Ulster's opportunity

So Theresa May will require the support of the DUP to govern.

What should loyal Ulstermen demand in return, gentlemen?

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The Imprisonment of Corbyn for Supporting the IRA


Fuck off you abominantion.

Try looking at the Tory Councillor who wished death on British Troops.


That would be a good start.

how the hell did a paddy sneak into the tory party let alone while being an IRA member

That would be pretty funny

>Maria Gatland (born 1948, Dublin, Ireland), is a terrorist and councillor in the London Borough of Croydon for the Conservative Party.

Now that's an opening sentence that tells you a great read is coming up.


I can't wait until they make the glorious 12th a national holiday.

Ulstermen should fuck off and kill themselves. Literally our most embarrassing cock-sucking export in the history of our country. Go prime your anus for the English in private you cucks.
t. Scotland.

gas the taigs

Demand we parade through Ardoyne.

t. Celtic FC supporter.

Nope. Former RFC supporter who realised that both are just cucks to the English and Irish. How about you lot just pipe the fuck down. Propping up an English nationalist Tory government. Ridiculous.

They shall ask of the grand and powerful wizard a pair of testicles.

>Watches davids blunkett and paddy ashdown say "never let an ulsterman govern"
>Paddy is that you

The abolishment of Sinn Fein.

t. Irish Nationalist

>t.dirty fenian from the west coast

Neck yourself, taig.

This is perfect! Some Ultras and the Tories.

Scotland have been cucks since the Roman Empire, we're all cucked.

Its shite being Scottash
We're the lowest of the low, scum of the fucking earth.

The amount of junkies in Scotland is unreal, total shithole.

Bring back the USC for N Ireland and Scotland.

Speak for yourself ya wee cunt

Literally irrelevant lower rank member

You seem angry. Maybe it's because you live in Scotland.

This level of projection. I'm doing quite well for myself thank you. The only drugs I need are antidepressants to deal with the sheer magnitude of the cuckoldy displayed by the yoonyan nutjobs in my country.
The only thing what's shite about it is having to share a country with literal cuckolds and English poofters.

Some people hate the english, i dont. Theyre just wankers. We, on the other hand, havr been colonized by wankers

Its a shite state of affairs Tommy, and no amount of fresh air is going to fix it.


We want nothing to do with you terrorists.