Who do you trust, Sup Forums?


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most of the time

One said the other said he wasn't under investigation. The other said he wasn't either. I'll call it a tie.

Um, doesn't even matter that it's trump, I would 100% trust the one that didn't work for slimebags Bush and Obama

Pretty sure the guy who didnt pursue Holder for cartel gun walking after he was appointed to FBI due to his vast experience laundering cartel cash at HSBC was lieing.

Comey, he knows politicians and how the act, and politicians lie

Lying about what?

Comey reaffirmed what Trump said.

Lied about what?

But he is from Kenya a based policemen and his brother said so

Sheriff Armadillo merely proved the birth certificate presented to the public was a forgery, not that Barry is from Kenya.

>Marc Rich, a fugitive who had fled the U.S. during his prosecution, was residing in Switzerland. Rich owed $48 million in taxes and was charged with 51 counts of tax fraud, was pardoned of tax evasion. He was required to pay a $1 million fine and waive any use of the pardon as a defense against any future civil charges that were filed against him in the same case. Critics complained that Denise Eisenberg Rich, his former wife, had made substantial donations to both the Clinton library and to Mrs. Clinton's senate campaign. According to Paul Volcker's independent investigation of Iraqi Oil-for-Food kickback schemes, Marc Rich was a middleman for several suspect Iraqi oil deals involving over 4 million barrels (640,000 m3) of oil.[24] Longtime Clinton supporters and Democratic leaders such as former President Jimmy Carter, James Carville and Terry McAuliffe, were all critical of the Clinton pardon. Carter said the pardons were "disgraceful."[25]
>Federal prosecutor Mary Jo White was appointed to investigate the pardon of Marc Rich. She was later replaced by then-Republican James Comey, who found no illegality on Clinton's part.
gonna keep posting this every time you make this thread.

If only someone had told us he was a bad guy we never would have voted for him.

What lie?

>the longer you spend entangled in politics, the more honest you tend to be

Oh, wow.


Yeah whateves my point still stands

>Who do you trust
Not the one who admitted he leaked fake news, or didn't know the unverified “golden showers” intelligence report came from Sup Forums

And still wonders why he was fired for being incompetent

Your point was "He is from Kenya" and you just agreed with me saying "He is not from Kenya"

How does this affirm your point currynigger?

of course Comey is lying and/or in deep shit.

Political insider vs successful businessman who literally says random shit spewing from his brain

kek Pol BTFO. Drumpf impeachment coming within months. Goodbye fagwad.

The sheriff proved that the certificate was fake his brother posted a picture of his Obamas birth certificate from Kenya one might be inclined to draw conclusions

>Get fired from your job
>By a man you hate
>Agree to do a hearing at Congress
>Forced to confirm that Trump is not under investigation
>Forced to confirm that Trump did not ask him to end the Flynn investigation
>Forced to confirm that Trump did not ask him to end the Russia investigation
>Accidentally tell everyone you told someone to leak a memo
>Tell everyone you were pressured by Lynch to end the email investigation
>Now the FBI and DOJ are considering legal action against you
>But the good news is that people still think Trump is tied to Russia

They were both telling the truth, Comey corroborated everything Trump said.

He never colluded with Russia.

He was never under investigation.

He never asked for an investigation to be shut down.

If anything, the most telling thing about the testimony is Loretta Lynch tired to push for a political party talking point to become norm when talking about the Clinton investigation.

One might be inclined to draw conclusions if they hold the two as equal, however they are not. This would generally be considered a display of naivety.

Perjury is lying:

Well the issue needs further investigation till then all we can do is speculate

Obama is a spook from hawaii anyways

Wait something feels off here,

Had to fix that


The second person was Boris Johnson, right?

>Served 3 globalists beholden to special interests, donors & the elites that allowed them to get to be president in the first place

Really makes you think.

how about the chief investigator of the USA saying he didn't understand the law. The asshole playing politics leaking confidential materials to further his political agenda.
Ya, I know who I trust

You would rather have Hillary? I find that hard to believe

I can think for myself, so it depends on the subject since both have been pretty shady

This nigga is salty as fuk

>New York businessmen are always honest
>the one who's an elected official is not the politician


In the Fast & Furious "scandal", at no point was ever Obama implicated, or any politically appointed bigwig in the Obama administration. The same goes for every other phony "scandal" during the Obama years.

Drumpf's been in office for a couple of month and already he, his National Security Advisor, his Attorney General and his Son-in-Law have been implicated in unethical and possibly criminal behavior.

Good job republicunts, truly epic.

Not really

ebin b8 8/8 :^)

My interpretation as an outsider who has no allegiance to either. Comey is autistic. He thinks Trump is clever enough to suggest things subliminally and talk between the lines. Example: 'Flynn is a good guy, I hope you can let this go'. Is just normal human-to-human, not President 4D chess 'let this go Comey and you can keep your job'. Likewise with the 'Tell the public I'm not under investigation'. Trump is retarded as fuck, he's not a politician and doesn't know how to conduct himself in the world of politics. He wasn't ordering Comey to speak to the public. Comey is autistic and very naive for the leader of the FBI. He's an honest man with good principals and he very clearly puts the law above party politics.

