Moar Arab gangblacking

Apparently Middle Eastern Arabs aren't too thrilled about blacks. Sooooo Hijab wearing Arab qts being gangbanged by Somalis would be somewhat inflammatory...

Anyone in the pornbusiness?

quit bringing your interracial fetishes here you fucking gook.

Bumping 4 stuff I'd actually watch

Muslims aren't supposed to watch porn. How can they complain about that they can't watch?

The arab muslim women in porn are just mexican whores LARPing.

uhh the only people who like degenerate shit like gang bang porn are cucked white people, blacks don't like that shit

>blacks don't like that shit
which is why they either fantasize about it non stop or do in fact partake in it

the kardashians

captain here, it's Nadia Ali (pakistani)
flies away :D

I dont know about arabs but in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia they hate african blacks more than even we do, they treat them like shit

isn't that how it's supposed to be ?
blacks are closer to monkeys than humans with their low iq

So you are saying she is neither ME or Arab

Also why tf are some paki women randomly so good looking, seriously tfw no Paki waifu, why live?

yeah that or Indians. The most famous Porn star in the last 15 years was Mia Khalifa and even she got death threats until she quit porn last year... And she was a Lebanese Christian iirc.

You can't even find as many nudes of actual arab sluts online, they are all Indians and Paki's larping.

I unironically know a Moroccan girl who has a refugee boyfriend.
>b-but muh Islam is redpilled

she must have some white genes, either ancient aryan genes or more modern crusader/colonized genes

Yesssss, set arabs up against the blax!

can confirm, am black. Fantasize about that sheeeeit errday.

Uh... bruh.

pretty much everyone in the Levant has white genetics. Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese people are just dirty tanned rape babies... All that aside tho, I need a middle eastern wife asap.

Dogfart is the most racist website on the internet, I fucking love it.

Norbro has been promoted!

Sauce? I'm Canadian visiting America.