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hahaha, what?

If they tried to arrest me for having my legs spread apart I'd reach for their gun and try to kill them and as many people around me as possible.


fuck yeah

West people are cucks, comrade. Let's unite and conquer them while they are weak, polandbro.

BTW, congratulations - I heard that Duma started talking about restitution of the death penalty.

Every day we stray further away from god

I can't ever imagine anything like this happening here lol

i can only imagine it happening in america or cucknada

''Matches are cheaper than faggot monuments'' - polandbro

Typical American on Sup Forums
>Lmao Europe wtf how can you be so cucked and not white
meanwhile in USA
>man arrested for sitting

it's in leafland you fucking idiot

Best thing is the ''space hogging'' part. Burgers are fat AND have no space to move.

Am I missing something? Where's the article?


it says Americas, you pride yourself to be America, your fault. Either properly lead that place or change your name.

>not letting pregnant woman sit
jesus christ you are literal subhuman apes

>Two men from Brooklyn were arrested

Fuck off cuck. I'm not the baby daddy

>Brooklyn’s criminal court
Yes the famous city of Brooklyn, Canada. Stupid fucking faggot, learn to read


and people wonder why women go black in thousands, not only they have much bigger dicks but are also more carring about women..

>pregnant white women can't even handle standing

perhaps we deserve to be wiped by natural selection

> but are also more carring about women..
i inhaled

No one likes you ivan.
by the way russia is about 80% white at this point only places that are truly uncucked are eastern european countries.




That is pretty cool desu. Do you think as a mestizo I can visit there I would really like to shake the hands of the patriots and tell them they're saving the west. I don't want to live there but just see.

>blacks are more caring about women

even dead white dads are better parents than blacks


> this entire fucking post

Why are the Russian men not giving up their seat to the pregnant woman?

As long as you speak Polish

I don't speak for the Polacks but no one anywhere is against tourism.

Even North Korea allows some tourism.

Cause they're not the ones who impregnated her, obviously.

Only a cuck takes care of other man's progeny.

Good post

Tovarish is right, but I think part of the reason is that in Ruskie metro there's announcements to cede your seats to pregnant women and invalids every other station. It's a sort of protest.

Not one of those faggots could give up his seat for a pregnant woman?

Damn that's pretty awesome


if she cant stand she is a weak human, remove from gene pool

Americas includes North/South continents. When we say "proud to be an American" we're referring to being a citizen of the country "United States of America".

>completely avoiding the main topic of this thread

fuck off cuck, you let pregnant woman sit because they are future, pol just keeps crying about whites not having kids but not doing anything to help the cause. you think that members of NatSoc party would let pregnant woman stand? you think that SA, SS soldiers would just sit like little kids watching preg woman standing? disgusting. just kys and end yourself you filthy slavic mongrel

wow, ice nigger behaviour on the left and full blown fake cuckoldry on the right. good job summarising the extremes of the situation vlad.

> I would really like to shake the hands

wow wat a fag just kys already u dumb mustard fart

Yes, please. I beg you. Liberate us from the jew

>you think that SA, SS soldiers would just sit like little kids watching preg woman standing
No they'd watch them get raped and complain about the weather

main topic has been thoroughly and repeatedly proven anyway, the west is in decline while the Ruskies are havin a gig

watch her face, she doesn't even care or complain. Stronk eastern block is stronk.

you should fck off back to russia you filth


you deserve this

>I don't want to live there I'm just going to stay with my cousin for a few weeks.

W-what? That shit has come all the way to my beloved Spain?
The west is truly doomed...

Maybe she didnt ask?
Maybe they asked, but she dint wanted to.
Mabye she is ther for 1 stop.
Maybe she dont want to.

Stop being a faggot, and think befor you post stupid shit.

i kno rite? i would have given her my seat and when she leavft i must sniff the suckyoulent pregnorts brapfs my dear.....

muh ancestors :^(