I'm a Muslim ask me anything

I'm a Muslim ask me anything.

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Why haven't you blown yourself yet?

go back to your goatfucking country

Have you ever tasted pork?

how old was your daughter/wife when you married?

Should I learn C++ or C# as my first?

Which Hadith collection do you regard as authentic, and how many kafirs have you decapitated for Allah?

i voted Trump and will vote for him in 4 years?

I just fine with my hand.



I am not married. Marrying or having intercourse with your biological daughter is a sin in Islam.

It depends what kind of programming you intend to do. C++ is better suited for dedicated application based software. It is much faster in runtime. C# is used more often for very large scale projects such as games. C# mimics Java, and Java is usually more common in industry. I would start with learning C, then Java. Once you know these two, you can learn any others easily.

Kill yourself

Hadith is a collection of texts that describe the teachings of the Q'ran. I can write a Hadith as well. I assume you mean what set of Hadith were real interpretations of the prophet as told to his disciples. There is no way to know for sure.

Probably not the best choice. I would have voted for Bernie Sanders if I was American. He offered a lot of programs which would have reshaped the USA and put you guys back securely on top.

Get out of my country you fucking cunt.


No, but you are welcome to leave. What do you do that makes you worthwhile to Canada?

When will you go home?

Do you believe islam needs a reform and the reason that it hasn't had one is why so many islamic countries are having the troiuble they currently are?

Probably in August for a vacation.

I didn't ask for the fucking definition of Hadith, dickhead. Which Hadith do you read or follow? Bukhari?

Are you going to be sad when people finally get fed up with ya'lls shit and start pushing your collective shit in?
Or are you going to take it like men?

Aka training

Why are all Islamic majority countries shitholes?

The Q'ran has been interpreted in very different ways throughout history. Usually, directly guided by the cultures of the strongest Islamic nation. Right now, I feel as though the Muslim world is going through a very difficult era, plagued by poverty, illiteracy and violence. These are three poisons to a society and will manifest its evil in all aspects of life, including religion.

The current state of the countries is a product of a declined society due to internal struggles and colonization. For example, Morocco where I am from, is deeply corrupt and filled with problem. The King sold out to the French colonial forces and they started hoarding all the resources. The French are now formally out of Morocco, yet still financially present. However, the King still has control over all the resources. He owns every single resource. It's ridiculous. Now consider that Morocco is one of the least damaged countries by decline and then colonialism. Therefore, amplify the problems of Morocco and you get what you see in other countries. It also does not help that there are geo-political interests in having control of the Middle-east therefore they are at high risk of war.

arab or persian?

parents and grandparents lived tribal or urban life?

When are you leaving?

Do you think we'll have to route you out of our cities by force when the day of the rope approaches or will you leave once the threat of violence rises

I do not follow Hadith closely, because it is the interpretation of random people of how the religion should be applied. I do not need them to tell me, I can read the Q'ran myself. I am not illiterate.

If violence against Muslims was to break out in the future, which is unlikely. I will simply move to the next highest bidder, China. So either I benefit the West, or I get asked to leave and I'll go benefit China.

I do some muscle training on the beach. The weather is amazing its ideal for wind surfing.

Refer to:

When are you gonna kys Mohammed?

The only bad Colonialism is Muhammads rape and conquest of the middle east, north Africa and Spain in the 7th century.

Your religion practiced colonialism and slavery before the West did.

Berber/Arab/European. Parents and grandparents lived in the city. Great-grandparents lived in the desert as nomads.

Not anytime soon.

If violence against Muslims was to break out in the future, which is unlikely. I will simply move to the next highest bidder, China. So either I benefit the West, or I get asked to leave and I'll go benefit China. Actually China already pays more for what I do, but China is not an ideal to place where to live.

obsessed with white women?

>. I do not need them to tell me, I can read the Q'ran myself. I am not illiterate
lel gg you're basically a koranist Wahhabist, go join your brothers in isis and die already Abdul

How do you feel about this website?


You actually welcome him back to Germany?

My bad...
This website I meant:

I honestly don't think it will ever happen

Where do you get the instructions to pray 5 times a day? It's not from the Quran . I'm guessing the shahada is not in the Quran either.

I'm not Mohammed.

The Roman Empire had slaves. This occurred prior to the birth of the prophet and consequently Islam. Slavery existed in all civilizations of the past.

