You guys thinks its okay to screw as many Girls as you can yet i have to stay pure and wait until marriage before doing...

You guys thinks its okay to screw as many Girls as you can yet i have to stay pure and wait until marriage before doing anything, are you guys serious? you guys are a joke

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whats the matter cant handel being a good girl? suck it up princess

Get off the internet for a few days, Kurt, and definitely delete your doujin folder.

its not about good or bad, its about fairness.



tits or gtfo

Post more.

You don't have to do anything, you dumb whore.

that's all you can really say, because you can't argue your case why males should't follow the same rules


salsa on this succu?

Its time to stop posting.


>implying anyone on pol actually had sex
G-good one op, but seriously we're all virgins shitposting from a basement right?

It's not ideal but it does work out better that way. I didn't intend for that to happen but it's what has happened now with my current girlfriend. I have some sexual experience and she was a Virgin.
This is the best sex I have ever had and she seems very satisfied too. Multiple orgasms every time we do it.

With previous girlfriends who also had multiple ex partners the sex was like they were used up. It was difficult for them to become aroused or achieve orgasm.

just because guys think it doesn't make it right. guys who sleep with a lot of girls are just as degenerate as girls who sleep with a lot of guys.

sex outside of a marriage with sentimental love is degenerate, and hurts the soul. men who succumb to lust will be destroyed.

>yet i have to stay pure and wait until marriage before doing anything
You can fuckign kill yourself for all i care 3DPD IS DISGUSTING SO POST MORE ANIME GIRLS YOU IDOT

I'm kind of loling at the accusation that your average user is a pussy slayer. If you're looking for a pure, virgin manfu, you've come to the right website.

>NOICE Thighs
>Cute face and fangs
>not Oppai Loli
Please delete this waste of pixels.

Good luck taking that Muslim dick i dont have to do anything to stop them from raping you.

What are you talking about? I haven't even held hands with a girl.


You can do whatever you want, just don't ask to be my partner, whore.

If it makes you feel better, I also DESPISE manwhores, perhaps even moreso than womanwhores.

Yeah, but hope isn't exactly lost for you. When you turn 18 your parents will take you back to a village in Pakistan and you can pick out one of the debutantes. Once she's over 16 you can then take her back to London with you.

>Oppai Loli
Shit taste
Well that explains it.

Flat is justice.

Man-whores are a problem too

>You guys thinks its okay
No it is not. Go fuck yourself and your strawman.

How the fuck are you even on the internet, comrade?

funny, 50%+ guys are virgins
80%+ girls arent

>50%+ guys are virgins

I doubt that. If you can't pick up a drunk fat chick at last drinks then you could at least wobble your way over to the local brothel to get a leg over.

Not that I've met any, but I hear rumors that some Aussies have even been desperate enough to fuck American chicks.

Why do shitskins have it so easy?

I don't care about the tits as long as there is violence and degredation. That's what gets my dick hard.

Not politics fuck off

Some guys aren't desperate to get tails.

Not everyone has the sex drive of a rabbit.

>hiring a whore just so you can say you're not a virgin
Not only a waste of money, but your first time too.

If you think an eligible young maiden from the hindu kush doesn't cost a lot of camels, you've got another thing coming.

>he wants to fuck children
>instead of fucking BIG Breasted children

>she thinks she can secure a chad by being a slut
>admonishes a bunch of virgins for wanting a virgin

National cyberarmy, Special Shitposting (SS) Division.
>If you can't pick up a drunk fat chick
Most can, but why the fuck would anyone do it?

>but your first time too.

Your first time is you blowing your load on her leg and apologizing for 30 minutes. Might as well embarrass yourself with someone who (spiritually) died a decade ago.

>implying a fat woman can get me erect

A key that can open lots of locks is a master key

A lock that can be opened by lots of keys is a shitty lock

>ruining the subtle curvature

That's what the ice you bought off the aboriginal entrepreneur is for. Do I have to walk you through the whole thing, mate?

>Getting offended by what people say on the chans.
>Getting offended enough to complain.
Are you looking for a response to validate yourself or are you just baiting?

Get off the computer and go outside and if you want to sleep around sleep around. If the people here want a 'pure' wifu then that's their prerogative. It's not rocket science.

>All the guys in here arguing about breast size
True connoisseurs love breasts of all sizes.

Even worse is staying pure until wedding night only to find out he can't fuck for nuts


i dont fuck as many girls as I can. And men dont need to fuck 30 different girls every year to get sexual or social satisfaction. I love sex but dont need a harem. I am not a nigger or a mudslim subhuman. I dont either want a virgin but I tend to avoid sluts like you. If you get laid with a lot of different guys, you dont have self-control over your basic instincts so you are an emotional mess who will destroy the life of your poor beta hubby. Men dont like sluts because they´re crazy bitches, not just because they are nimphos or because they suck another men´s cocks.

