Praise kek

Which one of you bastards did this?

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Neckbeards, why you harass this smart man. This is so childish. Do you think Jordan will give a fuck abouty your shmek?

Peterson is retarded in real life.
Its a frog Jordan.

Im afraid the retard is you. He knows what it is.


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Peterson saved my life.

kys kraut
enjoy the underworld

I actually right now watching some of his monologues. Very interesting.

Cuck of to Reddit faggot

His Biblical work could save the West.

how does he still not know what kek is? doesn't he browse here?

What's so great about this civic nationalist numale?



quick rundown on this guy ?
what did he do
is he /ourguy/



Isn't that, like, the opposite of good ol' JP?

I kind of wonder what JP thinks of pic related

Something along the lines of, "who the hell cares?"

I often wondered what he'd think of Ligotti's work, and I'd say: "yeah, well, that might be true, but is it useful? So, it's all pointless, life is suffering, what then? It's not a philosophy to adopt if you wish to DO something."


It's not fake. He also tweeted a chicken god for the SJW's. :^)

>"yeah, well, that might be true, but is it useful? So, it's all pointless, life is suffering, what then? It's not a philosophy to adopt if you wish to DO something"

Is that you imagining what JP would say or what you think, after listening to JP? Because the question is, why DO anything at all?

Imagine he said all the flesh that is eaten
The teeth tearing into it
The tongue tasting it's savour
And the hunger for that taste
Now take away that flesh he said
Take away the teeth and the tongue
The taste and the hunger
Take away everything as it is
That was my plan
My own special plan for this world

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Unironically this

>He also tweeted a chicken god for the SJW's. :^)

Fuck, please tell me it's not true?
Also, Egyptian religion is based af, the SJW's don't know where the currents are flowing

why are you faggots so much into twitter drama these days?

Well, it's both, to be honest. And why do anything? Well, that's our nature. We were "damned to work," so to speak once we became aware of the future.

Reminder to take some damn responsibility.

But it is a Twitter of a Jungian psychologist, so it's so le random, amirite

Well, the thing is is that viewpoints aren't really things you can pick and choose. You can try to, but your own experiences and the arguments made about them will ring truer for you than anything else. If you do view life as innately negative, suffering filled and horrible, just saying "well that isn't useful" doesn't change the fact that you find this experience to be truer than others.

What is twitter?

>damned to work

Lovecraft managed to avoid that curse, at least until his untimely death. Also, one possible reason might be to work on your own special plan (aka vote for happening candidates or spread lofty conspiracies like PG, or Despair Code, aka redpilling)

I would pay $59.95 to watch this guy kick the tits off of Bill Nye while I ate pizza and smoked and drank with tha bois.

Which Jew should be contacted to promote this?

Yeah, you're right. And I've succumb to it for too long. I suppose I'd like to think now that we must accept suffering as a precondition of life, and move on nobly, virtuously, and courageously regardless, in spite of despair.
Redpilling is the last hope of saving the West.


The Electric Jew.

I feel like a philosophy major, I sit at work and listen to his lectures after watching Tucker murder some lefties every day.

Had to check, it's not

Pepe The Frog in English Gematria Equals: 726

dont check my image

>Redpilling is the last hope of saving the West.

Or, you know, to destroy this fucking planet, which I'm fine with. Now we just need gibs only for ourselves, to pursue our NEET misanthropic life, aka (civic no bully plz) National-Socialism.

Which Jordan Peterson and his Reich will bring us.

"The last sane scholar"
Oil on canvas, circa 2017

It was me "lol"

Nihilism and misanthropy only bring you more suffering. Life is hard, but you make it harder when you fill your heart with hate. Let go.

Believe me, I understand how you feel, and how you were led to these conclusions. I'm no different.

Well he's none of those things to start.

You're almost certainly too stupid to comprehend the content of his lectures, though, so think whatever you like.

kek, an artpiece from the age of chaos

user, a viewpoint is how you see the world. How you interpet and read it's evidence. Yes, you can adopt or try to adopt others but that doesn't change the fact that you are drawn to the viewpoints that suit you most or that fit your experiences. People don't choose hate and nihilism and misanthropy. It's how the world has treated them and has imprinted itself on them. Even if you ask them to be an optimist or try to be an optimist, there's a reason they were drawn to cynicism first and there's a reason that they have to try to be an optimist but don't have to try to be a cynic.

>Truth is the antidote to suffering

Exactly! And the truth is that the hierarchies Peterson discusses are meaningless, in the great hierarchy of beings and intelligences (which are, in turn, made of uncountable hierarchical structures, like Nations or Races or Species.)

Truth extinguishes the suffering along with the sufferer. Lovecraft described the ultimate truths in his detailed diary of a young man, dying of stomach cancer, and refusing to take morphine.

probably reddit. few of us like the frog.

>probably reddit. few of us like the frog.

Second time I've seen that play today, Soros's Internet Encroachment Force is being creative.

lmao like he doesnt know

You might get a kick out of this guy, if you haven't heard of him yet:

Scratch that, Soros Encroachment Internet Unit. SEIU

Oh, I also have another gripe with Peterson: he seems to not believe that there is a world beyond social hierarchies. Like, actual scientifically testable world. That bothers me, but we shall see how his rise to power plays out.


note the absence of occipital bum

Oh, I thought you meant le "random Egyptian god" Thoth that they tried to force as a meme.

I don't know how I feel about him being a shitposter.


My fucking sides


Wait, what's SHABADOO? is that MAGA

I'm more concerned with where some user found that fucking statue in stock.

but you seem to be the one knowing everything about it, off yourself.

what ? I ordered one for me on amazon 2 weeks ago, it's out of stock now ?

It's already delivered by the way

>Thats why I get a kick out of the..the Kekistan bois


Holy shit that pic, LOL of the week, thx friend

I love how he plays dumb about it. It was he who had to inform Joe Rogan about Kek lest we forget.

what does the symbol next to the computer mean??

I get the first symbol is a memetic warrior, the second symbol is the computer/internet to send memes all over the world, but what is the third symbol.

Woah who painted this?

wtf I love Jordan now.

>what is this?
yea I totally believe you have no idea.
someone please wipe my mouth.

That's it. My sides are gone forever.

We need to stop with this Kek bullshit. It's way too cringe by now

Is this painting, dare I say /ourStaƄczyk/?

Fake. Peterson has commented about Kekistan and Pepe before, he's fully aware of what it means.

However, it could be a joke, in which case, Peterson is fine. That nigger is doing Gods work.

i want one


acting like a high school girl is never fine for a grown up male

Have you reached out to the truth, user?




>look how in touch I am with the cool kids at r/t_d

He has said before that he Does not endorse or agree with everything he links to. But i think he enjoys the symbolism of ancient gods comming back to Punish the sinners of the present.

I was literrally shaking when a kind brachol from gdansk told me that people take shitposting seriously and pray to an imaginary frog!

I blame misandry and inclusivity

Praise KeK.

He said that people hate jews because of jealousy. He is despicable.

Clean your room.

Wait, you can get those things?


God bless JP

Meme Magic

Take your pick.
I think it makes sense since meme magic implies a universal truth.
Truth that is easily recognizable because we're wired by our DNA to recognize it.

By the way, notice the popularity he enjoys on this board, while people like Varg are under constant attack.
He is one of the most pro-kike e-celebs there is. I expect him to shove a dildo up his ass with McInness soon.

>its recent

>cock head

He knows what it is. He was on rogan and had like ten minutes on kek/pepe. Why is he asking? Curious

chaos magic

I don't twitter. Is this shit real?