All colonialism is bad. It depreciates a region and a people for the benefit of a foreign invader. Colonialism always ends in the desecration of the host nation.

I do agree that many of the Islamic conquests caused much suffering. My region was invaded by the Arabs.

What is this guy's expression attempting to convey?

what brought your family out of the nomadic lifestyle?

Is trumps extreme vetting policy on immigration from the middle east counter productive?

Would muslims get pissed off if I had a statue of a butthole and I pointed it in the direction of the kaaba?
I understand there are apps that let you know the correct direction now.

Why did Muslims pray towards Petra rather than Mecca or Jerusalem?

What would it take to end islamic jihad?

What are your thoughts on Christopher Hitchens and how he viewed islam?

Not particularly.

Before telling me my denomination, why not just ask me. I do not have a particular denomination. I have my own interpretation based on my plentiful studies. However I do associate strongly with Maliki interpretations, but also some aspects of Nizari Islam (Shi'a) and even Sufism. My great-grandfather was Sufi. My grandparents and parents were non-religious.

I rather not click on strange links. But judging by the website's name it's very likely that it is misrepresentations of the Q'ran to make it look as violent as possible.

I've been to Germany. Nice country, well organized.

It won't. It's just a dream from LARPers.

It does in fact. Google it.

How can one tell when a muslim is using taqiyya? If it isn't possible how can one trust muslims?

Why don't you like dogs?


Being nomadic trade people when UPS exists does not make much sense. So they moved north to the economic capital to live a more modern life.

Extreme vetting is not a bad idea. However, the immigration process even for visitors is already extremely strenuous. It just seems most Westerners have no idea how their own immigration policies work. So they think it is slacking, when in fact it is already well adjusted for risk based on region.

I am not sure, seems as though that is where the prophet was from.

It will never end. That's like asking when will there be no more crime. Islamic Jihadists in the eyes of Muslims are often just common criminals. The Taliban sell heroin tar as their largest cash grab. That is crime. Selling people into slavery (sexual or work) is crime. Obliging people to pay money for protection is crime. These people are criminals.

I am unaware of his position.

Taqiya is the forgiveness of God onto an individual if he sins when his life or freedom is at risk. For example, if I am imprisoned and the only available food is pork, then it would be permitted for me to eat it. According to Taaqiya, not eating the pork and committing suicide as a result would be a sin and not forgiven by God.
Taaqiya can only be used when there is a risk. It cannot be used to spread misinformation about God or Islam. That is always a sin and is stated in the Q'ran as so. Consider this, if I lie and you start following my false teachings, then you will be following a false deity. That is a sin for you, and a sin for me to encourage the worshiping of false deities.

I do. I have a corgi. Most Muslims come from third world countries where dogs are seen as pests.

Is Ramadan over? Are you hungry?

When will you nuke Berlin,London,Brussels and Paris to free us all from the Cultural Marxist scum?

No, last day is the 24th of June. Not hungry, I usually don't eat much throughout the day anyways.


you're allowed to lie about islam if it protects the umma

I want you to blow me.

Umma literally just means the collective of all Muslim people.

You enjoying your ban al-quebeci? Stay the fuck off my Krautchan

parents college educated?

% of fellow immigrants (or offspring of) college educated?

I don't know what to do with my life, how did you figure out what you wanted to do with yours?

How big is your penis?

>No, but you are welcome to leave. What do you do that makes you worthwhile to Canada?

Not being a mudslim for a start

> You enjoying your ban al-quebeci
Not sure what ban you are referring to?

> my Krautchan
Not sure what that is.

Yes, father is as well. No one else is.

I wasn't sure at first. Knew I was really into scientific pursuits so I started there. Then I realized I like technology and intelligence, so I headed into that specialty. Then in university I went into Engineering, now I am doing machine learning.

Life is a mysterious roller-coaster. There really isn't any right or wrong paths. As long as you do the best you can, and you do well for your community you will find peace.

Big enough to have past partners always wanting more.

So, basically, nothing. Good to know.

Doesn't that make Islam just a convenience?
As far as I'm aware most other systems of belief heavily imply the (religious) truth is more above life and limb, yet Islam instructs one to commit the act of lying (and spread untruths) for self prezervation of the mortal form. That shows very little conviction in ones beliefs.

