What is a gun's primary function in your opinion, Sup Forums?

What is a gun's primary function in your opinion, Sup Forums?

A friend of mine (from Texas, if it makes any difference) claims it has many: from fun to self-defence, but that its primary one is to shoot pieces of lead at high velocity, and that it being used to kill (be it in self-defence or otjerwise) is just one of many valid uses. I argued that its primary function is to kill and its secondary is to intimidate by way of the first, and that anything else is just easily done with alternatives (airsoft, paintball, etc.).

What do other Americans, and other countries think?

A gun has many uses.


If I use it for recreational target shooting then I must be using it improperly.

It's just a long distance hole puncher. Point at what needs a hole, then press the trigger. Badabing, badaboom

Race war now

A gun is made to propel projectiles. Thats it.. Saying guns are made for killing is a silly statement when you consider the amount of guns that are manufactured specifically to compete in shooting competitions. There are 10+ shooting disciplines in the Olympics alone.

But then why use a firearm and not an airsoft or paintball gun?

A guns primary function is to expel a metallic projectile from the barrel in a specific direction at high velocity.

While I'll definitely agree that paintball &etc. can fill the recreational shooting void, I have to posit: Hunting can also be fun, and must be one of a firearm's primary functions by virtue of its efficacy. However, by my observation a firearm's primary function is a fluid variable determined by the intent of its user - there is no universal objective primary function for this tool except in battle.
The 'user variable' also accounts for those mostly-irrational occasions where the user has no apparent need for a certain firearm (such as, say, an anti-materiel rifle) in an urban setting, but would like to have one 'just in case' (which I support).

>recreational target shooting

One of it's non-primary uses.

But, go ahead and keep pulling strawmen out of your ass.

A gun is a weapon. And a weapon is a type of tool. It can be used for good or ill.

You can still engage in recreational activities with weapons. Remember, bows, swords, and polearms were also designed as weapons, but they are also used in recreational activity and sports. The same is true of firearms.

But hunting necessitates that something is killed, and having a just-in-case gun would imply a need for higher fire power. Or more numerous firepower. In thus case, one would need them primarily for taking a life, shooting living creatures.

I will concede the user variable, but it seems largely geared toward having a gun for the sake of shooting a creature be it in the immediate or eventual future for whatever reason.

Yes, but they were not designed for recreation, but for easier hunting and/or warfare. The recreation came at a later time.

It's a weapon. It's purpose is to kill things.

A gun is a tool specifically designed to wound, hopefully fatally, people and animals.

And I am perfectly ok with that.

Why not use a nerf gun?

Why drive a V8?

Why buy nice clothes?

Why not listen to whatever's on the radio?

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A gun's primary function is to defend my family from niggers with guns.

Recreational activities with those weapons took place, even when they were used in warfare. It was a way of sharpening skills. The same thing is true of the gun.

It's to kill people.

And there is literally nothing wrong with owning something that's made specifically to kill other people.

Thanks for giving the pedants a containment thread they can argue semantics all night

No accuracy

Actually, I have a black powder rifle, b/c black powder has multiple uses in survival situations, so even if you don't have a primer, always keep the black powder. A gun on the other hand is self-defense and hunting. That's it.

Sharpening skills for a future war, thus the primary function is still to take a life, and the recreational aspect then serves to make the primary function more effective.

Never said there was anything wrong with guns, and I don't think there is. If my country had the gun culture the US did, I'd hardly consider moving.

To give you the ability to win in any fight. Not to kill in itself. That's just how it goes about it. Its deeper purpose is to make it dangerous for others to endanger you.

Primary use firing bullets.
Saying it's firing bullets to kill is a fallacy.
Surely gun honours spend hundreds more hours shooting on the rangw than anywhere else.

