Do any of you Varg posters actually listen to Burzum or Mayhem or are you just in it for the memes? I can't imagine self righteous "muh degeneracy" Sup Forumsacks unironically listening to black metal. Also, metal appreciation thread, here's some classic Burzum if you haven't already heard Varg's music.

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Varg posters are cancer

Immortal >>> Burzum

Bathory > second wave BM

Most Norwegian black metal is better than Burzum honestly, but he's got a unique sound. How do you feel about darkthrone or gorgoroth?
Not fast enough

Dunkelheit and Jesus' Tod are pretty good

abrubtum>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything else


Also, Mayhem is shit. Dead was good but they are shit.

I think that most people are in it for the music and the festival atmosphere with the beer. Its rather bluecollar as far as the fans go. Only us plebs post here.

Mayhem has some great music and still do. Burzum has tone and feel, but man most of it sucks. Give me most of the bands he influenced and they made better records.

Burzum is fucking garbage.

Thats thrash though, black metal is another beast entirely. Death metal is trash. What do you think of this?

>Thats thrash though
No, that first link is black thrash and the second link is first-wave black metal.

Black thrash is still black metal.

obscure black metal
best metal

I listen to burzum

forgot to add this beast

Burzum is good, I dont like mayhem though. Im more of a thrash metal guy, but varg makes great background noise music

Real black metal

I guess you're right. Sort of subjective. I love thrash and all, I've seen D.R.I. five times, I just don't much care for black metal with d beats and soloing. Except maybe Bathory.

Not into Varg, more of a humanist, I do like Burzum though. I listen to:
>Low fi hip hop
>Folk Punk
>Atmospheric Black Metal
>Martial Industrial
>Dungeon Synth
>Dark Ambient

Grand Belial's Key is the choice of any patrician. Bonus points for Ruins of Beverast as well.

I can't get into black metal that isn't combined with thrash, death or grind in some way. Regular black metal bores me.

Listen to John Maus, you hipster son of a bitch. You'll love it.


black metal stinks in general

Inquisition is the truest form of black metal


Best show I've ever seen m8

I can't stand death metal vocals and the "core" genres tend to be shit. A lot of it is pretty repetitive but nothing sounds more sinister than black metal.

I've been listening to Burzum for over 10 years, death, black, thrash, folk, viking, prog, neo-classical metal.

Only 12 year olds take this whole "degeneracy" thing like a religion, and are often autistic.

>nothing sounds more sinister than black metal.
Death metal's gotten more sinister

numale detected

Cookie monster singing will never sound as evil as that demonic high pitched black metal screaming.

I'll start with some Latin and russian Cyrillic evil J. R. R. Tolkien feel songs :

> 卐 -
> 卐 -
> 卐 -
> 卐 -
> 卐 -

>inb4 fuck Judaism Islam and Christian propaganda lets go back to the pagan darknes era :) you all are birka woriors and this is our saga to kill nigers Muslims and Jews :)


I even have his RPG. Varg is the light.

John Maus is what got me into synthpop

Death metal still sounds more evil desu, black metal doesn't sound nearly as evil as this.

/tg/ wants to have a few words with you

Well, the system itself is pretty rough but the setting is based.

Only fags use those ridiculous drop tunings. Thats why another reason I prefer black metal, trebley standard tuned guitars. Did you listen to that gorgoroth track? Way more evil. I just can't take cookie monster vocals seriously.

the riffs are good but the sound and the vocals are way too clean

Immortal are the worst trash tier norwegian band

You mean Burzum
Immortal's great.

sure I've listened a lot to mayhem & burzum and other norwegian bm

I think he's a joke and like memeing about his autism because it's funny.

Come to the darknass fuck the light

fucking this

metal is all attitude without any meaningful depth

get bent you emotional manchildren

holy fucking lord of nu-males

The Norwegian bands are nothing but copycats. There is only one band who invented it all.

Fucking threw up in my mouth. Fuck you and your music taste contrarian cunt


I listen to Mayhem occasionally, Burzum one of the first BM bands I ever heard. Hvis Lyset Tar Oss is truly a masterpiece. Was pretty fucking awesome to have a musician you've looked up to for so long come out and start making youtube videos and pissing people off.

This is my favourite BM band, I cannot get enough of them. I don't really listen to much of the 'corpsepaint kvlt praise satan recorded in a shed' BM too much anymore other than the classics.

I wish Varg had never become a YouTube e-celeb. Would have been way cooler if he just vanished into the wilderness and was never heard from again.

