Why no happening???

What happened? Why all calm

>NK launch multiple missiles = no happening
>Saudis give Qatar 24hr ultimatum = no happening
>ISIS gave France ultimatum (unconfirmed speculation there is a dirty bomb or chemical weapon) = no happening
>ISIS attack Iran but Iran believe it was Sauds =, no happening
>US moves non essential staff out of Qatar and turkey enters = no happening


I mean I've left out so much info and detail but the fact is there should be a HAPPENING?

Sup Forums when is happening?

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its happening

digits confirm big happening to come today

Can I have some sauce with my happening?

>Sup Forums when is happening?

I thought the Saudi-Qatar-Turkey-Iran-Israel shit was gonna implode.

Shit don't make sense.

Are they biding time to get weapons equipment in place.?

(also GIF is one of the most terrifying yet cinematically brilliant scenes in move history imo)

too calm. ISIS BTFO


im a official from the international happening crew

please be patient the happening should be delivered at the latest on 12 June

digits confirm habbenings before august




Contrary to popular belief, current leaders are of the same mindset as the citizens; too comfy and don't want to lose such.

Civil wars are all we'll mostly see from here on.

Because a bald mam wanted to hid his taste in hentai

Because we don't fall for the media's sensationalism like /r/the_donald does.

I'll see you in September

>civil wars

I wanna how long till EDL tier groups rise up again in UK.

Can seriously (ikr! Being srs on Sup Forums?kek) see a civil war in Britain.

>ISIS gave France ultimatum (unconfirmed speculation there is a dirty bomb or chemical weapon) = no happening

Wait, what? I missed this one, does anyone have a link fir it?

If singles your digits are a coincidence of the rule that for every 10 posts there will be digits


What's this obsession with September 23rd and the fucking 'skypepe'?

Some probably fake prophecy about the second coming.

It's a debate of 9/23 or 9/24. One of those days are my birthday and I don't want anything to fuck it up.

>happening threads
>something happening

you should know by now how things work around here, newfriend.


I don't know if this is reliable.

Honestly I don't think any news outlet is reliable anymore.


The dirty bomb/chem weapon part is just rumour and speculation and no source.

Here's one source about the ultimatum but it says car bombs and truck rushes
(phone fag. Cba to archive)

I turned 21 on the 21/12/12 at 21h. Somehow I didn't end the world like the Mayans predicted.

>>ISIS attack Iran but Iran believe it was Sauds =, no happening
Where do you fucking retard think Islamic State gets its gibmedats

SA and USA

You morons. Its the weekend now for Arabs. Friday is the equivalent of Sabbath for Juden for Muslims. They don't do anything on Fridays.

I doubt there will ever be a civil war in the US again.

My bets are the U.K. And the rest of Eurofags.

What do you have to say about this

But the Mayans were so advanced and smart.

So if I look up every Terrorist Attack the last two years. Not one will be on Friday?

>Can seriously (ikr! Being srs on Sup Forums?kek) see a civil war in Britain.
>(ikr! Being srs on Sup Forums?kek)
What the fuck is wrong with you?

It's all just prolefeed. Why would the elite class start wars that risk their comfort?

No; Russia, US, NK will eternally solidify the positions of the elites. The two empires will forever bang the drums of war to stir the domestic base while mass migrants are mass imported.

America needs a war larger than any since WWII, the culture has degenerated too far. Everyone is thinking it, even outside Sup Forums. I think the government knows it better than anyone. These small happenings are all pieces of a much larger puzzle. America coordinated 9/11 to get some fucking oil and it worked very easily. Expect the happening of happenings soon.

World events move at a glacial phase. It always been like that.

In WWI, it took the austro hungarian empire 1 month to mobilize troops after the assasination of the archiduque Ferdinand.


On May 28, 2010 Pakistan had two masques attacked. Muslims killing other Muslims. 90 ppl killed.

Shit.. Be really spoopy if we got trips on a happening prediction.
(You) #

Don't forget that WW1 happened by some nobody who was killed for who knows what.

Take a look at this Thread please guys :

Here in the UK, a Friday night would be a perfect opportunity.

Especially in Birmingham / London / Manchester / Liverpool as they'll be shit loads of young kuffar going to clubs and pubs.

Birmingham has one of the biggest nightlife 'strips' in UK. Would be fucking catastrophic.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you trying to give the inbreds ideas?

I wish Paris was bombed every day

all of people in paris deserve to be dead

This. Disappointed lately. A guy who curbs a truck and mows down a few people sucks for the people, but a happening it is not.