So if it's a Comey vs Trump, I trust Comey more. But in this scenario about the Russia shit, I trust Trump too. He has no personal collusion with them.

This, people always blame Obama, but it was always people around him

You can call him crooked and incompetent, but he wasn't the lynchpin, it were the Clintons and the diversity hires being free to roam around

The one making this post on twitter.

>I wonder if its the guy who granted immunity to the person who destroyed 13 cell phone devices that were evidence in an investigation or the man who said something that offended me on twitter

"implicated" by who and what? Sources? Fake news?

The same fake news that covered for Obama and downplayed his administrations treasonous actions?

The media spent days wildly speculating whether or not Trump would use executive privilege to keep Comey from testifying (he didnt, literally nothing to hide) and they spent days (and continue to spend days) ignoring that Obama did indeed attempt to use EP to keep Holder from testifying about F&F, because criminal niggers stick together.

Nobody, not even myself

>the man who said something that offended me on twitter
Come on, be fair. Trump and Hillary are on the same level. He bombed Syria, which was a crime against humanity relinquishing any semblance of morality Trump had.

>bombing defunct planes is a crime against humanity

>even if b8, there's people in this world that have actually convinced themselves of this

Definitely not the guy who helped the DNC cover up money laundering, and that doesn't sound like Trump

>>Now the FBI and DOJ are considering legal action against you

is this true?

It killed 3 soldiers and it was done over false pretenses.


Woah woah woah, you have obviously stumbled into the wrong neighborhood. This is the T_D image board not some crazy backwards political board!

Your narrative is all wrong. Here are the facts!

Obama is going to jail tomorrow because he is a nigger and as such his "scandal free" presidency is a made up MSM lie.
Hilary will be joining her because even though everyone of note has said that she will never be prosecuted: She will be tried in the court of MAGA!

Trump and all of his Administration are just good ole' boys and ain't doin' no-one no harm.

The Russia "scandal" is all MSM fake news! It is just a coincidence that every time it comes out that Trump's transition team was talking to officials of another country and lied/obscured/hid the fact its always Russia. The country that just so happens to have been implicated in waging a cyber-war to get Trump into office.

Sessions, Flynn, Manafort, Kushner, etc are all just fans of old pals of Sergei.

Trump. I trust Trump.

>someone from an intelligence agency who's served different presidencies and different parties throughout the years whenever it was advantageous to do so
>an idiot famous for always saying what's on his mind

Really makes you think.

go back to plebbit, nigger

You faggots do know that Comey is literally a republicunt himself? You probably dont. Well anyway he is. A republicunt who was Assistant Autorney General in the George W Bush administration.

Drumpf has been implicated in obstruction of justice by a freeking cabinet level Bushie republicunt. For you retarded alt-right teens that's the equivalent of if Janet Reno had come out and said she witnessed Barry forging his birth certificate.

Comey laundered money and was told to keep quiet about it as the head of the FBI.

He is a dirty cop.

:- T_D

Praise KEK fellow pede!

You can't handle a little bit of sarcasm directed towards your dear leader without pulling the leddit card. Sad!

you seem to be under the impression we are playing for teams
demtards are so stupid this is why they are failed and irrelevant

>he thinks being labeled a republican makes you conservative, classically liberal, morally sound, and not a traitorous shyster


guys check out this BASED black guy from Nassau over here. Him and his 6 kids are so FUCKING BASED. I just love my civic nationalism

>write like a redditor
>reddit pleb humor
>"n-no you're reddit"
you have to go back


nobody here is either lol

welcome to Sup Forums

>can't handle the smallest of bantz
>everyone I disagree with comes from reddit
just stop, david

>reddit posting
always the cuck, leaf. go home.

I know you're not republicucks or whatever you call it these days. That's irrelevant. We all know you're clinically retarded and only in it for the memes anyway so you're excused.

The point is: Drumpf is a Republicunt, his accuser is a cabinet level Republicunt. Thusly: he has been bigly implicated in unethical (and probably criminal) behavior.

Even if Trump is the bad goy and a straight up liar, I'll still like the guy. The man has got style.

>Living in Nassau

That hive of scum and villainy? No thanks.

>Him and his 6 kids
>6 kids

In this economy?! Do-hohoho, not on your life.

>reddit pleb humor

So making fun of reddit is now reddit comedy?
Have we gone full meta?

>Accidentally tell everyone you told someone to leak a memo
>Tell everyone you were pressured by Lynch to end the email investigation
>Now the FBI and DOJ are considering legal action against you
Why not try actual quotes instead of blatant lies masquerading as paraphrases?

