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lmao based dawkins

I guess it's time for the UK to go back being an absolute monarchy.

Lol how by still wining less seats then conservatives :D

I agree labour did enlarge its power but to say you won and will stop brexit is hilarious.

Although the future is very commie like for UK


This is, frankly, disgusting.

why make fake richard dawkins tweets? what do you get out of it?

>Brexit is cancelled
Richard Dawkins is proof having a PHD means nothing.

I had no idea Dawkins was this retarded.

Article 50 has been triggered already. Brexit is inevitable, more so with crippled government that can't negotiate shit, so they'll get the hard lube-less option.

What is needed for UK is to go to another war so maybe then the lefty campus kids will realise what God,country, people really are, maybe when a moderate Muslim starts shooting at them or they lose a friend will they realize the truth.

"lmao" got back to u shit.

Your tacovagina has no power here.





The cutest thing about libtards is how they think their masters are doing their interests.


more like ledditors like you have no power here

Ayo hol' up hol' up... so you is sayin... Bongs democratically voted to leave, but instead they're gonna remain?? Yooooo.......................

We President of this Board now.
NOTHING and I mean NOTHING you can do
will take that power away from us you
sniveling, swindling swine.
Upvote me or else.

>((((((((((we)))))))))) won

He was the first to coin the term "memes" in his seminal work, selfish gene.

Otherwise has not really contributed anything except being a dick on twitter.

The retards multiply

You's cause op is a lonely guy

>and people

Useless spooks

>We won
The only people winning are the global elite.

The only thing worse than a libtard is a Stirner fag

He's no Christopher Hitchens that's for sure.

Where do they get this shit? Nobody cancels Brexit, not even fucking Corbyn.


>The people is defeated.

>We won.

He literally tweeted about the threat of European Islamization one tweet before celebrating the win of Macron.

Ever since the SJWs beat him into submission over his astute Clock Boy comments, he's been a mess.

Oh it will

Hope they like the Saudis

Why do lefties like unelected bureaucracies?

Dawkins is a well known Liberal Democrat.

not to mention he is a literal WE WUZ ALL AFRICANS N SHIEEET.

Non British over hype this guy because of his charming accent.

Reminder that we literally can't cancel brexit.

It would require every single EU country to vote in favour of overturning article 50. The choice is keep the UK out or keep getting wrecked by Farage for another 20 years.

Isn't it funny how the retards against memes end up becoming meme-spouting idiots?

You haven't won anything, there were two attacks in your country just last month, the fire only rises. You can fix it now when people are still reasonable, or you can keep "wining" until stromfront rises and takes over Europe.

I want the Brits OUT OUT OUT

Why there is suddenly a lot of cuck germans in here?

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast

How do I help flood Britain with more violent sub-human refugees? They need to pay for their crimes and so does the United States.

Both countries chose diversity in 1945 and it's time for them to face the consequences of white men's stupidity.

Wait a sec..../our nige/ has spoken....he's coming back.

>I had no idea Dawkins was this retarded.

Have you never heard him talking about religion?

for that you need a TOTAL War, this shit we had since ww2 doesnt count

There's not. Most Germans don't speak much English and those who do aren't posting on Panamanian burrito folding forums.

Jesus Christ, is he confusing theology with Creationism?

Good maybe he will off himself in celebration.

so you mean regular Germans?

>when you're debate skills are reddit tier because you argue with your feelings and not off a basis of fact and having studied theology

I hate that people like this guy and I hate that most atheists fall into the "all religions are just as bad" because of this faggot.

Attacking strawmen is the closest thing to an argument he has.