What would euros think if one of these rolled through their city ?

What would euros think if one of these rolled through their city ?

Albanian mafia

Stop making bad threads on Sup Forums you're in time out now for two weeks, don't push me on this unless you want another.

doctors wife.

oh look
a politician

There are many people who prefer real cars to cuckmobile soapboxes, but an Escalade like this is indeed a red flag around here.

Le stupit aragent emerikanzzz.

i actually saw one of these a week ago.

its a nigger-mobile, and its ugly as shit.

note, i actually like american cars, i own a Dodge Caliber i bought brand new in 2007.

but escalade is just ugly as a motherfucker.

id personally pick a Dodge Ram over an Escalade, or to be honest, anything thats not square.

I'm an American on the west coast and I have only seen niggers driving them IRL.

>2007 Dodge Caliber
Good God.


Wow what a waste of gas and space

Holy shit! Look at your id you satanic fuck. Yeah I pretty much thought to myself nigger mobile. Poor oppressed nigger truck.

Those are fucking everywhere in Chicago, they're livery vehicles. Fucking losers driving rich people around, often for Uber slave wages. They're always polishing their rides at gas stations because people paying 90 cents a mile deserve to feel like a pimp.

Every time I pass one on a neighborhood street it's tense because there's only so much width.

>implying it would fit on euro roads.

Fuck off gook, nobody asked you.

Wow what a waste of gas and space

>Good God.

what else should i take in europe?

a golf?
a passat?
a focus?
a corolla?

There are like 10 Calibers in Polska, because everybody is driving euro cars.
At least i wont confuse my car with anybody elses, lol.

Not to mention, my Caliber has the 2.0 TDI engine i programmed to 200hp, its a pretty fast madafaka.

My funniest moment in bitcoin was buying $2000 worth of bitcoin from an ATM in a Russian butcher store and watching one of these pull up right after in order to collect.

They would think that the driver couldn't afford a premium European brand and therefore had to settle for something glued together by affirmative action niggers in Detroit.


I'd laugh at the idiot because it takes like 20L/100km

But it looks nice

>should've bought a Range Rover
something like that

>Range Rovers

are top tier vehicles, but they cost as much as a small country.

that sucker overpaid for a licoln navigator...


That car is bigger than most euro countries

Escalades are 70k and top trim LWB ones are 100k+

Kikes are in town.


"an american car"

"why would someone import a piece of shit like that"


americunts cars are made here anyway

that car is a hearse

these niggas don't understand me cuz I'm boss hogg on candy

Yeah, I'd think a rapper had died or something

collect what?


Nigger or a paki driving it.

Took one to the airport and sat in it at the new York auto show

Thing is a fortress inside

>top tier
When did unreliable pieces of poo in loo shit become top tier

>loser compensating for small pee pee

Such a waste of money.

They would probably think its too big and wastes too much gas. My buddy has one straight piped, sounds like a demon gargling

What a shit car

Convert to American pls

shit tier American car

Goodluck parking that shit

Good one.

>what a dickhead, bet he's compensating for a small penis

Literally 99% of people would think this. The other 1% being 12 year olds

>liking dodge
>not based Ford
Poland please stop embarrassing yourself


what is this pls help

1 L is .26 gallons

oh look, someone with a small benis

>only americans are praising the SUV, how large and comfy it is and tell everyone its not only rappers that drive it
>all non americans shits on it calling it nigger mobile and instead praises their sub 1.3 litre engine cars that costs as much as a dodge viper

>see someone that has expendable income and buys whatever they want with it
>automatically thinks about dicks
>not a faggot

This guy right here. Walked out of O'Hare this morning and saw like 9 of them. They're all either leased by the driver or owned by a collective owner. The backseat is nice for a ride but god damn do they just get more and more odd every year.

Fuck off I bet you don't even own a car, basement-dweller

>I have car
>Your car is shit
Like clockwork, idiot.

"That's a big truck."

Lucas Electrics.

Thats literally a nigger wagon. Every single one I see or any high end SUV always has rediculous rims and some jackass who looks like a felon driving.
>driving a poorly made American shit heap in current year rather than a superior Japanese one


>Owning anything

Malaysia bringing the bantz

drive a pontiac grand prix from the early 90's

Liters are what euro tears are measured in, dear


>superior Japanese one
fuck off with your "superior" Jap meme you fucking rice burner

I'd just say "hey, that's pretty cool", what do you expect us to say? Also, this belongs to Sup Forums or /bant/, keep the thread related please

>still tippin on fo fours
Mah nigga

>solid rear axle
Only rolling it will be doing is onto its roof.

Mob or that guy is seriously compensating for something.

Oh man that must suck so much gas

It gets 15 mpg city /22 hwy which is ok

Congrats you bought the worst american car ever made you faggot.

why are american cars so fucking terrible? I've rented 3 being over there, and they are so shoddily made. Bad interiors, horrible feel to drive it, shit engines. I can see why nobody outside of 54%land buys them, my 1980s golf is better than anything they've ever made

Learn how to reply u retarded shart mobile driving faggot

> 15 mpg city
> ok

holy FUCKING shit.

Size wise it's not big deal. There are loads of Mercedes GL (now GLS) 4x4s in mafia black rolling around - they kind of fit in.

A large pickup like a Fodge Ram might stick out a bit more, but even then I'm seeing loads of Ford Ranger popping up these days.

americans abuse the shit out of rental cars

Gas is $2.30 a gal where I live so it's ok to us

pls be true

>It gets 15 mpg city /22 hwy which is ok


You got to remember the first generation Escalade got like 11 MPG

this and american cars are shit so a double whammy

Fake news

Get back to you morons

As opposed to ameri tears which only come by the gallon?

>0,47 miles per gallon

if i didn't screw up with math

its once again retarded american marketing doing a probe.

When I see american cars or american flag in general i see pic related.

Driver with a small dick

>20 years to improve mileage by 11 mpg

US auto industry is so brave

keep trying, you'll get there in the end!

You dont even own your own country anymore...

Are you even a country?

i want to import a crown vic police interceptor to finland

Whats special about that? Just another Chelsea tractor.

I've seen a few. All of them we're driven by literall midgets, but that's more of an SUV thing than a Cadillac/Merrican automobile thing.

All in all I like most American cars, but for various reasons I cannot afford to own one here.

I remember renting a caliber around that year when my car got taken out by a dude running from the cops years ago and it had like 10k miles on it and sounded like it was going to break down any moment.

Well it doesn't help that your probably getting the stripped down shittier version of them when you rent them.

American cars have horrible interiors. I have a 2016 Mustang and I despise the interior even though its one of the better ones out there. Everything is all plastic feeling and it just doesn't have the same build quality feeling as a European car. That's why they are so cheap.

In the states it's a 20k car, in Europe doesn't it start at 40k?


CIA hit team. Haven't you guys seen any of those Bourne movies?

>axle can break any second
>burst out of the curve