I never even suggested you were from reddit, and you've mentioned it in every post. You're pretty defensive there big boy

I'll trust the one who wasn't directly in charge of protecting it's citizens from domestic terrorism but was to afraid to confront his boss about an unsubstantiated rumor.

you're the one all over "based black mans" cock to defend redditing there champ

>That hive of scum and villainy? No thanks.
If it's so shitty then how come compass point made some mad skanking vaxes

>Example: 'Flynn is a good guy, I hope you can let this go'. Is just normal human-to-human, not President 4D chess
This is not complicated shit. If somebody tells you "sure is a nice laundromat you have, would be a shame if someone burned it down", or your boss tells you, "ah, wouldn't it be nice if somebody accidentally lost all the files on the Lynch account?" after specifically making sure there aren't any witnesses to your conversation, that's not high-tech ten-dimensional hacking. That's basic human interaction that any thug can comprehend.

my god, it's like you haven't even been paying attention.

>can't detect sarcasm
if you're autistic you should have just said so

I'm pretty sure it's the lawyer with no police or bureau credentials who was installed as the head of the FBI by the Clintons because he would go along with anything they wanted, like the murder of Vince Foster, and look the other way.

And now they're using the Bush presidency as a claim of legitimacy? All these cunts use to do was bag Bush but because this corrupt fuck survived through that trainwreck they ridiculed day and night now he's somehow credible? K

Fuck I hate leftists. Wilful ignorance is the most disgusting thing of which a person can be guilty.


60% of this is blatantly untrue

>now he's somehow credible? K
It means that people accusing him of being a partisan hack have an obvious inconsistency to explain away.

Premise: Drumpf is a Republicunt
Premise: his accuser is a cabinet level Republicunt
Conclusion: He has been bigly implicated in unethical (and probably criminal) behavior

Which of the following most seriously undermines the poster?

A) OP is a faggot
B) This has also occured to Democucks
C) Repubcunts have no bearing on the legal implications of facts
D) OP is a faggot
E) Machiavellian politics suggest that Comey's political self-interest trumps partisanship

>all over "based black mans" cock

The Joke
Your head


all those examples are satire right? I mean, I'm new here and have never worked with you so I assume it's just banter.

>a republican

lol, oh wow. It's like your knowledge of US politics is limited to the last year, and whatever else you heard and choose to parrot since then.

>all those examples are satire right?
They are fictional statements designed to demonstrate that asking someone for loyalty, requesting that he do something, and then firing him after he doesn't is not TOO FUGGIN COMPLICATED for President Donald Trump to figure out.

>Lying about what?


>if I add ominous context, suddenly it becomes ominous!"

Try not being a complete fucking retard and form your opinion on what was actually stated, and maybe pay attention to the part where Comey himself says that Trump did try to pressure him.

Answer me honestly: Where did you hear this "argument" originally? Lord knows you're repeating it like a parrot. Which "comedian" said it first?

>the guy who has weasled his way through a lifetime of politics and multiple administrations
>vs a total outsider that is too bmafisted to even figure out the game in DC

I trust Trump desu senpai

You're post is not a counter argument to my post. In short: it's not an argument. Pic related.

>Where did you hear this "argument" originally?
Probably the comments of an article.

>form your opinion on what was actually stated
What was the "ominous context" I added in ?

>Comey himself says that Trump did try to pressure him.
Comey had to pretend to be a mincing snowflake to try and make this narrative stick.
It was spectacularly unconvincing.
Libfags lost. You'd think they'd learn by now.

I still don't accept Obamas phoney PS layered birth certificate.

>asking someone for loyalty,
Perfectly normal when the POTUS gets to appoint the director. Trump's instincts that Comey was a leaking shithole was correct.

>requesting that he do something,
Literally did not happen. In Comey's own words he stated Trump didnt pressure him. You lie, again.

>and then firing him after he doesn't
Comey was fired for obvious reasons. He's been shown as an unreliable officer of the law and he has too many pressure point too easily abused by others for their purposes.

>present an argument in format of logical arguments format from law school admission test
>unironically posting 'not an argument'

Comey comes across as a backstabbing snitch. He seems like a "friend" that would fuck my girlfriend if I had one.

Trump needs to get people back to work, or he should get out of the way.

Let's get fucking real for a moment.

If the boss of your boss:

Keeps calling you and reminding you that you have your job because of him when the last boss spoke to you twice
Constantly asks you for your "loyalty" when your department is supposed to have a firewall isolating you from his influence
Finds ways to pressure you into being alone with him at dinner and in meetings
Specifically asks your boss to fuck off so he can speak with you

A) He wants something from you off the books
B) He wants to fuck you

I leave the choice up to you which Trump wanted from Comey.

Comey played it wrong, he tried to set a trap for Trump. He would have been smarter to work with Trump.

Not only would he fuck your gf, he'd write a diary saying that the way you said "hi" implied that you wanted him to fuck her so he did it but it made him feel sick.