George Zimmerman trial, those threads killed my sides like no other.

wanted to know why niggers can't swim

I'm here because of seeing the actions of Antifa.


How do you know neither gif nor dashcam footage has sound.

I saw Murdoch Murdoch and kekked.

By checking the boards

... No. It's not my fault if you are a piece of shit driver.

You can see that both of her hands are on the wheel

She created the situation in which the driver with the cam would have to do that, he was stationary and could have been looking the other way for those seconds. It's not on him to ward of people ramming him head on.

Hey man, this faggot owes you a nice little sum of money

I came after the charlie hebdo attack in january 2015, lured until the november 2015 terror attack in paris where i started posting a bit and scaled up my posting during 2016... i began toning it down again after trump won the election.

Sup Forums was so much fun during and immediately after the election. i wouldn't say the board got worse in the sense that it is bad now, because it still is good in many ways, just is that it was REALLY fun during the American election

visited in 2012 for mittens, but this place hated mittens so I left back to my other devices. came back later and stayed pretty much since

Came during the Trump campaign. Didn't care too much for politics in general but that shit was lit. You guys remind me of old Sup Forums so I stayed.


I'm here because there is no where else on the internet with so many people aware of the JQ, unless you want to go full stormfag, that's not for me.

Started coming here after Sandy Hook when /k/ banned the gun control threads. Then I got fed the red pill. Kind of wish I hadn't sometimes. It's kind of a pain in the ass when you see some blatantly leftist post modern bullshit article and it's written by a (((stien))) or (((berg))).

watching gif

That fucking pit better not just be there

God damn what is all this skipping

still not using pit

Oh a wreck

looks like a fight will break out

still no use of pit

woop big deal freaked out and ran into a bus

not going to use the damn pi....

HOLy shit i love you anaon!!

Thank you based user

I washed up here around the time that SOPA was a big deal. Not sure where all the time went

Wow. You're really fucking stupid.

It's not your responsibility as a driver to be concerned about what's behind you. It's your responsibility to be concerned with what's in front of you.

Of course, you would know this if you owned a car but you're too busy shaving your fucking back to get a job you Persian-descended fuck.

truck of peace attack in D.C. get in here /

I'm here because they told me it wouldn't degrade into /new/posting.
They were wrong.

I was a casual lurker through 2013 but the Boston bombings got me hooked. That shit was so damn exciting, it was like the whole internet were detectives for a night.

Came for Ebola and never left

Because I like to see how the alt right thinks and as a moderate it behooves me to do this as FBIanon.

>feminist """gamers"""
>feminist """""coders"""""
>my sister turned (((gay)))
>trump won RAY OF HOPE
>they praised Sup Forums
>moved here
>click cars and street signs
>help i can't sleep anymore

>the whole internet were detectives for a night
Shitty detectives, though

It is a chaotic world for some people, specially for women who can not visualize as good as men.
Depending on what kind of state they are in, weird things can happen. Take into account the fact that there is millions of people driving with a car at a given time and you end up with gifs like this.

But nevertheless, race war is imminent

Was a big film buff, used to hang out on the IMDb forums talking about movies with people. Wound up on the politics board for a few months and that eventually led me to /new/.

... and the rest is history.

>he came from reddit

Well yeah, we were all totally wrong. Still fun.



I came here through FunnyJunk in 2011.

Shit like this is what keeps me here. Lol too many lulz here.

Who knew leaves were so edgy.

Reddit used to be a pretty cool guy

I saw the fourchans mentioned on!

What the fuck even is this post?

Is this in Europe? Why no airbag?

Same also same year

came to Sup Forums about 6 years ago for Sup Forums and /sci/ browsing. nearly every thread someone was told to fuck off to Sup Forums so i thought i'd better check out this place. haven't left since. not even during Sup Forumsharbour.

I came a lot because of the old queen

and this is why you always wear your seat belt.

Life after Sup Forums

I came in after the charlie attacks in my country. I'm new as fuck but it's okay because i rarely post. You should have done the same. Sage and reported.

I have to laugh when I see an SUV full of children who are bouncing around and shit. The parents will learn the error of their ways when all 7 are ejected from the vehicle and killed

JIDF desu

I came here because I wanted a laugh and a break from the other boards, I heard the humour here was pretty good. I wasn't disappointed.

This gif made me start coming to Sup Forums

i started coming here during our last elections since i wanted to see Sup Forums's opinion on this shit.

glad i stayed here

Used to lurk Sup Forums, started at 16. Sometimes visited other boards, rarely Sup Forums cuz I was a pussy mainly.