Its a tool. You can kill peoplw with a hammer but it isn't it's primary purpose

The primary role of the firearm is to apply the powers of the upper echelon of the dominance hierarchy to the lower echelons of the dominance hierarchy. The gun is the first weapon to be and unmodified in it's effectiveness by the weight class of it's user. Skill is the determining factor, brawn is irrelevant. The firearm allows an asthmatic midget to defend himself with the strength of Arnold Schwarzenneger or pic related; and thus ushered in our current era of peace and equality. Equality of violence is the underpinning of our society. Therefore, the gun is the tool of peace.

In some cases, you are correct. But in others, not so much.

I serious doubt that Olympic biathlon athletes are training themselves to be better killers with a gun.

But in the danger lies the implication of death.

For fun
For protection
Its historical art
Its a fine piece of engineering
To shoot niggers when needed

All of life is postulated upon the implication of death.

to shoot bullets

And this is what confuses me: why learn to shoot if your primary reason isn't so you can shoot a living creature more easily? Why , then, shoot a gun specifically? If it is for the challenge, then doesn't a bow pose a greater one?

A carpenters hammer is a tool but a warhammer is a weapon.

for fun

To make killing easier.

That's it's function as a tool, and why it was invented.

It doesn't change the purpose of a gun though. I could enjoy running arounda field smashing things with a war hammer but that doesn't mean it's a tool, it's still a weapon.

But why, again, a gun specifically?

primary function is to create a blast of energy to propel a small projectile forward and out of the barrel at speeds capable of killing a human being

You intimidate if you are a nigger. White people don't show their guns unless they decide to kill.

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You already have your answer. Refute or agree.

Would you learn to use a bow, which you wouldn't hide from your attacker, or would you rather train with a concealed, small glock?
Killing aside, glock>bow, although the bow may be only used to have fun.

A gun, much like an automated buzz saw, is a tool.

A gun can be used to hunt, for recreation at shooting ranges (as well as to increase your accuracy), or it can be used to protect yourself, your country, or your loved ones.

It's primary use is never murder and you're expected to be responsible with it the same way you should be responsible with a buzz saw, chain saw, or any other heavy tool.

Air soft can not be used to hunt
Air soft can not be used to emulate real bullet trajectory
Air soft can not be used to protect you, your loved ones, or your country.

Anyone who thinks guns serves no purpose is biased towards the purpose for which a gun serves.

Glock is fine, but ammunition you can get is usually the problem in many countries.
You could empty your mag into someone and he could still come at you, depending on the situation, your stress level, your accuracy.

it's a crucial tool that allows an individual to remain free and safe, have control over their own destiny instead of relying on possible external help in critical situations, help that always comes too late

a gun is also a perfect equalizer... with a gun a girl or a woman or a person that is alone can defend itself against multiple persons... when the person would have been to weak to defend without a gun...

a gun is also a nice thing to force some one to reason with u instead of them using force against u...

its also a nice tool against ur local cave man that feels the need to go stabby on society

>with a gun a girl or a woman or a person that is alone can defend itself against multiple persons
No. Multiple persons and a gun with a normal mag = you loose.
The girl would have to carry an AK or something similar to have a good chance at dealing with multiple persons.

Those I agree with, but my question pertained to a gun used ina purely recreational setting, wherein one would never use it outside of said setting.

I can't use airsoft or paintballs to protect myself should the need arise.

If you're looking at it from a needs angle in comparison to alternatives, firearms are actually best for all areas between recreation to personal defense because they properly fulfill all roles well.

Granted, paintball is best as a sport played with others.

because it goes BANG and it gets your adrenaline going

>I don't know what a straw man argument is, but it's been used against me so I'll use it too

Nah son.

I meant airsoft and paintball only for a recreational setting, not for protection.

well in that case please throw all ur kitchen knifes away... if u own a car please give it away.. if i own a lighter please give it away... maybe dont even use electricity since these things can be used to kill as well

Can't argue with that, actually.

Jesus Christ people. A gun's purpose is to injure or kill.. The point is that should be completely irrelevant when it comes to property rights. Owning property that can hurt people if properly utilized is not the same as actually hurting people.

