Land of the free

>Land of the free

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Mw2 was the best. FAL holographic for days


>one side will kill you if you put it in your mouth
>the other side is guns
really makes me thing

Aren't sawed-off shotguns illegal in Amerika?


>Land of the Free

If it ain't American cheddar.

>tfw you realize america is the bad guys

Automatic weapons are too

French cheese is far more deadly that automatic weapons.

>Can't digest cheese

I feel sorry for you and 46% of the USA's population who are not white.


Someone has to keep you monkeys in place.

>eats cheese filled with fly maggot shit
do you eat raw pork too you Frenchie fuckin faggot

>one is a right
>the other is cheese
Learn the difference Somali

I think it has to do with importation because that shit will age further or rot on the way over

At least half of the weapons in that graphic are not available to civilians.

And which amendment protects your right to purchase french cheese sweetie?

>m249 saw
>legal for civilian use
idk senpai

>automatic weapons
Anything manufactured after 1986 is illegal. Everything prior requires absurd unconstitutional hoop jumping and ridiculous fees. Many of those in the pic are not even automatic. One is a fucking revolver with 6 shots and another is a break-action illegal sawn-off shotgun. A number of the ones that come in automatic modes were invented after 1986, making ownership of an automatic model illegal and impossible.

>french cheese
Buy raw milk from a farmer and make it yourself or buy a cow, milk it and then make the cheese yourself. That's how we get around unconstitutional gun bans too. We make it our-fucking-selves.

Fuck the ATF and fuck the USDA.

is that the weapon list from modern warfare 2?

>automatic weapons
>has revolver
what did he mean by this?

>still thinking in terms of bad guy/ good guys.

There is power user. It exists, if we let it go, someone else takes it. So, with the amount of power the US wields, who do you think should take it all, because that is how this works. Its not fairly shared.

Tell me what single nation you trust to have the amount of power the US has, in terms of media, finance, military, politics. Tell me you believe that the world would be any better with that nation. That they could keep their morals and ideology, or even a faint echo of them with it all.

With that said.... Yeah....yeah... on a global stage we are the bad guys. However, on the micro, and even a bit of the macro, we are actually pretty good! Sat down and thought about that while I was in Afghanistan. #stormtrooperlyfe.

Both should be legal

I'd rather put a gun in my mouth than eat nasty ass french cheese anyway

Bad guys paying for half the world to eat


nah bro it's 'Semi-Automatic'

You're fucking stupid

Had a bunch of hippie morons who tried to get around laws against non-pasteurised milk by selling it as bathing milk in health food stores.
Then a bunch of kids died from food poisoning.

Many people seem not to realise that technically all these weapons are legal practically everywhere, you just need the permit;)

>He can't eat cheese
You are missing an entire world of tastes, let me tell you.

Sage goes in all fields.

Its not illegal to have those cheeses at all. You can make them yourself. Its only illegal to buy and sell them.

The ban on raw milk and raw milk products is actual, legitimate and unironic anti-white racism.

>automatic weapons
>double barrel sawn off
>American education

Which is blatantly anti-European and against our traditional culture.

He's obviously a fucking leaf, but he has a point otherwise.

I like the addendum for the cheeses. Why did they skip the addendum for the guns? IE to own a full auto you have to do a lot of paperwork and be approved by the govt.

Not illegal, heavily regulated. There's a set number of automatic weapons that are allowed to be in private hands along with a substantial tax and wait time courtesy of the ATF. As far as sawed off shotguns, $200 tax and more waiting.

>fuck the government
You earned that flag :,)

you've never shot a gun before, if you ever use one use it on yourself