Poland and Czechs, open your borders or else

Poland and Czechs, open your borders or else.

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google.de/maps/place/Pargowo, Poland/@53.2821828,14.431669,591m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47aa01584058dd05:0xc863bd2b8810035!8m2!3d53.2831544!4d14.4333583

Or else what?

Poland should take them, and build a center for them here:

google.de/maps/place/Pargowo, Poland/@53.2821828,14.431669,591m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47aa01584058dd05:0xc863bd2b8810035!8m2!3d53.2831544!4d14.4333583

And then subsidize buses from there to Berlin, daily, for the convenience of the 4 people that live there, of course.

>better open your borders
>or else
>we will be forced to warn you again


Or they will give refugees AK 47's and drop them at the border

I believe in you Poland. Stand your ground.

Seriously, what could the EU do?

The only thing they're capable of, is introducing a strongly worded letter and said letter never getting out for a floor vote.

Bureaucracy at it's normal.

lmao do refugees even want to go to Poland? that place is a shithole.

Or else the EU will be very, very angry with Poland and they will write Poland a letter telling them how angry they are.

Don't do it, Poland.
What are the Germans going to do? Force you out of the EU? The EU is a sinking ship.

EU are such faggots. They're the type of niggers who tell everyone to keep their doors and windows unlocked and open but they won't dare step outside without security or be at a home easily accessible by everyone. The type of niggers that stay in their palaces and tell everyone else how their lives should be ran, the type of stuck up faggots who should be removed from existence for they would destroy nations and the entire world for their stupid little agendas.

well the sooner you fish the corpses out of the sea the sooner poland can comply

after all poland wouldnt want to steal away your chance at having your lives enriched since your so tolerant and accepting you deserve it

I have no idea why anyone listens to the EU about anything. They have no way to really make you comply to pretty much anything. Just give them the finger tell them to give you gib me dats and build an army with said gib me dats.

Europe is a strange feminized place. Though we have our share that's for sure.

fuck off we are full

Poland and Czech republic


The EU is pure evil. How anyone can support them is fucking insanity

Stop giving them money

This is what I wanted to see.

Leftists are pure evil

If diversity is our strength and "immigrants" are all lovely little angels then why doesn't France or Germany just take them all for themselves? Since they're so valuable?

Oh, right.. cause they're full of shit. That's why

Watch out for that EU letter in the mail

>I have no idea why anyone listens to the EU about anything
Because the EU has control of all laws of its member states. EU Law supersedes all national law in all cases and at all times. The EU also gives these poor Eastern European countries money from the richer states (Germany, UK, Netherlands, France).

Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary are about to find out why Britain voted to leave (regardless of whether they actually do it).

>EU Law supersedes all national law in all cases and at all times
And the member states joined willingly? For what purpose?

Funny enough all the countries you moved to didn't have that attitude.

If I'm reading this right all they're gonna do is sue


It didn't start that way. Read some history, you niglet.

That's correct. Sanctions require a unanimous vote by the remaining parties, and they'd never get the votes. It'll take 8 years for this lawsuit to settle.

Well in Britain's case, they didn't even join the political and legislative side of it. They had a vote on being in the European Economic Community which was a trade block. It evolved into this bullshit and the people had no say whatsoever.

Why do politicians do it? Because of money or ideology.

Once again a law is only good as a piece of toilet paper unless you have a way to enforce said laws. Poland loses some welfare essentially which is most likely poz loaded welfare like diversity training for all Polish employees thanks to EU funding. Sure you get some government busy bodie workers in Poland but I think giving the finger and out right just conquering Germany would be smarter at this point.

Are they even allowed to sanction multiple countries at once? I know Poland and Hungary have agreed to bail each other out of sanctions

Don't do it Poland! We need to save the white race and stop the globalists

Over the past few decades, more and more EU law has been tied into the member state legislature. Using the British example again, the easiest way to get rid of all of the bullshit EU laws is to pass a bill converting all of it to British law and repeal bits you don't want.

As for enforcing it, the EU has the other member states and they want this EU army. It won't be for external threats just like the Stasi wasn't for external threats in East Germany.

>Go ahead and tell the fuhrer

Poland stay strong. Islamization won't make EU great again

Correct. May they die horrible deaths.

I love how we get told, diversity is our strength, and that immigrants and refugees improve the economy all the time, yet for some reason the big proponents of these ideological views don't seem to want all the "diversity", it's almost like they're lying to us.

Nope. It has to be each country individually, which is why the EU has to have a lawsuit.

will poland defend its NAP?

Why does Poland have to take them? I heard France and Germany love refugees

I watched it again about a week ago. It still holds up really well.

Why is there not a "we don't want any in Europe at all" option? Really makes you think.

Poles must understand that the irrational belief in an "open society" is one of the most fundamental values cherished by the EU elites. The EU will never let this go, for it is a central component in their view of how Europe should look like in the future. They simply will not allow a people to be homogenous and independent.

We all know that an "open society" will wreck any nation and rob it of its culture, its heritage and ultimately its freedom. But they do so willingly and knowingly... the nation-state must be broken in order for it to be replaced with a supernational federation. All this babble about "open societies" is to make something horrible sound great, hip and trendy.

