This was the standard squad of "Men" in ww2

You may not like it but this is what it was bigots!

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I'd get this just to play a qt nazi girl

Reminder that Bioshock Infinite Writer Drew Holmes is Far Cry 5’s Lead Writer

> Bioshock Infinite is inspired by a book about a serial killer who lured victims his "World's Fair Hotel" complete with a gas chamber, dissection table, and a crematorium to dispose of the bodies.
> Far Cry 5 features a doomsday cult as the game's main antagonist inspired by the Bundy Standoff that followed the occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon

The Gaming industry is crawling with kikes and cryptos.

His name was Dr HH Holmes. Please at least look the mans name up faggot

Kikery in the gaming and entertainment industry

If you keep giving them Shekels while you sit and drink Pepsi and get diabetes, they'll pump out more games.

It's simple actually

True, little known fact but most of the heroic American soldiers that stormed Normandy beach were Somali and Syrian refugees.
Bet you're not so keen on that travel ban now are you wise goys?

Black americans are more inclined to buy those normie games, its natural to try to appel to them:
"The Pew Research Center found that 19% of Hispanic respondents and 11% of Black respondents described themselves as "gamers," compared to 7% of Whites.[2] Another report by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that African American and Hispanic youth ages 8–18 spend more time with video games on average than White youth.[3] Nielsen survey research found similar results.[4]

Another Pew study showed that 89% of Black teens play video games, as well as 69% of Hispanic teens."

In casting the film Spielberg sought to create a cast that "looked" the part, stating in an interview, "You know, the people in World War II actually looked different than people look today", adding to this end that he cast partly based on wanting the cast "to match the faces I saw on the newsreels." [4]

>If islanders got upset about the setting of far cry 3 they're triggered babies but when I get offended it's because DA JOOS
>Stop making interest environments because they hurt my feelings!!!!

>inb4 they have black jewish women fighting for the Germans

Hello Jew

>let's ass rape history because we feel bad and or want to profit from it today

look at the little cry baby white boi bitching about his videogames

it was about time African American contributions in defeating you nazi white bois was recognized

funny thing is that would be more likely the nazis side

this is simply a historically innacurate videogame and anyone trying to learn history from a videogame is retarded anyway

>Implying I play games made for children

k I'll keep playing Red Orchestra

Seriously guys what'a happening to the gaming industry? Up until 5/10 years ago it was nothing like this! Are the kikes getting more and more bold in shoving their propaganda in our children's brains? I mean WWII games I played back in the day( early 2000s) were pretty based, we cannot let this slide those games are part of the reason I got so interested in history, I don't want kids to go around thinking waffen SS or the 101st were made out of females and that Wehrmacht and falschirmjägers were composed mainly by Africans

I don't play vidya so I don't really care, I'm just pointing out the very jewey subtext that has taken over entertainment in the past few years. A few years ago the antagonist would have been some global corporation, nowadays it's white people that want to be left alone.

They're really trying their damnedest to revise history aren't they? I'm glad it doesn't work on most of us, but imagine what the future will hold, when all these video games based on historical wars all feature nig nogs and brown subhumans. Do you feel confident Gen Z will see through their shit? How about the generation after Gen Z?

You're underestimating the power of visuals and aesthetics. Most people learn what they know through exposure to pop culture, not by reading books and shit.

Niggers think they're owed reparations because they believe they've built America, do you want them to believe they've liberated Europe too?

Battlefield hardline went this way too and of course dumb fuckibg morons who know nothing just get offended.

You're no better than feminists complaining about sexism in games.

How is far cry raping history, you fucking PC moron?

Go worship your faggot Jew god

If all of history is retconned to accommodate niggers, do niggers then become the source of all historical problems?

What is bad is that these games are usually the first real impact kids have with the historical period, you can clearly see the desire to brainwash them ever since a young age to avoid allowing them to learn real history through real facts. The upcoming war shall be tougher than we think, we shall have to fight many of our brainwashed brothers unfortunately.

>le multiracial nadzees reddit maymay

Go suck off some nigger cock, civic, nazis weren't race-mixers.

lmao, that is what Allies get for siding with the kikes


Vietnam, maybe, but not WWII.

That's not even a relevant joke. Time to change your tampon.

I think the problem is they made this change solely to appeal to the PC crowd.