I was hoping the Qatar-Saudi thing would result in major geopolitical happenings. Zilch. I think the best we can hope for is some post Friday prayers = happenings.

Holding out hope for 06/22 happening - the digits may line up.

Happening fags are faggy larpers and we all know ww3 is something they'll just hang over our head, I like to think we will last until 2077 like fallout

Excellent! Eagerly awaiting.

Not at all.

But your assuming these dickheads haven't already clocked onto this?

After all, the London Bridge attacks was near bars.

>he missed the /EGS/ terror attack in Pennsylvania

6/22? Bullshit

dude how did you miss the happening last night?

You've got to wait until the 22nd.


Happening guaranteed for tomorrow

A ton of anti-Sharia law marches in 24 US states, many states will have marches in multiple cities. Let's say 30 marches. The odds that not ONE terrorist fuckboy will do anything are ASTRONOMICALLY LOW considering the sheer number of marches that are going down.

Happening guaranteed for tomorrow

Digits confirm civil war in Germany. It will be catalysted by a massive Beslan style attack. This attack will happen before the end of year. Pls no digits i hate happenings

Calm before the storm.

I don't believe it.

And I doubt all the Sharia Marches also.

I do think Germany will Ruin it for the world for the 3rd time.

Maybe this third time we should wipe them off the fucking map.

Don't fool yourself, this kind of stuff is handled behind the scenes and the west/kikes control the narrative.

Identitarian movement could be a huge thing in some time


I'll be at the Houston one. They are also doing them in Dallas and Austin. ANTIFA has counter-protests set up for Austin and Houston as far as I know.

Midsummer's Eve multiple Truck of Peas all over Europe.

Finland's first Truck of Peas attack.

I really need my happening. I`am thirsty

>> I need to watch thing die, from a good save distance


To clarify, confirmed locations are:

>Phoenix, Arizona
>Oceanside, California
>Roseville, California
>San Bernadino, California
>Santa Clara, California
>Denver, Colorado
>Waterbury, Connecticut
>Jacksonville, Florida
>Orlando, Florida
>Atlanta, Georgia
>Chicago, Illinois
>Indianapolis, Indiana
>Wichita, Kansas
>Boston, Massachusetts
>Lansing, Michigan
>Southfield, Michigan
>St. Paul, Minnesota
>St. Charles, Missouri
>Kansas City, Missouri
>New York City, New York
>Syracuse, New York
>Raleigh, North Carolina
>Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
>Austin, Texas
>Dallas, Texas
>Houston, Texas
>Virginia Beach, Virginia
>Seattle, Washington

All going down simultaneously TOMORROW. Those are just the official ones, I know a grassroots one popped up for Portland.

Gonna be a big day to be honest family

I'm guessing the Identitarian movement will grow stronger with each crackdown by the authorities and happenings for Islamists. Once the movement becoming self-supporting, it could go full-retard. Srebrenica 2017-2018? Not sure what EU state that would happen in though, any bets?

We'll hopefully there won't be any terrorist attacks.

I'm just going to stay home. I'll leave it to the future warriors to win the Second American Civil War. I'll be glad to have their children.


>I'll be glad to have their children.


Because mountain gooks will be gooks and Sandniggers will Nig.

Fuck off kid I already claimed her for my own



Shit, I didn't think you'd really come. I'm going to go Hyde now.

That's not true. There is no such thing as "don't work or do nothing on a specific day" for Muslims.

wait until July 1. that is when Qatar Foundation VP becomes lab director of largest US Department of Energy Lab, where NSA is staging its cryptosurveillance supercomputing facility.

if you were Qatar's neighbors, you would not be pleased either.

"On Wednesday, May 31st, United States Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced the appointment of Dr. Thomas Zacharia as the new Director of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He was unanimously selected by the UT-Battelle Board of Governors to succeed Dr. Thom Mason as ORNL’s Director. Dr. Zacharia has accepted this position and will transition to Laboratory Director at ORNL effective July 1, 2017."


we need more flags:


Dont forget the legend of Fontana

iSIS lost bigly. Arianna Grande wins


I think Ariana is the whole reason why ISIS is winning

Everything is calm before some big shit happens

>WW3 Incoming!

>Wake up

>No WW3

Wtf Sup Forums I believed you

Russia will invade Narva, Estonia to protect "Russian Minorities" by the end of the month.

They will make it look like a Crimea uprising at first to prevent NATO from interfering with an internal crisis in Estonia.