Anti first amendment people have a major contradiction in their thinking in that they believe that only bureaucrats should be allowed to own guns. If there's zero subjectivity (gun = murder and murder = mad), then you can't simultaneously believe that only a specific class of people should be allowed to own guns (bureaucrats). By claiming that only a certain class of people should be allowed to own guns, you're also saying that there's such a thing as responsible gun ownership.


>A gun, much like an automated buzz saw, is a tool.

No it isn't. It's a weapon It's purpose is to wound/injure/kill things. A buzzsaw is a tool.

A steak knife is a utensil. A bowie knife is a weapon.A buzzsaw is a tool. A chainsword from WH40k is a weapon. A hammer is a tool, a war hammer is a weapon. A plank of wood is construction material, a wooden mace is a weapon, and a baseball bat is sporting equipment.

well in that case please throw all ur kitchen knifes

Why? They're utensils. It's almost like we have different words to describe different things.

>> is a tool.
>No it isn't.
Job = Kill deer
Tool = ? (Hint: it rhymes with fun)

Guns are a great deterrent in those situations, however. A group would be more likely to attack a female over a male, but give both the male and female victims guns in this same scenario and the assaulting groups would most likely hesitate in similar amounts.

This is assuming similar levels of aptitude at handling a firearm with passable skill, which women are fully capable of doing.

>what is the use
You can light a cigarette with an Ak47 after firing plenty of rounds.

It's still useful in other areas where an airsoft would not be.

It's a smarter purchase purely for a wider range of utility.

arent u a brit ? what was it that happened involving kitchen knifes as weapons... please help out here my short term memory seams to give up on me with all the happenings lately...

>What is a gun's primary function in your opinion

Scare cucks

To that I'd offer that private firearm ownership fostered the existence of purely recreational activities and settings. There's good reason Baseball was the world's first professional sport.

Wait, you're asking more along the lines of "What are the primary recreational uses of firearms in the United States?" To that I'd answer target shooting, hunting, competition shooting, colleciton/display, and frightening your daughter's boyfriend.

To shoot people.

It doesn't matter if they can be used as weapons a kitchen knifes primary purpose isn't to injure things which makes it a tool/utensil.

Someone could make the argument that there are guns designed specifically for target shooting, which would make them sporting equipment.

A bow and arrow is a tool for hunting.

A bow and arrow is also a weapon.

These things *can* have multiple classifications.

You wouldn't hunt with a combat knife when you could hunt with a rifle. You would use a hammer to cut a log when you could use a saw.

Proper tools, specialized for use. In firearms, to wound.

Do you personally think the first spears made by man were used to kill game for food, or to kill each other?

>A bow and arrow is a tool for hunting.

No it is a weapon.

ur missing the point that a person that wants to harm always finds a way... with a gun or without it...

No, my question was why anyone would practice target shooting if they never planned on using a gun to defend themselves, i e. Only for fun.

As the Canadian answered, for the adrenaline kick. And I can't argue that.

Their intention doesn't change the primary function of the object.

A brick is construction material. If i hit you over the head with it i use it as a weapon but it is still just a brick or construction material, it isn't made for the purpose of injuring someone/something which is the difference between a tool,utensil,sporting equipment, construction material, and a weapon.

It's function is to do whatever the user needs it to do within the range of its capabilities.

Overwhelmingly guns are used to deter violent crime or defend oneself in the event that deterrence fails. They are also overwhelmingly used for hunting and recreational target shooting. They also function as deterrents of abusive centralized authority and protect the right of the people to revolution.

A small minority are used in the commission of violent crimes while at least ten times as many detet violent crimes.

