White people destroy everything good

I will remind you that this is how Africa would be like had it not been for the white european man plunder and destruction of the whole continent.

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not our faults niggers cant make a mudhut

Will not watch. Had to watch Get Out to appease a friends nigger friend. Typical nigger stereotypes at the theatre.

mud huts


>pic related
>"traditional zambian home"
>not even a mudhut, its dug under a pile of mud


Black Panther has always been a black character though. He's one of the only black characters I can tolerate in media.

no yeah sub saharan africa was a fucking utopia before white people brought civilization. oh and the "stealing all the resources" meme is bullshit, africa is busting at the seams with resources which is why china is obsessed with exploiting it. The problem is the people.

>plundered the entire continent
Africa is still the largest slice of untapped resources, yet niggers are incapable of using any of them

It's sad when white people even outdo them at mud huts.

how can they WE WUZ KANGS, when they were vulnerable to "white plunder"? do KANGS get easily taken over?

when we left they begged for us to come back and feed them, should have let them starve


U niggs are absolutely retarded.
If u are so smart, then why u fail so hard ?
If u so smart, why white men outsmartet u then ?

Really makes your broccoli brutzl...

> africans literally didn't even have documented history until Europeans discovered them, and bartered slaves from the stronger African tribes who enslaved their own people.

> africans literally didn't even make it out of tribalism, on their own; most of the continent still lives in a form of tribalism. The few cities that exist are entirely thanks to European intervention.

If you actually believe that Africa would be anything other than a murderous, slave infested, mud hut shit hole had the Europeans not gotten involved you're an idiot! The most civilized African countries are under British or French law! A plethora of the population relies on humanitarian effort from the west or the evil white man country.

There are some good black people, but everyone of you ungrateful, victim playing whiny sons of bitches make me wish that Abraham sent you all back to Africa and we cut the fucking humanitarian effort off completely and left you all to your own deviceS to create your wonderful Utopia.

It's almost as if a country had an obligation to keep outsiders from interfering with their culture and resources so they can provide for their natural citizens.

You're not suggesting teaching fascism to Africans so that they can beat their subordinates into submission or terrorizing them into following orders are you?

Because that's what it seems like you're suggesting.

>africans literally didn't even have documented history until Europeans discovered them, and bartered slaves from the stronger African tribes who enslaved their own people.

Wow...so this is the power of...Sup Forums...

This-digits knows what the Clintons know

Plunder and destruction?

We bought slaves from them
And in some places tried to build civilization where it was lacking

If anything, we HELPED

Yeah but no one likes it when I say that out loud

White people didnt go to africa and capture blacks in the middle of discussing quantum theory. It was a bunch of jews who went to africa and negotiated with african warlords whos main industry was enslaving other blacks and selling them to arabs.
The arabs would cut the genitals off their male slaves and work them to death. They only stopped slavery when the evil whites forced them to stop. Compare this to the slaves that were sold by african "kangs" to jews to be brought to america. The whites had huge anti slavery movements where they told other whites not to talk about how well treated house slaves were because it normalized slavery and was counter to their narrative.
But whites fought a huge war, ended slavery then forced the rest of the world to end slavery too.

yet white people are the evil ones.
Eat shit and die you faggot.

Actually this is what it would look like:

looks comfy

fucking white people!

>"We wuz kangz and sheeit!"

Build a fucking pyramid, then we'll be impressed.

How in the world did terrible inferior beasts like us manage to permanently fuck up and destroy the civilization of Superior Kangz so completely? I mean, since they are superior in every way to us.

Not just white, but handicapped whites! Or as we like to call them, Kiwis.

Fuck pig skins. We should enslave cumskins to be our slaves and build greater Africa

KANGZ and shit wanted multiculti, plus black guilt. Their women got the BWC and WHITED shows.

Just cut off foreign aid for one year...shit...one month and then let's see how horrible white people are. They should have even more potential to elevate themselves now than they did in the 17-1800s. Fucking show us.

Can you?

Look honky you stole are technology its time to give it back to da rightful kings and queens

Here's a freebie from the White Devil - Pig Skins scans way better than Cum Skins. The latter has just never had much sense behind it, and doesn't really sound like an insult.

This is incredibly accurate. LOL

Honestly, humans need to accept that the term human is similar to the word Canidae. Wolves, Dogs,Foxes are all Canids they are all completely different, possess separate qualities yet can inter-breed. What is considered human is the same. Time and time again blacks have shown they're the only sub-species (race or whatever you want to call it) that are by and large intellectually defunct and incapable of working together toward an actual greater good. There are always outliers but outliers is what they remain.


Look at me! I'm a global authority!


Just going to leave this here
>Black supposedly have superior technology thousands of years in advance to today tech
>Get destroyed and enslaved by white spear chuckers
Even in the imagination land where niggers believe WE WUZ KANGS get destroyed.

This is way Skynet(Hopefully in Tay form) Will nuke us all for letting this retarded shit get out of hand. Imagine an A.I. trying to reason with 'Dem'... DNA tests show-"no white ppl lies We WUZ".. How can an A.I. be racist?It won't be,it will ruthlessly nuke us all because niggers fuck up everything & Hitler dindu.

That is correct

This shit doesn't come out for another fucking year?

Show us any proof of a written language in sub-Saharan Africa around 1000 ad. That's hundreds of years before colonialism. Let's see that Bantu novel.


There may as well be zombies running around over there. Bone in nose moon cricket motherfuckers are like really smart animals that can imitate language. Seriously, dead niggers should be a synonym of awesome.

What? Arabs and black Muslims were enslaving Africans, not Whites.

No good deed goes unpunished.

No shit, have niggers in Africa built anything impressive in the past fucking 1000 years? They claim impressive pyramids of Egypt yet haven't so much as made a goddamn statue since.

you are a fucking idiot you do realize black people ruined brazil as well right?

They didn't build the pyramids anyway. North Africans =\= Sub Saharan Africans

Wasn't this the culture built on ancient alien technology that just landed in their laps?

holyshit the guys got the lip plate at 121 HAHAHA