This is now an underrated Nordic band thread
ARG - Died for What (thrash)
Carbonized - For the Security (death)
Oral - Hatets Sang (crust)
Cloven Hoof - Cloven Hoof (NWOBHM)


Cloven Hoof is from the UK

>underrated Nordic band thread
>posts an image of a Japanese band
>posts a link to a Finnish band
>posts a link to a British band


Mein neger.

I love Burzum, Mayhem, Immortal, Darkthrone, Ulver, all the 2nd norwegian bands. I'll post some more recent norwegian BM that is pretty good;

Honorable mentions from other countries are Mgla (poland)
Dissection (sweden)
Deathspell Omega (france)
Nokturnal Mortum (ukraine)
Inquisition (US)

And of course every fucking finnish BM band. I dunno why Finns kick so much ass when it comes to BM.

I only listen to real music AKA American music.

You must be a pussy. Rage is the only acceptable emotion for a man to express. Black metal is sonic rage.

Fuck the light i sed only darknass and coldenesssss forever winter and no sun

Satan is My master i give My soul to him for power to rull the world

>N∀┴∀S ˥I∀H

Let this narrative music change us from good to evil Let the darknessssss take us from the light

Post More epic Evil maloncolic sad dungeon synth guys

Got (you)'s dont care. Have a song about a robot dick
Riff Raff - Robot Stud (NWOBHM)

Blood Fire Death is suck a great fucking album.

Rage and despair. Checked.

Kek at anyone who talks about black metal in absolutes. It is a subjective labyrinth. I know people who only listen to black metal who hate 85% of the genre

I don't subscribe to Varg, and i didn't know he was that same Varg, but i do listen to black metal.
it's pretty good music, really, but probably not the first metal genre a normie would learn to appreciate.

Go for Rorcal instead.

> Eisregen
> Black Metal
You're about 16, are you?

i was around 16 when that song first came out at the end of the 90s

Ja obviously. Vargs Skaldic BM is good but I mainly listen to the NSBM and Pagan BM

I've moved on to Mathcore.

There is nothing left just take your father slavic sword and go to the battlefild naked and sing to the slavs sing to the slavs the song of fire and ice us i Am the son of elgard gona borns this world down !!!

>take that
>taste the pain

>complains about copycats
>hails a band that came years late to the black metal party and never played any.
that's like saying in flames invented thrash metal

Death metal is vastly superior desu

Fuck the weak human race come with me to the world of dark mythic fantasy with nice womens with big tits and trolls and kings and villans

Come with me suka blyat hahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahhahahh hahahahahahahahahahahahah Death to the human race

I love this black metal YouTube channel... strictly hateful lo-fi archive

Gollum vocals > cookie monster vocals

>tfw noone probably didnt even noticed the shit i posted

I listened to your obscure gook and kike metal. Not bad.

it's just 2black
in 2017 it either NS black or fuckitmane

Actual death metal riffs > shitty black metal tremolos

am i the only feeling that almost everything post 2000 is shit with a few exeptions?

I'm gonna listen to everything posted in this thread desu. I haven't discovered too much new stuff lately.

Actual Norwegian black metal musician here.

I played in 2 different sognametal bands, I grew up alongside Terje Bakken.

In my opinion, gorgoroth are miles ahead of mayhem and darkthrone. The latter two have been considered meme bands for the last 15 years in the Norwegian scene.

If you want to see any kind of progress in bm, look towards taake, iskald or one of the Swedish bands.

Ignore my flag please.

Actual romanticism > mummy's boys play acting in facepaint


>minimum drop C tuning
>chords no longer register to the ear as the intended chord
>unintentionally funny vocals
>low energy
Explain yourself.

Bathory is king. Quorthorn is too fucking good. I listened to Nordland II the other day and the last song Death and Resurrection Of A Northern Son. That finale is insane, what a way to end it (and his life ~~~).

Understand this for those who don't like black metal, it's the truth.

As for Varg I really like his stuff. He got better with time though imo. Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Filosofem are his best bm. Now all he does is ambient which I think is better than anything he produced before. Of course he doesn't deserve the fame he has though, that's purely from the murder.

More like this

I know its synth but its feel so easy to the ears like you are leaving this Word and going to other world of sounds of the space and sytrn and Avalon of nothing and you just flying

>unintentionally funny vocals
Only black "metal" has unintentionally funny vocals.

Pre-postmodernist Classical music is the only Sup Forums approved music.

You can't possibly be serious.

What era of gorgoroth is best? I say fuck Gaahl, Pest and Hat were the greatest. Any recommendations?

Mah man

wow, thanks schlomo I really like this. This thread is full of fags who listened to MCR and cut their wrists when they were 13 years old but you saved it!

I prefer ulver and bathory desu. Buzrum, emperor, and mayhem allbasically had only one good album each.