Add these

Add these.

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>adding shit like queer anarchy for larping and bait
Nah, adding reddit ideologies would be more than enough. Neolib, humanitarian, centrists

you aren't different from pic related

>more larping flags
That's the last thing this board needs.

Aside from monarchist and pagan all of these have a close enough equivalent. GookMoot doesn't want to add so many that it becomes complicated.

Add this

All flag users are larping now.
The board has gone to shit

No. fuck off.

i'd like klansmen, always been a fan

And get rid of IDs while they're at it

But there's actual observable differences in politics. It's not just made up bullshit

>"I hate fun"
more flags is directionally proportional to how interesting it is to post. You don't hate diversity, do you, anons?

>not knowing a difference between gender and political stance.

Monarchist flag addition please

anticom flag would be pretty neat

>anglo saxon
those, everything else is shite



>Not the flag of Mercia

There's plenty of other sites you can role play on faggot.

This board was meant to be about news and politics. Not pretending to be a fucking pirate


I don't feel like strasserism, anprim, agorism, and monarchism have good equivalents.

It's /pol 's fidget spinner

>But there's actual observable differences in politics. It's not just made up bullshit
>christian anarchy
>queer anarchy

niga u retarded

National flags just allow derailment into Sup Forums tier adhom. This will be annoying in the short term, but it'll level out and be superior. Just try and enjoy it.

HWNDU flag

My sides were not prepared

Fuck that, if anything they added too many flags already. The NSDAP flag, Gadsden, Confederate, Templar, Fascist, Anarcho-Capitalist and White supremacist flags are the only ones necessary. Maybe also add the degenerate Kekistani and (some) Marxist flags so we know who to ignore (also for PR-fags).

Just fix the fucking Templar flag. Looks like shit


>wanting templar flag

These are good flags.

>cherry picking to invalidate the whole idea
>not being able to distinguish between your cherry picked examples.

Double retarded. Go to bed faggot.

Why not add more? Literally what is the downside? More specific flags can only improve what we already have. Sounds like you are doing what you can to avoid fun.

japanese imperial flag please.

>Why not add more? Literally what is the downside?
The downside is that it's in poor taste to simply add more just because you can, with little utility or function. Keep it brief, keep it minimal.

this shit is so useless

> in poor taste

In your opinion and for no real reason?

Why not represent as many people as possible? It's not " cause can" but because there is hardly even a tiny cross section represented.

Literally no good reason not to add several more.

I took 5 examples from the OP, and im retarded?

LOL niga u retarded

>Anglo Saxon
>No Monarchism

Also that quote doesn't apply here in the slightest. Don't embarrise yourself by trying to justify it.

The scandinavian flag pls!

>christian anarchy and satanism are not real
u mus b reel smawrt

Best cure for derailment is to create a good OP and steer conversation in your thread.

Unfortunately people are too lazy to put forth any effort into their OPs now a days.
>This thread included

Can we have a BLACKED flag?

They have already have the Swedish one^

Two replies! And still you have absolutely nothing worth saying. Case in point.

I totally agree. These days I'm insulted for replying to the posters in my threads. Shameful display

pls add rome
vini vidi vici

We need many more anarchist flags.


You've yet to provide a reason not to add more apart from your shitty inexplicable taste and the conflation of minimisation with some vague form of functionality.

You aren't very bright. Please get smarter before replying. I mean, I know you've gone into Le funny troll mode and won't bother, but maybe next time.

Of those only the SPQR and French and HWNDU flags should be added to be honest.

It's having a thing for people with spina bifida.

>But there's actual observable differences in politics. It's not just made up bullshit
it is literally made up bullshit, there's no fucking stone tablet from jesus laying out the four noble political ideologies. dude, it's hard to get farther into the "made up bullshit" spectrum than political ideologies.

>multiculturalism is a good thing

yes, that's exactly what you should extrapolate from his post.

The yellow and red one from the scandinavian empire

What about anarcho-weeabooism?
>When your mom walks in while you are having an intimate moment with your waifu, which violates the FAP so you rape her with an octopus

Greatest ally got it right. You might well add your fucking prefered pronouns.

No, fuck all those make-believe anarchys. minarchism is fine. strasserism is gay, alt-right is a meme (kys) SPQR is pretty good, but larpy the rest i din't mention yar fucking gay.

nvm Klansmen is a must.

Yeah real world borders are retarded to right

nope, we fucking love our borders :)

Okay, you obviously don't get the aesthetic side of the matter, so I suppose I have to explain it to you as basically as possible. Nobody who has been browsing Sup Forums for more than three years will seriously consider posting under a Democrat, Republican, or even European flag. All the extra flags do is provide an excuse to shitpost, and to represent faggots who do not belong here.

We just need Monarchy, Pagan and Surrender IMO. Gets the broadest number of Sup Forums posters plus another good shitposting flag.

Take the ip filtering system already in use, simplify the drag down menu, and apply the country specific flags to people posting from those countries.

>inb4 proxies

But still, it's one way to have an element of the old flag system with the new added, optional, element.

add this!

le /nupol/ flag for all the newfaggots in Sup Forumsland

>tfw no HWNDU flag
life is suffering lads

you sound like a snowflake

you is evil, free Palestine!
no flag for International Jewry?

Were the fuck is the Imperial Japanese flag?

>a lot of horizontal stripes
>disc options (instead of rectangles) are available
>but let's just do stripes

Are the flags even back for good or what?

I intentionally didn't include many country-specific partisan or period flags, only the ones I thought would be especially used.

Are you okay?

can you also add shitskin?


extraflags extension. Forums


you are treating these flags like liberals treat genders

in the shitter where it belongs


It troggers me so damn much when Anglo-Saxons think they're different, special

why include the surrenderflag if you could just use a french proxy?

France already has a flag m5

let's just group them all to the gay flag. they are all pretty gay.

Add Hezbollah man, don't disappoint /sg/

not funny

I guess we all have a little bit of autistic shiny-colors excessive classification autism inside of us. Is it bad that, instead of being put to something actively hedonistic and degenerate, it's to something completely harmless and in good fun?

I'd really love a jewish flag for diaspora or pro-israel anons

and Ba'athism

and SSNP

>trying to conflate ideology and mental disorder into one thing
>Israel flag
Obvious kike is obvious

also add this

How about apartheid era south africa or rhodesia flags

and Mutualism

>i just want dental care
so basically just create an anarchist state for it?
theres other ways to get your teeth fixed nigga and besides you should have been brushing your teeth anyway

and a judenstern for the kikes

Deseret needs to be added.

>Be basementfag
>At best high IQ, underachiever
>At worst, teet-sucking cuck
>Find a sense of purpose by frequenting message boards
>Message board enables flags, gives a gift
>Muh entitlement
>Give me more
>More flags, motherfucker.

And you want me to take you seriously? Enjoy your trip down the slide.

What the fuck is this temper tantrum dude?

but race is gender you shitlord