Why do Norwegian boys look like this?

Why do Norwegian boys look like this?

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because scandinavia

xenoestrogens, lack of strong male role models, high demand for boipucci, etc.

>tfw no norwegian gf (male)

Bad feel.

Wtf! I love rooting blokes now

wtf how old is this boy? why do parents do this to boys?

14 or 15
that one is pretty mild to be quite honest senpai

You dont want your boys to be sexy?


very tasy boipucci indeed

Emma Ellingsen. 100% female. OP is a fag.

The Swedes were made for BBC.

your pic makes me angry



Why do Norwegian boys look like this?

That's not a boy

Her youtube.

Ahmed here - they love the BBC and some kebab.

What's the matter?
Can't stand the sight of a strong Nord woman?

I was worried she was too young until I looked at this slag's instagram.



It is a boy

In the future, a family will consist of an alpha husband, wife (could be more than one) and a beta male sissy. The latter will be taking care of the baby, assisting in housework and serving as a replacement partner for the alpha whenever necessary. In return, the beta will get safety, satisfying/stress free sex life and a fulfilling role as a nurturing provider.

Atleast Tobias is not a nigger

The nazis killed all men who would be capable of revolting during the WW2. That's why the Norwegians of today are so small and weak.

Looks like ScarJo

kill me

What, where's the adams apple


compared to swedistan all other nordic countries look godlike desu

id ellingsen all over emma with her perfect dicksucking lips and cute face.

Because its not "parents" but SINGLE MOTHER.
Who also is mentally fucking crippled, you can tell shes straight up psycho if you watch this boyfucks youtube channel,

Norbros, why do you have so many Filipino, especially in Oslo?

Also, please fix your Romani problems, they are a stain on you beautiful country.

that's a male?

Why do their lips and faces look so weird? Blair white has this too

it's called caking urself in whore up

Oh yes, Swedes are revered worldwide for their manliness... not.

princess aleena is norwegian. 924213D

Any proof they're a guy? Think that's what we only really care about

Daily reminder: 20.1% of Sweden is non Swedish as of January 2017. That's over 2mn of the recent milestone of 10mn population reached. Of that 2mn. 1.8mn are non European.
Speaking of lad.
>Norway's top court has rejected an appeal by mass killer Anders Breivik, saying that keeping him isolated in prison is not a violation of his human rights.
>Breivik, who is kept away from other inmates in a three-room cell, claimed being held in solitary confinement in "inhumane" conditions had seriously damaged him and made him even more radical in his far-right views.
>But the country's supreme court has upheld a ruling made by the court of appeal in January, and said there was "no basis" for a different conclusion.

Go prep your boyfriends bull Sven

Translate tv2.no/a/5916650/

>implying chad wants to live with a gross crossdresser
>implying thay any cute trans women would be in a relationship where they were literally a side ho taking care of the other womans children

>in a three-room cell

>kill almost a hundred kids, get free thee room accommodation complete with food and drink for the next twenty years

Explain norway!

Will you treat truck of peace drivers similarly or is there a minimum number of children you have to slay before qualifying for this deluxe package?

Because of atheism of course. Only 20% believe in God according to the 2010 eurobarometer. And a large part of those who believe in God are Muslim. 80%+ of Christians do not believe in God. And only the Muslims are against this sort of thing. There is nearly nobody against it except the Muslims

What's the issue here lads?

This, at least he doesn't look ugly, if you catch my drift