>wanting fat cows

>True connoisseurs love breasts of all sizes.
Connoisseurs have refined palettes that only recognize the highest quality. The exact opposite of someone who takes any old hag.

To Love-Ru for that one I think.

>Looking for women who aren't an emotional mess
I wish you the best of luck, user.

>Ex-GF had 34G's
Big breasts are too fun to play with. Especially when they're sensitive.

tits or gtfo

>I wish you the best of luck, user.

There's one out there, mate. Someone in some remote valley. Probably standing around in a wheat field.

Of course, she WOULD be surrounded by fucking kryptonite.

Yes, that's the one.

The fact remains girls want the guy who screws all the girls. Guys don't want the girl that screws all the guys.

Not to mention only like 10% of men can do this, while 80% of women can.

artist name? i need to do some research

learn to use search engines you lazy negro halfbreed

show us your tits you slag


listen, this research isn't going to do itself. my adult children are curious, i need names.

deal with it, loosepuss

It might just be my autism but I don't get this. (Just the logic of how it works.) A virgin girl but experienced guy. Where does the guy get the experience if all girls are to remain virgins? Can't say fags if the guys straight, or he fucks a whore (because all girls are to be virgins until they meet their experienced guy). If a guy fucks 2 virgins, one to get the experience and the other for ltr, what happens to the other girl now that she is no long a virgin and relationshipless because experienced men should get virgins? Its like the job loop where you can't get a job without experience but can't get experience without getting a job first. Only with relationships. I could maybe understand if the female:male ratio was skewed in the males favor but its near 50:50. Someone pls explain for the stupid.

>It might just be my autism.
Yes, that's right. Move along.

Some males must never reproduce. A fair number of whores would be 10%. Then these 10% of women could get banged on the hourly by all the men and then all the men would be experienced and 90% of the women remain pure to be ravaged by the now trained men.

post more succub lolis

>The fact remains girls want the guy who screws all the girls.
This is false. The guy will cheat 100% of the time. Which is why women settle down with betas.

woman =/ man

How do I stop getting a boner whenever I see an anime girl?

By killing yourself

So they must fuck sluts. But /how/ can their be sluts if all women are to remain pure? I don't get this paradox. The only answer my brain can think of involves degeneracy in one form or another.

Bar dine bryst, eller forsvinn fra min kyst!

And that's why your autism is showing, since there is a gap between theory and reality.

Chads settle down with sluts 100% of the time.

Weak b8, sage.

as109, next time click the fucking reverse image search built into Sup Forums you arse.

Simple they have virtual simulation sex training with their 2d waifus.

If you want a man who also stays a virgin until marriage then the only one you will find in norway is a religious Muslim. You are literally calling for sharia by asking for that.

Liz thread?

You want fairness?
Women are "shamed" for being sluts and men are "shamed" for being virgins. There is your fairness. There's nothing more to add.

silence woman.

i thought it was funny.

Jokes on you I haven't had sex with any women

Then why do people focus so much on a theory or ideals if they like hypocrites gripe at others over their failings to reality if they then make up excuses as to why they should not hold up to the ideal itself? I understand its an issue of purity/ideals vs practicality/reality, but why be the first to throw stones if one believes they are above the standards they have set on everyone else? What makes a common man who is not a virgin deserve a virgin? Why does he deserve a relationship with some when he lacks the very thing he values most in that other person? If the gap is there and unstoppable, why value virgins or the consequences of not having one anyways?


Your problem is that you seem to think everyone has to behave by the same set of rules. We don't.

You've conditioned yourself to fap when you see the images. That, or you're just young enough that you pop boners for no fucking reason. That shit is awkward as fuck.

They also end up divorcing within a few years the vast majority of the time, giving their kids a shit time.

Why not?

My giant cock and Wendy's job entitles me to my pick of women.

"Muh dick" is not an argument.

If this is an issue of sexual equality and prevention of degeneracy, why should one be a virgin while the other doesn't have to be a virgin also?

Could you rephrase your question?

Why did this bitch never fuck simon

Because everyone she fucks dies.


as far as i know she never fucked anyone
but the stupid hoe could have at least offered to nurse simon with her body, like misato tried with shinji. I mean she did have a thing for simon before ntr bullshit.

Who ever said "sexual equality" is a desirable outcome?

It's implied.
Simon had a better relationship with Nia anyway.

Sup Forums wants virgins so their skinny dicks can plug the hole

The majority of guys are virgins.

Life ain't fair.