ISIS invaded Philippines exactly as the nation reaches out to China and Russia

ISIS invaded Philippines exactly as the nation reaches out to China and Russia

REALLY makes you think, huh?

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there was a literal document that showed the USA is trying to pull a syria in the phillipines
that was obama

This man is a right wing hero
Doing what we all know to be correct
But lack the balls to actually kill junkies

Anytime any western media critisise a foreign country/leader
You know that the Jews are losing money there

Hopefully next he will do some more murders

Fucking King of SE ASIA atm

Always thought so, but had zero evidence

and when I say obama I mean soros

>Right wing

Authoritarian governing is not limited to the right wing, and arguably was invented by the left. Which duerte is a left wing politician.

>raped by christian priest as a kid
>raped by (((ISIS))) as an adult

Not sure if its true, I've heard there has been a huge surge of natives, from the Philippines, that are converting to Islam and swearing allegiance to ISIS

Why do you act as if ISIS is real?

muslims have been fucking shit up in the Philippines for a long ass time m8

because ISIS is real
just say it a little faster that's all

ISIS is real
ISIS is real
ISIS is real
ISIS isreal
ISIS Isreal
ISIS Israel
>IS is Israel

why are all Spanish colonies shit?

It's different this time
The dead terrorists are extremely multi-kulti
>also, you're a kike

Actually he is closer to "benevolent centrist dictator". He has no real right or left leaning policies.

And what about all of those austrian colonies huh?

at least they're not Muslim

He's literally a classic Stalinist style leftie you fucking retard.

Once we see a gulag for druggies here, I'll agree with you.

Because right now, he's been protested by commies left and right and he just leave them be.

Also, there are floating rumors that they plan to release an old general turned political prisoner, because old administration's party memebers have a link to many commie movements, responsible for burying commies alive. to help with the commie insurgencies. kek.

>ISIS invaded Philippines exactly as the nation reaches out to China and Russia

There have been Muslim rebels in the Philippines since the Spanish established the Philippines in the 1500's. They didn't "invade" or just show up suddenly. Abu Sayyaf, the main Philippine Islamist organization, was calling itself part of "Al Qaeda" years ago. Now they are saying that they are "ISIS". But they are the same guys that have been around forever.

>Left Wing Politician
he ended ceasefire talks with the NPA the moment they started getting uppity

>ISIS invaded Philippines exactly as the nation reaches out to China and Russia

Pan-Islamic militant terrorists have been in Philippines for decades. Before they swore allegiance to Al-Qaeda but now it's ISIS.

Southern part of the Philippines is and always has been populated by Muslims.

Google "Moro"

>people attack a president who kills drug dealers like flies
Neo-Sup Forums

you spelled catholic wrong.

And, even if what you say is true, they "suddenly attack". Which could mean that they just got the firepower to do it from their (((allies))).

Not really, it's pretty obvious to those who know what's really going on in the world.

They haven't "suddenly" attacked. They have been attacking for decades. They only thing they have done is started calling themselves "ISIS". If anything, Duterte is trying to make it look "sudden" so that he can declare martial law and look like a tough guy.

It is real
Is real
Israeli Secret Insurgent Squad


Plan instigated by (((Philip Goldberg)))

~500 of them suddenly attack and take over a hospital, something that has not happened before.

this migrant crisis is all USAs fault

>promote stupid ideologies with the massive cultural influence they have
>create conflict on shit countries
>flood europe with "people"
> kill your only competition

Maybe its the shitty quality of the picture or my eyes decieve me but that zipperhead has no mag on his rifle.

nothing to see, fake news, move alone, Philippines isn't even real


>live in Mindanao
>friend reveals that one of his workers is actually a refugee from Marawi but lied in order to get work and not starve to death
>said refugee claims that most people in Marawi actually fucking support ISIS
>said that ISIS takeover was justified
>said that ISIS has already infiltrated Davao and other major cities and just waiting for an excuse to execute their Jihad wetdream
>mfw and my friend the entire time the refugee was explaining how the muslims view the entire conflict
I'm sure its not that serious but this shit is really fucking scary desu

You're right.

Christian priests take BBC up their ass.

duterte should sell out to the west and bargain a deal to keep the druggie death squads.
they would probably even fund his weaponry.

>Philippines has a lot of Spanish words
>Also a lot of Spanish typical food and sauces
>Now it even has its own reconquista
Filipino Invincible Armada when?

>Kicks Rothschilds out April 27
>Isis invades May 24


Then they need to be wiped out, Bob.

Aren't proties statistically more prone to pedophilia?

>ceases to exist ten years later
really makes you think

You know whats funny?
ever since he put martial law on mindanao the place is much more supportive of his agenda
he is a fucking monster in lifting soldier's morale
and the best thing he did lately is LITERALLY MAKING THE MUSLIM REBELS THAT WENT WITH THE PEACE TALKS TO KILL THE ISIS FUCKS because he dared them if they truly want the peace

>Invaded by a CIA op
>Asks Russians and Chinks for help

I don't see anything wrong with it? China has a proven record of killing spooks.

> sell out ot the west.
> the west declined our bid for new arms cuz ((human rights))

> goes to russia for a new deal.
> Isis insurgence with american arms attacked


remember kids, someone found 79 million pesos in the marawi city,thats 1.5 million $$$$$$ fuck yeah payday time

Exactly, too many faggots on pol/ think if you smoke a plant it's cool if your executed by your government . Stalin would be proud.

It would be glorious. Do you still have the old church building plans during those 333 Years that you Spanish has been here?

Weedfags plz go

What exactly is wrong with killing degenerate drug users? Last time I checked bullets were cheaper than prison cells.

>right wing

he's a degenerate leftist shill

So I'm not crazy and paranoid.

Also right after he threatened the Rothschild and Soros.

Because it is. Its the second army of Israel and the Saudi Royal Family.