Poland should draw its conclusions and leave the EU. They should form a central european union with Hungary, the Czechs and Slovakia. Maybe some others too.

The birth of the Visegrad Confederacy would be the most incredible comeback for our race ever.

Western europe would then slowly disintigrate from within while the confederacy can trade all they want with England, the USA, China and Russia.

Its either that, or the Poles submit and become just another mongrelized, faceless mob of consumer slaves.


Thats right Poland. Obey your EU masters. President Junker has spoken.

>Sanction Poland
>Polish Economy declines
>Polish governemtn blame economic downturn on EU/Hauge
>Increased anti-EU sentiment

According to my local news, Session didn't answer any questions. Is that true?

why wont they accept refugees? theres no harm in taking them in. other countrys who took some refugees in didnt have a terror attack for 10 days so its safe to assume that its completly safe. i dont get it. are they literally racists or what?

They want to keep this way. Smart.

Could they take them in and then kill and bury them into a mass grave and not get caught?


hail victory

>the poles will save the west after being raped by that same civilisation


>Sanction Poland
>Polish Economy declines
>Polish governemtn blame economic downturn on EU/Hauge
>Increased anti-EU sentiment

>Poland heads up visigrad group with other eastern-euro partners
>EU goes and fucks itself

>warns Poland

or what exactly? will they warn them again? perhaps an even stronger warning...

it must suck to be a globalist shill these days


Hitler did a poor job of killing off the (((Germans)))

yfw Poland has more usable combat aircraft than Germany

Polish invasion of Germany when


And more helicopters (both attack & transport) in service*

Or Germany will invade.

It's sad what the Germans have become. Not hating on Poland but Germany was once such a great country.

not to mention the Polish Stealth Tanks
could Poland feasibly invade and conquer Germany at this point?

The only good germans left are, ironically, migrants to north america from before WW1 and WW2 took place.

The genetic stock of true warriors still lives in these unconquered germans in America.

One on one, no doubt.

I'm not even sure the German bundeswehr would even fight.

that was the plan back in 1930s actually

inb4 V4, USA and GB form union to gas nonwhites.

Open your borders dammit.

Please God, let this happen.

Is birkenau still open?

We all know what's coming next. The US will invade and occupy Poland and Czech because they won't shit up their countries with niggers. It might not happen today but within the next 15 years I can almost guarantee it. The day that happens, we are truly beyond hope.


Or deeply concerns intensify

>poland better take these refugee women and children now or were going to send them to trudeau to increase canadas strength and economy!
its almost like you dont want to be a superpower poland

They have the potential to do it. The respect they would earn would be of unimaginable amount, lasting through the ages to come indeed.

Poland and Hungary are standing on a historical fault-line as we speak. Their decision will determine the future of the entire continent. They either save us by dropping out and setting their own course, or they too succumb to the degeneracy and dissapear into the trashbin of history - something that is allready happening to western europe as we speak.

wouldnt the smarter tactic be to install another Gaddafi-like dictator in Libya so it can function like the wall against African-Euro migration, like it once was? Giving Africans the power to regulate their own Africans and solving the problem at its source? Or should we punish the predominantly white countries

>Open your borders, or else!
>We'd rather have else please.
>W-well st-stay tuned because else is coming!

Why the hell would they do that when their goal is to destroy whites?



What if Poland/etc would just take them and immediately start deporting them back to Africa? 24h trial, asylum rejected, put on the plane and off they go.

that's made me so hyped for what will hopefully come

Trump knowns the globalist agenda. He won't attack Poland. Its just that he's involved in a fight with the deep state at the moment.

He will visit Poland next month. Some very interesting conversations are going to take place there behind closed doors. Guaranteed.

Trump IS a globalist you fucking retarded redditor

Because you can't get the kalgergi plan running if not everyone is complying at once, otherwise they'd know what will happen.

Polan will be last safe haven from islam

An American globalist, who wants to see a global America. Theres a big difference.

goodluck Sup Forumss and checks.

Stay strong and resist the (((immigrants))).


I swear to you, he isnt. As soon as this "muh russians" bs ends... you'll see some amazing stuff happening. Promise. Certain elites in the USA that had been pushed towards the fringes of the political spectrum in the USA have made a comeback. This is why the media and the whole of washington are in such an uproar atm.

Why the fuck would I want to see a global America you shill piece of shit


Poland should take them
Put them in the old concentration and death camps
wall them off
then gas/shoot all of them

EU is destroying itself at light speed.

Also, the reason why America is cutting ties and is abandoning international deals such as the climate accord of Paris, is that it wants to reposition itself in a new multi-polar world.

The NWO has allready lost. Believe me.

The fight for the Soul of Europe and America has just begun.

>all that green in Texas
>Maine is entirely red

is this reflecting a low white birthrate like how the Japs are slowly dying out, or what. And what is happening in Texas

>sanction Poland
>Russia won't sanction Poland
>new Russian satellite state state is born

I think russia actually wants poland independent, in order to act as a buffer state between them and NATO

Don't let us down, you fucks.

seriously, what can the EU actually do