OP, learn the difference between function and intent
A gun's function is to facilitate the discharge of explosively-propelled ammunition. The intent of such a discharge is entirely contextual

I do believe they're for killing, but since they're out there in the world and there's no putting that genie back in the bottle it's important to be able to use one in self-defence

Firearms are tools that are designed and manufactured for the intended purpose of killing. That said, killing takes many forms. Stepping on an ant or chopping down a tree are acts of killing. Meanwhile guns most often kill little bits of paper.

Ah I understand now. Yeah shooting with friends or family is one hell of a hoot. I also find practice with firearms to be a duty among gun-owners. Accuracy becomes exponentially more important in densely populated areas. Bullets fly until they hit. Missing is dangerous.

its "primary function" is exactly the same as a cat's 4 big corner teeth: to put a hole in something to kill it quickly while minimizing the amount of risk of injury to the operator.

a cat's teeth have the secondary functions of being used for defense in cat to cat fighting, and for most cats who are fed cat food the only use they ever have is as an intimidation display.

Likewise, most firearms that are manufactured probably do not ever fulfill their "primary function" even once.

The singular function of a gun is to project a piece of metal at several thousand miles per hour.

That's the function, not the purpose. What is the purpose of firing a piece of metal at several thousand miles per hour?

A gun is both a weapon and recreational too.

Sports shooting is so common that most gun users use it for just that.

To shoot targets with extreme accuracy.

>What is a gun's primary function in your opinion
To secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Investment, i always make money buying and selling guns.

Also fun, i shoot with my daughters and wife three times a week.

A gun is similar to a legal agreement in that its primary purpose is NOT to be used. Think about legal contracts then apply to apply to guns.
A legal contract will set out the nature of a transaction - identify the parties, describe the respective undertakings and responsibilities of each party, also the respective benefits to acrue to each party. After it has been drafted and signed it is then locked in a safe and with any locu need never to taken from that safe. A successful is one where the contract is NEVER invoked. As soon as a contractual clause is exercised it has failed its primary function.

In the same manner a gun is something that has been made explicitly NOT to be used. No sane person walks into a gun shop and says " I have someone in mind that I would like to kill". Its only when a gun has been fired that has ceased to function properly.

And what is the purpose of doing it accurately?

Again, that's your intention. Not it's purpose.

It is a tool

Of course they're for killing, that's the fucking point.

Tell an intruder to leave your house without a gun, lol who cares, he has no reason to listen to you.

Tell an intruder to leave your house with an instrument pointed in his face that shoots hot pieces of metal that move very fucking fast, he now has a reason to consider your demands.

>lessons on firearms and their uses from british people

might as well ask an Australian how to build an igloo

I am asking anyone on this board, from Americans to Malaysians.

>>lessons on firearms and their uses from british people

Funnily enough we are conversing in English and talking about the meaning of words to describe objects so technically we're taking lessons on English from Americans.

You don't need to own a gun to understand what it's purpose is. I don't own a plane but i know its purpose is transportation. I could buy one and fly it into your house and i would be using it as a weapon but it's still only a vehicle.

Bowie knives are tools

>What do other Americans, and other countries think?

the gun is the great equalizer of physical violence, before the firearm the largest brute on the block always had control of the fear of the public, because of the firearm anyone could take the upper hand in a violent physical confrontation

thus is makes humans more equal when it comes to matter of violent physical altercation

Why drink anything other than water?

>Noun, purpose
>Entry.2: A result that is desired; an intention.

Wouldn't you say that the intention of the user defines the purpose of the object ?

>But hunting necessitates that something is killed,

not really, we hunt things to tag and release for study as well, we also hunt and track to find resources

if you don't have access to clean water you'll get sick and die

A gun has only one purpose and that is to kill people.

>Wouldn't you say that the intention of the user defines the purpose of the object ?

No that would be the intent of the person who designed it that defines its purpose. Which was why i mentioned guns specifically designed for target shooting being sporting equipment.

Your friend's primary claim is the only one that matters. People need to stop politicizing objects

Says who ?
Who defines the purpose of a particular firearm ? The inventor ? the manufacturer ? the vendor ? the owner ?