Why don't the UK just disintegrate already???

Why don't the UK just disintegrate already???

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Because Scotland doesn't want to leave the United Kingdom.

Because despite all the memeing they actually get along.

A better question would be why Ukrainians, who are actually just Russians larping as non Russians, left Russia.

>A better question would be why Ukrainians, who are actually just Russians larping as non Russians, left Russia.
Actually, they are not. Ukrainians are the descendants of Kievan Rus', Russians are just wild hordes who mixed with Mongols.

Literally this

Scotland and Northern Ireland have basically just saved the union and may save a hard brexit
Get your facts right irrelevant flag

And independent Scotland would go full turbo cuck. From the way sturgeon is talking they become the next Sweden

Will the scouters pay debts if they independent?

What year are we in here? 2016?

I'm not sure if you realise but the SNP have just been destroyed in the U.K. general election. It was an astounding rejection of independence.

As for Northern Ireland, there has never been strong support for them to leave the union.

Also, Crimea is Russian.

This meme needs to die.

My grandfather is a geneticist and my father a biological anthropologist.
They've both studied Russian and Ukrainian genetics. They're identical and the Mongol thing is a complete meme.

You're more likely to have sandnigger DNA than Russians are to have Mongol DNA.

But yes there are isolated pockets of Russians, almost exclusively in the east and north who have Mongol DNA.



Because as much as you retarded countries think us and ni would do neh better by ourselves

because then we wouldn't have a reason to bomb them and sinn fein would have literally nothing to do

>t. Moskal

Because all of British and Irish politics is centered around making each other miserable and current setup optimises that.


We're better together as well.

I am English Diaspora Scotbro. Always loved visiting your country.

I am an Anglo.

Aye... If we aren't fighting among ourselves are we even British?

Our county

Got me thinking, does last night pretty much put the 2nd Scottish referendum talk to bed?

We just need to drop them potatoes on them
>irish weakness is potatos

That cunt sturgeon has 0 footing to dictate anything here now

True mate.


Probably because they use the same currency and are the world's 5th largest economy, concentrated on a small island.

No not really there will always be people who want to fuck up there country but they don't see it will fuck them up there just stubborn

Yeah I didn't understand the rush to have another one and not at least see how Brexit goes, unless she is an EU shill or something (not super educated on topic obviously)

So why are you defending your biggest enemy?

Excuse you, but why would BASED Unionists in Northern Ireland want to join fucking potato niggers in the RoI? Suck a fat one you nigger sympathiser.

>United Kingdom of England and Wales
nice bait

Russia isn't my enemy.

That'd be the folks importing foreigners by the millions.

Just have to wait for the next snp leader sse if he or she will fuck up scouter land or not just have to keep riding through the present

The bureaucracy of modern developed states is too complicated to unwind easily. It's much easier to just have an unhappy marriage

Are you from NI?

A lot more with Finnic tribes than Mongols, like Veps, Murom, etc.



Northern Ireland is Irish btw.

That'd be Russia.

London not independent?

Scotland, NI and Wales are completely reliant on money generated in England to survive.
NI don't want to be part of Ireland, less than a third of the Scottish want independence, we share cultures and currency, and we all like one another. Why would it ever split?

Okay and Scotland is Scottish, Wales is Welsh and England is English?

What's your point you shit-tier Russian?

No shit like scouter land is scottish , fish and chip land is engrish welsh is the sheep kingdom

Modern Russia isn't Marxist and the Marxists were mostly foreign Jews.

England is Danish-created meme tho

Modern Russia is muslim.


Can we all agree that Northern Ireland is ugly? It's border gore at its worst.

Why is it always failed states that diss Russia? Legit question.

That's what happens when you're incredibly poor and previously enjoyed a much better quality of life. It's called collapse. Doesn't mean they're sending us Arabs and niggers.

Fuck off, that's Chechnya which has always been Muslim. Putin is just checking for votes.

Whole Africa is border gore to be honest. Except maybe Ethiopia, Botswana and Liberia.

But I agree, yeah.

Those pictures are from Moscow tho.
It is the biggest mosque in Europe - in Moscow.
They have immigration issues with Middle Asia.

>England is Danish-created meme tho
You're wrong.

England came about as a response to Danish incursion.

Why not independent wales? They have own language and culture n shiet.

That is why I said that, Danes indirectly shaped England.

It's not the "United Kingdom of England & Wales" it's the "Kingdom of England". Wales is a Principality in that kingdom. The united part refers to England & Scotland & (Northern) Ireland which are kingdoms.

And it's "why DOESN'T the UK just disintegrate?" Don't add 'already' that's what fucking dirty spics do.

What a terrible idea for a flag.

We created it not the Danes though.

actually let's not forget that snp got more seats and votes than any other party in scotland ;_;
we won the election you english cunt

Why not? Because literally nobody in Wales wants it? And the only people who really speak Welsh and aren't LARPers live in one very small underpopulated part of north Wales.

Fucking eurotwats.

Because the British have been in these islands for thousands of years. We are the natives, and we belong together. All the other bullshit is just power grabbing. At the core, we are British.

You still have to thank Denmark tho.
Independent Scotland when?

>Why don't the UK just disintegrate already???
For which purpose?

>Fuck off, that's Chechnya which has always been Muslim.
Nah, that's Moscow. It's all putin's great plan - bring in more shitskin muzzies from Central Asia.
Even during supposedly left-wing soviet days this shit wasn't the case. Moscow didn't have biggest mosque in Europe, no millions of shitskins . And in USSR Chechnya was 30-50% Russian. Now it's like 2% max.

also strange, Serbs usually admire Russians

We're all failed states, get used to it.
I'll stop dissing Russia when Russia stops attempting to ruin the world.
I hope you're at least voting Navalny, not this KGB cuck.

Because most Serbs are brainwashed normie-tier idiots. Most Serbs voted for Vucic. Does that mean Vucic is a good guy?


>Russia stops attempting to ruin the world.
Yeah about this subversion and ruining the world. I have questions for you.
Where did the commies in Russia came from in the first place? It was the Russians who invented communism? It was the Russians who prepared all the bolsheviks to take over half of Europe?
Russia is not an independent state, already for 100 years. USSR was an experiment, a failed one. Now there's EU.

Why won't the Ukraine just disintegrate already?

I realize that modern Russia = Jews + Muslims + Russians, but the fact is, it was Russia that started the modern European left, while it protected itself from it.
KGB's actions lead to the EU project. In fact, I'd go so far to say that KGB's agents pushed for it to become the way it is now.
Putin is a KGB man, he was literally intelligence director before they pushed him to the position of PM.

This was all a ploy to put even worse leaders in charge of Europe and the West, so Russia could fulfill its Eurasian vision (read Dugin, Putin's favorite political philosopher). Russians want to force us all in a pan-Eurasian megastate under their control.

This election has proven to me that NI is pretty fucking based. This DUP/Tory coalition will actually be better than a May majority.

At some point we will become a federal Republic but not today

Balkanization is inevitable.

>theyre my "enemy" therefore lying is justified
You think like a jew serbro

>shit-tier russian

watch for scotland and ireland to do just that

Sturgeon got told to wheesht last night

But you never though . We voted tory to tell Sturgeon to shut it . Tory . Fucking conservative . That's how much the Scots love the snp . We voted fucking tory to silence you flag waving cunts