Tyroleans seeking Asylum in Austria

130 Tyrolean (ethnic germans in italy, for those who dont know) families have anounced to seek asylum in Austria because the italian parliament passed a law for compulsory vaccination

>"We will not poison our children, not only those who seek asylum who are fleeing a war, but those who see their rights infringed," said Holzer.

South Tyrol is the region with the highest rate of immunization in Europe.

In italy in the future unvaccinated children will not be admitted to nurseries, kindergartens and preschool classes. Parents of six-year-old children who are not vaccinated must pay penalties of up to 7,500 euros. They are even threatened with the loss of the right to care.


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Why run? this shit is going to happen everywhere so instead of running they should be smashing some politicians skulls into the ground

i always thought Tyrol was actually in Austria. spent Sylvester in Wildermeming many years ago.. they didnt look like wogs, and there were no turkroach looking shifty faggots

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You can bet your ass that their going to be declined

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Probably, remember those germans that was kicked out because they didn't attended a german language class? all part of (((VdB)))'s plan.

Tyrol is Austria South Tyrol is Shitaly
Know the difference it might save your life

>compulsory vaccination
is it finally happening?

Retards roleplaying as scientists cause they read some blogs.

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We have mandatory vaccination in school.

Good, let the anti-vaxxers kill their own children by not vaccinating them.

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really? topkek. how hard i will laugh when those cucks find it out after moving to austria, becoming your own terroni and losing all the privileges the italian state gives to these ungrateful autists

>We will not poison our children
>protecting against disease is literally murder
These people deserve it when they cause an outbreak of near-extinct disease.

>These people deserve it when they cause an outbreak of near-extinct disease.

Out goverment is going to make vaccination mandatory because a girl died of measles for not being vaccinated.

They say the refugees bought measles with them to europe. Lots of medical staff in Italy got it. Of course no one talks about it. (((They))) don't want more reasons to close borders...

We lost South Tyrol after WWI
Now we have normal Tyrol and East Tyrol being basically an exclave but in the same state.
And many people in south Tyrol actually still view themselves as Austrians.
It's sad because that's probably what going to happen. "lol it's just vaccination, why would you have a differing opinion. Think of the poor refugees whos place you would take! Piss off!"

Yeah, exactly. These people don't vaccinate because "vaccines are poison" and cause outbreaks of preventable disease and they deserve it because their own dumbass choice caused it.

>Be privileged minority
>Also be ungrateful cunts
>Want to move out because muh vaccination is poison
>Want to go back to Austria
>Once getting to Austria realize vaccination for your children is still mandatory


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>lose all the benefits for living in the most priviliged region of Italy
>have to start paying taxes because now you're austria's terroni

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