World map thered

lets get one of these going

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Anyone who likes/love Poland shouldn't be on Sup Forums

why you romanian gypsy? what problem do you have with us?

google "terrorist attacks in poland" and then tell me that in 2017

White niggers and the cringiest favor of nationalism. Even more so than turks.

kys gypsy

good cunt

you may be a sheep shagging cunt but i wouldn't want any other country next to me

Why do you dislike us?

because you are a dirty people in in gang and drug infested shithole

Rate my map.

7/10 based and solid but fuck america the nigger and jew infested shithole also Argentina is as good as Chile

You live in Australia, do you think you have the right to call any other country a shithole?

yeah i do

>me romanian gypsy
>you cleaning toilets in UK

Fuck off land-grabber, poland is German clay


You should't be allowed to exist as a country, split it between Russia and Germany.
+ starting the second WW2

Look at that image again, you'll see that Romania has 0 as well

Jesus Christ Dingo Bro....ease up on the cocky shitposting

>Argentina is as good as Chile
Thanks Aussie. Austral land is best land.

yeah but they doesn't tell me why i should hate Poland you just salty that i dident care enough about your country to add it to my liked list?

nah fuck off burger cunt

yeah i lot of people on this board don't like you for some reason but Argentina is a good based country in my books

I mean no offense, but you should't stick in european business.
If you still wanna, I invite you politely to visit the both countries, and then make an opinion.

Everybody loves Poland, yet they never met a polak in their life, or ever been to Poland

fair enough

don't let those emus get you down, m8

dont let those sheep tempt you either

bump come on guys post your world maps so far only 1 other guy has


Why don't you just scurry back to your gypsy camp?

8/10 bonus points for the file name

>Africa almost all red
>Random green Nambia

Read a book nigger

Some high quality bait there, brother
Keep going!

Namibia is bro tier

USA #1

Pretty much this

You literally cannot refute this

how someone could love Serbia?

Burger, I know you've been called a thousand times stupid.

Now let me explain why

Your fucking shithole that you call country has the biggest population of gypsy in the world. You even mascarade them on TV, shows like Gypsy Wedding being loved by the ape IQ people of USA.

Gypsies we're slaves in Romania, google it. It's not our fault that we we're rich in slaves.

Your country meant something in this world, it was the land of the free, a country created in the name of God, and with His help.

Now you've become the most stupid, degenerate and self-loving people that walked this earth. You are the cancer of the world.
Slaves of the Jews, circumcised cucks, black-cock-sucking-feggs.

Do not even start me on the World Wars, when you fought your own kind (USA was 51% of german origins during the WW1) and when you defeated the last moral bastion of this world ( The Third Reich )

Any decent men, if given the choise, would pick Romania over USA. Any decent men that actually have something in their head besides boose, drugs, sex and niggers

One world


Serbia is our friend. They remove kebab.



I like how so far there wasn't a single map that didn't like Poland.


must feel nice
oh wait the uk just ruined it

like and dislike colours too similar boet, but spot on otherwise just needs nz

having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.

So i don't hate poland

0/10 you nigger so you like iran? probably where your from and that's why you don't like Poland and you like France. FUCKING SAND NIGGER GET OFF MY BOARD

Do i look like a sand negro to you ?

>no time stamp
like i can believe that




Stop calling me a sandnigger faggots

>a canadian that likes us
That's new to me.

well then why would you love iran?

I feel bad throwing South Africa under the bus but the demographics and politics ..theres just not much that can be done at this point.

its too far gone just let it go

>tfw so small you gotta zoom all the way in to see your colour

They are the only Good country in middle

The day I let a FUCKING LEAF have the last laugh will not be today.


Are you me?

Anglo union when?

great minds think about

clicking islands is a pain in my dickhole


Thanks for not hating us bros

Central America is just as bad as Mexico
Argentina did nothing wrong
>liking Israel
good goyim
Finland did nothing wrong
Come home white man
Raj is gone m8, let it go
You have to go back
good leaf



get out

???? I love hitler and Europe but it is all destroyed,
there is nothing we can do, accept it

Esti retardat sau te prefaci?


>loving the middle east

>t. Mohamed El Faid.


lol syria it's a beautfiul country and iraq/iran are against israel


I thought they got rid of all the Moors

rate mine

You don't dislike India, seriously? I thought we were even lower than niggers?

So an african country hates my country, at least the hatred is mutual

>tfw dual citizen

Shoutout to Vanuatu and Malta

Africa is so goddamn fucked up, holy hell

>be me
>have a diploma in computer engineering
>live in germanistan
>hate it
>want to go to someplace better
>se a post about australia
>wonder if it is easy to adapt
>write a shitty text

brotherly love

luka kuka ruka puna praziluka ;)


>The port of the hip hand full of prawns

You have to colour more of the countries that post here, otherwise you won't get people getting mad at you for giving them "Like" instead of "Love", etc.


desu australia is a beautiful country
shame for the abos

wtf I hate turkroaches now




leaving out the best part