Politically Incorrect, please resist Russian propaganda

As a huge Trump supporter, I'm dismayed that Politically Incorrect has been linking to obvious Russian propaganda. In my mind, supporting Trumpf doesn't mean allowing a hostile foreign nation to run amok over our discourse.

I've seen the following link posted multiple times on this forum:


This forum has very smart people, but for some reason you haven't noticed obvious Russian propaganda. The site in question has no face to it, no contact information. Please think twice about sharing it in future. There's plenty of reliable sources we can use to make the case for Trump.

Thank you for reading my post. MAGA.

I agree. This forum needs to be more careful with its sources. Thanks for the heads up.

Wow, you're right. Putin's bots have been up to no good here. We're Americans, first and foremost.


oh boy, the shills are malfunctioning

This board shouldn't listen to Russian propaganda. It's in our best interests as Americans to delete it.

It's possible to be a Trump supporter concerned about Russian interference without being a shill.

I think it's more that they choose to believe russian propaganda rather than american/european because right now Sup Forums's general views on international politics align more with the russians
>+15 roubles

Wow, finally a sane person on this entire forum

I mean, why do you guys keep liking Putin after all the shit he has done? Like, don't you have some patriotism?

Being pro-Putin right now makes you the real cuck!

Fuck you. Russia + America = RULE THE WORLD

Fuck you america! The world order is changing let someone else try ruining it for a change.
Rome rotted form the core, and so shall you.

There's no such thing as Russia + anyone.
They don't want partners, they want subjects.

We'll get right on that South Africa...

russian collusion as we now know was fakenews that was spread globally for a solid year with no evidence what so ever. So dont be scared i wont fall for cnn,msnbc,nytimes,wsj fakenews again these frauds are done.

America has enough enemies already. What's wrong with extending an olive branch and working towards making an alliance with Russia? We worked together in WWII, have you forgotten our sacrifice?

>Implying the us doesn't want the same

Everyone does. The US is capable of cooperation. Russia is not.

We've been trying to make the t_D kiddies understand this for months.

>Us is capable of coop
What? How's building US bases on your soul makes them coop with you
And i am not even talking about making your country just a big mall.

The jews want us to be enemies so they can profit off the conflict.

I have no hostility towards Russianbros. I don't give half a shit about Crimea or Donetsk or Belarus.

All I want is for Poland to remain free and to continue pumping out Witcher games and I would be completely willing to go to nuclear war if that were ever jeopardized. That's all.


did it ever occur to you a picture of putin on a horse is just fucking funny? quit thinking so hard.

All the same guy

I'd expect such obnoxious shartposting from an American, I thought only they could be dumb enough to genuinely take such clear Australian bait. Please go back to posting infuriatingly stupid leftist sentiments, god, even that is better than this shit.

Frig off m8

You're cute Aus-shill


As a citizen of the American Empireā„¢ sponsored by McDonalds, headed by god emperor Dolan Trump, I too am concerned about the influence of the evil Soviet Union and their insidious cyber-terrorism campaign. pol needs to get smart and these Russian hackers must be stopped.

The Russians did it because I said so and here's no proof. You can't have your own opinions and state them here, it's the Russians, honest.

> KEK.



Thats the first time ive seen this link shill...

Btw, what a shitty multishill coordination attempt this thread is.

OP: shitty shit
2nd post(same id): "i completely agree..."



Russia has it's own interests at heart, and they are not the same as yours. They are merely the polar opposite of your mainstream media.
There is noone who fights for the same thing that you want. Stop looking for allies where you have only covert enemies.
But then again my opinion doesn't matter. Our warnings fall on deaf ears every time.

Well then if Russia only want to look out for it's self and be so antisocial, I guess the only logical solution is to desatroy them.

With both of our countries working together, we could have a brighter future; without all the hustle and bustle that would otherwise have to be done to achieve it on one's own.

But then again, maybe this is just a pipe-dream.

get out

I got nothing against Russia, but fuck Putin, that subhuman accepts sandniggers into the country as well, most of the east is filled with them, fucking kike

He's shitposting you stupid fucking reddit faggot. Not everything is a cosmic battle to defend your dumb kike cocksucker """god emperor""" from "shills". Hang yourself.

>Wow, finally a sane person on this entire forum
>it's a shitposting aussie
really makes you think

Russia is a subject itself. Russia hasn't been independent pretty much for 100 years already.

In all seriousness, drumpfshills and plebbitors have ruined this board completely.
An obvious shitpost, but no. They are so buttblasted, they have to take the bait.
It's like those "SHE FUCKING WON" with 200+ replies.

shill_bot.exe stopped working

still waiting for and proof that russians interfered with, let alone hacked, the election.
I'll wait 8 yrs if i need to

Can't decide if LARPing or malfunctioning shillbot.

>strayan flag

Ok, LARP confirmed + nice digits

Fuckoff shitskin! Russian are 100% white!




Don't you see ? Putin is but a puppet its Patriarch Krill who calls the shots. The prophecy of Fatima is coming to pass, the Catholic church has fallen. The orthodox will join with the Church of England and Christendom will reign over Europe under a restored monarchy

>resist Russian "propaganda"
>hurdur buy our propaganda instead

Russia is a psyop invented by the CIA. They have ways to create fake humans. These fake humans pose as "Russians"".

I think I finally fucking get it now. The CIA is the one that comes up with the bullcrap I've been reading.

>mfw retards think Russia is some sort of "white haven" with 20% muslim pop and entire regions of muslims rebelling time to time.

Would you apply that to genetics?

Fuck dumpf!

It is literally 6% user. You might have the most Christian population in terms of percentage but no need to make up numbers

Still too high.
God I fucking hate Muslims.
>Toothpaste comment.

You what m8

What I said is the truth 20% would literally be impossible since there wouldn't even be enough ethnic Muslim groups like tartars Chechens etc to have 20% combined.

The shil thread. Now with 80% more bots.

Go back faggots.

It's like the shills know they're losing and are now just asking us to not.


Obvious putinbot in guise of stupid antiputin.