The issue is that there is a consorted effort to try and frame history in a way that is isn't for political purposes. Fantasy is fine but this isn't done to better the gameplay, it's made to satisfy these fucking cuckolds that see whites as the enemy. Future generations will just de facto believe that blacks were just like everyone else in history. Dylann Roof made a good point about this, where accomplishments of whites are framed as the accomplishment of the human race but when blacks do something it is strictly a black accomplishment.

People don't want games they like to change solely to appeal to politically correct nonsense.

remember, the allies often wore masks into combat so they wouldn't get doxxed

>Lavoy Finicum made into the villain within your lifetime

What a sad time to be an American

Isn't it sad, America? Your own history and culture is being erased right before your eyes and all you can do is bitch and cry about it on Sup Forums

dude what the fuck

this goes beyond just "pandering" now, they are rewriting history with this shit and their media. you can say "oh it's just a video game" or "oh it's just a movie", but you know that simply isn't true. people take a lot of stock in these forms of media that are meant to portray historical events. it is particularly targeted at younger generations.

>implying they're not doing the same exact thing to Europe

give it 10 years

just because they werent racist doesnt mean they were racemixers. they wanted to seperate cultures to preserve a multicultural world as opposed to (((them))) who want to mix all cultures and ethnicities until there is a brown abomination of cultural and genetical ooze that should have never been.

This isn't even a game about WW2 anyway. Those fellas are on a trip to fight a group of barbarians who like the red color and use black crosses to represent their movement or something. Good luck finding a swastika in that game.

You retards realizing they're trying to appeal to a broad audience to make the most money right?. Do you think black kids are gonna want to play call of duty if it's only "white bois"?

This is a fucking video game, not a history book. They're trying to make as much money as possible and excluding a huge demographic is retarded business decision.

I'm getting more triggered at the M44 pattern uniforms they are wearing (weren't issued until Operation Market Garden) and why are the British (could be Canadian) soldiers wearing what appears to be the Italian campaign uniform in Normandy.

Also niggers

but watch though, all these fuckos that are pushing this shit now are going to be doubly pissed because all of the old games CoD etc.etc. are going to become the most sought after and desirable medium to play. This stuff they are releasing now will be in a wal-mart bargain bin prolly w/in 6-8 months of there release.

>give it 10 years
Sorry to break it to you but it's already happening

It's not like you'll learn in school as well anyway kiddo. Kek.

is this a screen shot from the new cod? if so then i guess it would be kinda fun to shoot nigger nazis

What is this, CoD? I'm assuming this was shown at the recent E3, but the graphics look like they're from 2010.

kangz of the reich n sheeeit

>playing video games beyond PlayStation 1

wtf is wrong with you?


those look like zeppelins in the back, probably the new Battlefield WW1

Games with black leads sell worse than games with white leads because black gamers make up something like 5% of the public. If you want to make money you would make one staring white men.

It's depressing man. I make games in my spare time and the game dev industry is cancerous. Way too much politics

Always the burger... It's about time we start making games about shooting americans and their masters (jews).

Heeéey me too c:

trips of truth, faggots don't have the willpower nor anything else to do with their free time.

Don't tell me this is the latest CoD... it looks exactly like the first game of the series, but BLACKED.

Wat about far cry 5?


kek. Three nigs are the same player model

over half of the SS were foreign volunteers you utter mongoloid. You can ally yourself with someone without wanting to replace, or be replaced by, that someone. Many european nationalists fought for the Biafrans in the Biafran war, because their cause was true.

Yes, they took over while you sad fucker were wasting your time playing said games.

Get your shit together, learn how to code and get involved ffs. You dont win a culture war by standing on the sideline.

What is even more sad is that you gloat about it, excusing such behaviour with some lame ideology. You despicable human being.

God will judge you.

>You may not like it but this is what it was bigots!
No, niggerfag, it wasn't.

It's not learning, it's conditioning. It's normal to fudge things a little to make people comfortable, then people get comfortable about things being changed.

That is bf1

That's battlefield 1. WE WUZ KAISERS AND SHIIIEEET

C'mon, you know the agenda of the gaming industry... They don't care about accuracy and historical realism, they have a (((message))).

They want kids to play this game and believe in the things (((they))) want them to believe.

(btw the fascist flag on pol looks like garbage)

Those graphics are terrible lel

only time I will agree with a black lives matter flag poster

you cant play the nazis


You might like Darkest Hour, it's a mod of the first RO that is set on the Western front - adding American and British Armies and a bunch of new weapons.