Have you ever considered givin up your faith or start following another religion?

What are your thoughts on Jews and/or Israel?

>Islam is great
>holy shit I don't want to live around Muslims

Have you ever considered the Islam isn't so great if you chose to live in a non-Islamic country?

is cum swallowing halal or haram?

how do we get rid of the shitskin pest in our countries

seriously mate, all Muslims who go to West are shame for us.
look how you're treated... you're unwelcomed faggot. only homosexuals and atheists support you to stay there.
and if you ever come back, you will be treated any better that.
fuck you!

you won't be*

based Palestine, I actively support your independent nation to undermine Israel, it's a common view in Australia that the jews took your land.

>The Musleaf again
Why are you an attention whore?

>I actively support your independent nation to undermine Israel

People literally support Palestine because they hate Jews lol who knew. I did.

Why do you believe in a religion that was invented to control you and do the work of the Jews?

Why are you so stupid?

what I mean is most people who support palestine in our countries do it because of liberalism rather than an anti-Semitic reason .


lets turn this AMA to the jews,
how does it feel to be the most hated race in the world and to be persecuted for thousands of years?

>how does it feel to be the most hated race in the world and to be persecuted for thousands of years?

I can answer this one. It feels bad, man.

How would you feel if people hated you and persecuted you?

Is this supposed to be a hard question?

I wouldn't know, I'm not Jewish. But I guess it feels kind of like people from glass houses who throw stones at you, since I can call you a half abo retard just the same way you'll call me a jew because of my flag.

goddamn leaf, I'm trying to remind the kike that we hate him

whoaw jew, you seem abit angsty just a question. I know its hard being considered a rat by everyone but lets just be adults about this :^)

This is Sup Forums, your antisemitism is neither surprising nor impressive or intimidating or whatever it's banal and low class as per usual.

fuck man, how'd you know? Is that abo spiritual power that lets you feel my angst through one comment?

Isn't this website full of Haram? Probably gonna go to hell with all us infidels now huh. Sucks. Well at least you've got goat.

leaf I gotta a question for you, do you like jews more or watching your GF be fucked by jamal.
kike you are exploding right now, how does it feel not to be a chosen people at all and destined to be genocided by your biologically superior arabs.

merely pretending

>abo too retarded to know who he's replying to
>you're exploding rn
spot on senpai
>be genocided by your biologically superior arabs.
European Jews have more in common with Europeans than Semites, so by your logic arabs>whites.

1. Where is Allah?
2. Who is Muhammad?

>do you like jews more or watching your GF be fucked by jamal.

Not a big fan of either but I like my family some of whom are Jewish and idk anyone named Jamal.

>kike you are exploding right now

What do you mean?

>and destined to be genocided by your biologically superior arabs.

I feel like spastic retards on the Internet probably aren't good at predicting the future...

come on jew we all know you're sub-human how did you manage to be enslaved and persecuted by every other single civilisation. You still can't subdue a bunch of sand niggers, you jews continue to amaze me.


They seem to have subdued the Palestinians just fine hence Western """leftists""" perpetual whining about it.

On the flip side most Western countries are bending over for the Sharia cock so who is really the subhuman?

>Jews control the world
>Jews are to blame for everything bad going on
>Jews are subhuman and can't even subdue sandniggers
Western mental gymnastics, by the way the west is to blame for our problems with the palestinians it's you guys who start crying about MUH HUMAN RIGHTS

>Not a big fan of either but I like my family some of whom are Jewish and idk anyone named Jamal.
Holy fuck, this just turns out better and better, you're both kikes haha.

>What do you mean?
man leaf education is terrible you can't even into basic reading comprehension, at least pretend you know what's going on you fucking ape.

Why are you muslim why not convert to christianity

jidf are very active these days. they can't come up with anything new though, they either shitpost like "da jooz" or "we dindu nuffin"

No amount of education can prepare one for the insane drunken semi-coherent ramblings of a shitpostralian.

Most of us literally din du nuffin, though. It's not like I have telephone line to ZOG headquarters or George Soros's office.

explain camel urine drinking in islam.

don't worry kike, I don't believe in the jews controlling the world, I know you can't even run a dry cleaning shop.

go home or meat the stick

YOU are the problem, heeb.