What are some Sup Forums approved anime?

What are some Sup Forums approved anime?

>Legend of the Galactic Heroes

That's about it, every other anime sucks.


Saga of Tanya the evil is pretty redpilled and has some good messages.

Also, you will get to cheer for (no) Germany!


Anything where whities are portrayed as idiots



You forgot GochiUsa, which is basically Sup Forums the anime.

None. Anime and entertainment in general are degenerate. All Aryan children should have the pleasure receptors removed from their brains at birth.

Black Bullet
>look how cool the JSDF is
It's like a 24 episode USED recruitment ad. But damn, it is a fun ride.


Oreimo is Sup Forums approved, it promotes strong family values.


I liked Idol Incidents, the show with the idol Dietwomen until episode 5 where they presented working mothers as a good thing and the bad guy very sensibly said "well, you shouldn't be working, y'all bitches should be raising your kids".
And, y'know, I heard a complaint like "oh, man, these battles are super lopsided" and but yeah that's what modern military equipment does to a fantasy setting.
>they don't stay together
Worst end

Ninja Scroll

Ghost Stories

Berserk, probably, mostly the animated films, not this 3D crap.

Ghost in the Cell.


The rest is degenerate.

I was going to say the Monogatari series, but NisioIsin just likes to fuck with your mind and it doesn't help people get through with their lives. Also the degenerate humour.

Things like Texhnolyze and Ergo Proxy are just intellectual masturbation unfit for any superior culture.

i've never heard anyone complain about berzerk.

jourmangand and worth mentioning


>i've never heard anyone complain about berzerk.
The animation in the last anime is fucking disgusting and important parts of the manga are left out or poorly rendered.
It's not Berserk itself people would criticise, it's the job that incompetent bastard Shin Itagaki has been doing for some time.

From the new world

Monster is pretty good.

GATE or Why You Should Join the JSDF

wew lad that animation

i liked psycho pass
season 1 > season 2 > movie