The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yourself...

The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yourself. You must be successful, reliable, hardworking, and, above all, happy. Do people in your life trust and respect you? What does your family think of you? Are you capable of raising children? Racial politics doesn't have to be the only factor of your life. And if you can't achieve these things in your real life, then you are not ready to be a political activist, either online or in real life. Because if you can't make anything of your own, individual life, then how can you think you'll be able to make a real difference for the race, for the lives of many?

Always remember: we live in first world countries and have opportunity that most people born on this planet don't. Things aren't as good for us as they were for our parents. But billions of people in the third world would still kill to have the opportunity that you do right now. So take care of yourself! Work your ass off, every day, to build a good life for you, and for your family. Spend your time wisely, and keep your real life priorities in order. Work hard, but also do fun and wholesome things with real people in real life. That is very important. Nothing on the internet should ever take away from your real life.

In other words: man up. Its called MAN and not woman for a reason

If the picture is a representation of the white race then fuck it

You know what the sad thing is OP. In the current system the best way to keep the white race going would be to stay in shape and go and knock up as many white women as possible and let them be raised on benefits.

Good message OP. I wish I had more time to shill it here.

Politics gets heavy on the soul after some time. We should never turn a blind eye, but focus on yourself, and building your family.

Most importantly though, homesteading. Get some land. This is the future.

>Shorts undone

What did she mean by this?

White man fight

>I wish I had more time to shill it here
Only takes a couple minutes. Even once a day makes a difference over time.

>If the picture is a representation of the white race then fuck it

"Fuck it" indeed!

>If you are not a football star, you cannot talk about football

Altho i agree. But for only the reason to improove yourself. Be the better man.

This is the legacy of the man, and this is the mission too

And if I could add one more thing,it would be continue to interact with people of all walks of life. Uphold a strong moral character and it will vouch for you. You cannot believe how many degenerate lefties will stand by and listen to you because you're not an insufferable cunt.

No one changes overnight but you can help people think a little differently about certain issues, influencing potential elections and eventually the society you're a part of.

>giving up on everything makes you better than others, goyim! Read (((Ayn Rand!)))

The Quran is more my speed.

>social issues
>keep your own life in order
individualism solves nothing.

The point is to help young and isolated people understand that they can't help others or make a difference in the world if they are incapable of actually accomplishing the normal stuff in society. It's absolutely in your individual interest to advance yourself, as well. This place isn't Hitler's racialism. They have made sure this culture is not like that.

You're learning, bucko.

No, it isn't! But anonymous social media sites like this one are the pinnacle of individualism. Someone once explained to me, here: "The closer the internet brings people together, the farther apart they become. My job, as a shill, is to expedite that process."

You need to not only be a white nationalist on the anonymous meme factory (aka shill infested brainwashing web media sites). You also need to be one in your real life, and you need to be so in a way that does not hold you back or isolate you.

Who's name, on this site, do you know? Who would come to help you if your finances fell into the pits?

Yes. Live it, be it, and then help others do the same. That is WN. If Sup Forums, stormfront, the KKK, etc. are incapable of having that real value to real people in the world, then they are useless, and will be infiltrated and goaded and guided to their own self destruction

And have a bunch of single mothers have only one child (people don't date woman with children), burden the welfare state and have the kid grow up to be an unruly shit who will probably lean left politically.

No thanks.

first, this isn't a social media site. second, your advice is completely retarded and the pasta was clearly written by someone who's accomplished none of the things they say "you must" do. stop posting this retarded thread, faggots.

>this isn't a social media site
It absolutely is. Not the common form, no.
>your advice is completely retarded
Hurr durr
>clearly written by someone who's accomplished none of the things they say "you must" do
Well then you and he makes two of them lol

Why don't you go make some super valuable posts in the slide threads about internet celebrities and inane racial shitflinging

wake up ass hole that's how we got in this mess! work hard be successful listen to niggers bitch about white privileged. and at the end of the day just be thankful your not drinking out of a piss puddle in Somalia. kill your self OP! take a nig with ya.

>The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order.
checked. have a master's degree, run my own, successful business, my white wife is pregnant with our first boy.

but in the long run it will still be a rapid downward spiral when achmed and jamal move in, live off my taxes and let their wives shit out half a dozen niggers each.

Yes, you can better help the white race by being a lazy loudmouth who posts on Sup Forums all day while accomplishing nothing with your life. That surely must be the answer to our current predicament. Vulgar and stupid rhetoric makes you masculine, goyim! Be proud of stupidity!

>successful, reliable, hardworking, and, above all, happy
those people vote macron, bunny

>You must be successful, reliable, hardworking, and, above all, happy.
>You must be happy
Great advice sholmo, now fuck off.

Wanna know how I know you're lying?

kek that face

>Women and children can be careless, but not men.

Yeah don't be happy! Just kill yourself! Great advice Goldstein. Gotta make sure no more white family's.


>Yes, goyim! Being miserable means you're FREE. It's your CHOICE. Only the jews would push you to live differently

please do tell because I'm not.


Quality over quantity. There's not a whole ton of jews, but nobody's asking "Will there still be jews in 200 years?"

There's a saying: "The death of a culture is the death of a people." It is our job to lay the foundations for a new culture of white racialism. And our greatest allies are surely working round the clock to make sure that our culture is as retarded and unhealthy as possible.

Thanks user. Today is my birthday and I'm trying to get my p+c insurance certificate. I was feeling super fucking discouraged, depressed, and frustrated because I'm just not getting it at all and my whole life has been a fucking disaster up until the opportunity I have been presented with. But in all honesty, I think I needed to see this. I'm gonna bust ass and get this shit down.
Regardless of what faggots say about you faggots. You're good people with wisdom that's rare these days. Honestly I didn't feel like I had the strength to finish this shitty class.
So I appreciate it.

The white race isn't as important as the patrician class. Just have children with an intelligent partner, there's too much scum on the earth and adding some trailer trash babies won't help

When professor Peterson gets on pol kek. Just cleaning my room, one sec.

Holy god could u imagine seeing something that sexually appealing standing in front of u in real life?

>How to save the white race:
>Be happy!

What are you some kind of faggot or something

OP is correct. That's why as a black man I have a beautiful white wife and large home for us to live in. Buck up kids. No one is going to give it to you.


White women are fucking hot. I don't care if Sup Forums approves I'd fuck the shit outta her