Terrorism is Patriarchy, Women are literally shaking by Terrorism

The gender divide caused by ISIS: Men shrug off the threat posed by the terrorist organisation but women are left feeling anxious, claim experts

>Just hearing the word ISIS can make some shudder in fear.

>But a new study has shed light into who is more likely to be scared of the threats posed by the terror-wielding organisation.

>Women, known to be more anxious, show greater signs of worry about its barbaric slaughters of nonbelievers of Islam, scientists say.

>While men tend to shrug off the threat of potential massacres in their everyday life because of their different coping mechanism.

>Lead author Dr Yaakov Hoffman said: 'The findings may have important implications for addressing heightened anxiety in the event of elevated terrorist threats...

>'Exposure to ISIS media is detrimental to one's mental health and increases ISIS anxiety beyond one's level of general anxiety.

Yet most of these hysterical harpies voted labour. Women not even once.

shouldn't have voted for it then, stupid whores getting exactly what they deserve

Ladies love to thrill.

Okay now we know how Males and Females feel about terrorism.
But how do trans feel ? And what about my best friend, a non binary squirrel kin ?

I say this article is really transphobic and squirrelphobic.

Honestly women should not be affraid of ISIS at all. Afterall they can just spread their legs and convert. Same cannot be said about men.

Throughout history men bled, fought and died in wars while women mated with the victors.

No woman I know is shaking
None of them believe ISIS is anything other than kike driven, kike orchestrated bullshit

Because its in their nature to surrender. That's what women evolved to do.
Every feminist victory was made by a fringe minority of radfems low-key supported financially and politically by men (jews).

Well, they are also the ones who invited them.
Get fucked.

(((Yaakov Hoffman)))
it is know that women are highly impressionable and will follow trends and the norm without thinking much.

>Men are literally the only ones who give a shit about ISIS and want to/are doing anything to stop them

>Women overwhelmingly support pro ISIS parties like Labour, Democrats etc.

That's because the only "women" you know, are LARPing femanons on Sup Forums.

They have already accepted them as their new overlords. Basically, they just want to be on good terms with the invaders and new rulers.

> You're entire life is centered around struggling to get anything done as PC as possible
> Get blamed for anything that goes wrong
> Stress surrounds you at all times
> If you don't bend over backward to be PC you'll get raped financially and socially
> Terrorists will kill you for free and end it all
This shouldn't be a surprise

I don't think there are enough women in ISIS. Fucking sexist pigs. There needs to be an increase in woman participants.

I was thinking the same thing

>Ask for subhumans in your country
>Subhumans act a fool
>Scared of subhumans

Is this just a shit test to get us to treat them like property again? This whole lack of logic with women is getting old.

>women voting for things that hurt themselves more than it hurts men
What else is new?

Fucking white males and their calm privilege.

>Is this just a shit test to get us to treat them like property again?

I'm not sure if that was the intention but it will be the outcome. Either because the West puts an end to it, which will only work if it tells its women to shut the fuck up.
Or because it doesn't and Islam takes over, telling them to shut the fuck up.

>Women support Democrats
>Women voted labor

b-but Russia has more women than men, then how come Women in Russia accidentally Putin??

What a bunch of losers, they wanted this death, I didn't, now they pay the Islamic price. ISIS does put out pretty cool videos online though. Pure kino.

They had a century to learn the hard way.

>'Exposure to ISIS media is detrimental to one's mental health and increases ISIS anxiety beyond one's level of general anxiety.

The ISIS attacks in your cities don't help much either.

Eastern Europes time for the great Cuckening will come eventually.

It's exceedingly depressing that these vaginakin don't realize Islam is incongruous with their views. It's almost like they don'r know anything about it. Really compels me to contemplate.

>claim experts

just like peterson said, they want civilized dangerous men. women want to "conquer" ISIS but ISIS is valiantly resisting their efforts by blowing themselves up first

Their sacred God Jewish media constantly memes about "moderate Islam" and tells them that white men are the problem. Do you think any of them would ever bother to do any research on Islam?

>study finds
>the cunts are pussies


>be woman
>be scared of ISIS
>vote for more muslim immigrants
I should give a shit for what reason? Fuck them, this is what they want, keep importing them until everything breaks down.