They're planning to include the North African theater sometime in the next few months

you have no reading comprehension, do you?

>over half of the SS were foreign volunteers
Yeah and 95% of them were from other european countries.


> Bioshock Infinite is inspired by a book about a serial killer who lured victims his "World's Fair Hotel" complete with a gas chamber, dissection table, and a crematorium to dispose of the bodies.

I thought it was inspired by a pretentious retard's stupid ideas.

At no point during that shitty game did I think, "hey, this is totally like the 1800s worlds fair. Ahh, this character is JUST like HH Holmes!"

No, I was too busy wondering why the fuck I was playing a shitty shooter where the main character traveled into an alternate dimension to steal a baby from himself because his baby died but the alternate reality one didnt but the baby left its pinky in its home reality which caused the baby to have the ability to tranverse dimensions because her pinky was in another dimension anyways then her dad comes to rescue her and kill her capture but her capture is actually him from an alternate universe so he literally kills himself and then like 20 alternate realities of the baby aka his daughter strangle him under some water cause reverse baptism or something? and then they cease to exist.

Yes yes, quite like the World's Fair where the first Ferris Wheel was unveiled and some serial killer killed a couple of people.

Those fucking graphics.

Unfortunately, yes. Forgive us, Achmed.

just saying no one gave far cry 2 shit for killing afrikaner mercs and rhodesian mercs

I was expecting this and it still made me burst out laughing

not even black dudes, just look like a bunch of half starved inbred somali cunts

Because it was in modern-day Africa and they didn't push leftist shit like frontline nigger women.

Daily reminder the earliest evidence of a written sub-Saharan language is from 1827 when a white priest became the first man to write down Xhosa. He is immortalized with a poem and a revealed figure in parts of Africa.

>You may not like it but this is what it was bigots!

All allied troops in WW2 that actually fought were black there were only white officers who were cruel to them and used to rape them and beat them.

All the air force were black too.


The similarities truly are uncanny.

Where the fuck is the FBI, ATF, and US Marshals in Far Cry 5? You know, the agencies that would actually deal with a militant cult like this instead of literal who rednecks.

If we can get the minority races to play video games and turn into meek betas, this might be a good thing. Heil Gorbachev.

As a Democrat, I believe the direction and attempt at removing a native people's culture is immoral, and antithetical to global unity. All people have a right to not be ashamed of their history and have it known, that includes whites.

niggers only play 2K tho

Checked, Praise Kek!

>All the air force were black too.
Why, of course goy
> Red Tails has been a pet project of George Lucas’ for many years

>Heil Gorbachev
Must be american. All the nostalgic stalinists hate him.

>point out sony literally has a miscegenation ad
>get banned by Sup Forums sony shill mods

>Human being

>Bioshock Infinite was inspired by H.H. Holmes

Bullshit, he was much more interesting. Regardless, the turn of the 20th century happened.

Communists can't like Gorbachev? Stop being a bigot and telling me what to say or think. As a black nationalist, I am proud of our Satanist Luciferian New World Order allies in Israel subverting white and coon society to unite us with our African brethren to create WWIII, long live Israel!

Stalin is the defacto fall guy for why the SU was evil according to modern commies.
Its not true of course, the SU was evil from its inception, Stalin didn't make it any more or any less evil than it already was.

However commies often say bullshit like "if it weren't for Stalin, everything could have been perfect!"
Its not only a lie but a delusion, Stalin is the one who made the SU last as long as it did. But they don't look at it that way now, he is their padsy.
They pretend like Stalin ruined everything.

why single Stalin out?
simple really, Stalin is the one who started bringing a sense of nationalism into the SU. He brought back Russification and Russian culture (to an extent) and he didn't trust jews in his older age.

Still mad about the game huh?

This is really hilarious to me. My experience with blacks in the military was pretty sad. They typically made horrible infantrymen. Couldn't do land navigation. Always quit when the going got tough. Deathly afraid of treading water with just cammies for 5 minutes. They were a useless bunch

*the one exception was my favorite instructor at sniper school, he was some kind of super alpha black and a great instructor.

Is that real?

>290,000 whites were killed
>less than 100 blacks died in action

How can white bois even compete with the superior black man's combat prowess?

You guys remember when this was just a whimsical shitpost?

The nazis are black aswell