As soon as Trump announced he's running I knew this will be /myboard/ for the election at least, but ended up just sitting here non-stop.

14 words keep me going.



Knocked her clear for a week!!!

Some bitch fucked with my video games and now my generation are literally nazis

I love the constant roleplaying. As a fulltime niceperson it is very liberating to roleplay on here.
Knowing also 99% of you girls are here to pretend to be a strong intelligent man, makes it so much fun. Why can't we just find these kind of men in real life? I should start sending boys here to learn what we girls really like about men.

In my top five Gif's ever. Soooooooooo funny.

Sucky GIF dude, why not call it a jpeg

i used to browse /new/

>why the fuck are you here?

I have nowhere else to go

My true love left me and I became a cynical, empty cunt at 16.

>Knowing also 99% of you girls are here to pretend to be a strong intelligent man, makes it so much fun.

It's funny cause that's all I'm doing, while my opinions get praised - till I slip that I have titts. Really gets your noggin jogging.

i think it was the first shooting in france at bataclan on that metal concert. was a teen libshit back then. year and a half and i'm not anymore. stll consider myself a newfag but i can tell, that US elections swarmed this board with all kinds of reddit

>true love

you better facebook live your suicide.

I spend last year on r9k but have been feeling a bit better lately and you guys seem more fun

I'd bet that 85% of current Sup Forums has no idea that /new/ was a thing.

Been here since /new/ was formed way back in 2009.


This. She broke down and froze because nobody was fixing the problem for her and she didn't know how to handle that.

>I was in seattle when I saw some people holding signs and shouting
>walk over to small crowd gathered
>people yelling about monsanto
>guy fawks masks
>cringy posing for photos
>some guy hands me a flyer that says to find anonymouse on facebook twitter and Sup Forums
>what's a Sup Forums?
>google it
>go to Sup Forums
>talk politics
>say nigger a lot
>what's a /pol?
>google again
>find my new home

The Zimmerman trial.


>german humor
I'm actually laughing at how unfunny this is

I had a screenshot of some ER bro on /k/ talking about how this one chick got ejected from a car and her brain was exposed upon hitting the asphalt, but they kept her on life support to harvest her organs and eventually fungus grew on her brain.

Funny how the one time I can use the fucking image, I don't have it.

Came after trump got elected pls no h8

don't forget you're here forever

This is now a rekt thread

Because all interesting and serious conversations about humanity and society that took place on k are told to take it to pol. I came here and havent looked back since.


Fresh from Ebaum's World.


Those were the days. I also remember a hearing held in Connecticut about gun rights which had some really interesting people.

>why the fuck are you here
Well you see Johnny 4 1/2 years ago just after /new/ was reinstated this board was the freshest level of trolling Sup Forums could muster, I reveled in the Hitlerdump threads, shortly after that the Zimmerman Event exploded and after watching 5 of the trial days I became a hot blooded conservative after seeing the truth.

Time passed, Sup Forums involved itself in many a lulz (still riding the wave of media nigger deaths as well), and we continued to argue anything and everything for the sake of bolstering our arguments. Gamergate unfortunately spilled into the board, and shortly after that the Cuckening of Moot hit us like a sack of shit bricks. After Moot left and "the death of Sup Forums", Trump happened.

Oh man what a fucking ride it's been. I can't ever leave you shit eating faggots and I can't ever stop arguing with the paid shills, idiots, newfags and government kikes.

What did you learn?

I started to stray away from the general conditionning of press/radio/TV media thanks to the internet, and I started reading other truths. And my idea of truth was shattered.

I got deeper and deeper on the internet, staying away from the main media at the time: blogs, instant chat and other things, that divided people more than anything, and eventually led to social networks. That is the biggest difference with the concept of a "forum", a place you go to, and where you meet people, and chat about anything, rather than an identity-centric social network, where all discussions revolves around people, and where people can have private chat too easily, not to mention, the ability to "block" people.

So I remained on old-school means of communication: BBS, mailing lists, textboards, imageboards... even radioham. I landed on Sup Forums, and I saw a "politics" board, where people weren't afraid to question everything. So I sticked around despite all the bullshit that happened in here, because what matters the most is that people continue to communicate with each other unrestricted, with no censorship, with no isolation, no echo chambers, no sikrit clubs. And while 4/pol/ has gone to shit, it remains a hot spot for human exchanges.