(((Comedy central))) programming
The Trump Show*
The Daily Show*
Drunk History*
Jim Jeffries Show*
The Nightly Show*
Krill Show*
Problematic with Moshe Kasher*
Inside Amy Schumer*
Sara Silverman Program*

I used to watch this channel back in the day. What the fuck happened?
Workaholics, Tosh.0, and old South Park episodes all that's left? Maybe Always Sunny?

God damn these stupid kikes have turned this network into nigger tier MK ultra sjw programming. Goddamn Krolls dad is one of the kikes behind 911.

>reddit: the thread

reddit loves kikes tho

>le sjw
you sound like a 14 year old
politics aside, the channel is meant for teens and stoned college kids who think the humor is too advanced for the rest of society
grow the fuck up


thats his point
eventually you evolve past judging petty degenerates because associating yourself with critiquing them makes you untermensch

It's pretty awful desu. I stopped watching south park over disgust. The entire production and development team for the simpsons is libtard faggots too.

Family Guy/American Dad are some of the only running cartoons that avoid politics and just try to make people laugh.

The stations are going to go broke from lack of viewers and there won't be donated money to keep them propped up.

I think Stephen Colbert's show is on a financial death bed.
Trevor Noah isn't watched by anyone.
Amy Schumer, Samantha Bee, and Sara Silverman arn't going to last.

The media is starting to realize its financial suicide to attack Trump/Working Class and that SJW culture humor/view doesn't sell.

Give it a year or two. CNN and MSNBC are going to maintain relativity through donations and places like Comedy Central are going to crash and burn like MTV.

Lol MTV plays re-runs of "Friends" now.

I honestly think they siphon enough shackles to keep this shitty programming alive. At least they write it off as a loss and jew out of paying taxes.

it's like, instead of a television station it's now an ongoing therapy session for neurotic jews who can't get over trump winning.

>ever watching south park
even back before they became bluepilled and were more in line with my lolbertarian views, the show just sucked. never funny unless you were under 15


Jews are trying to ruin the minds of everyone. And they fall for it

>watching scrubs or that 70s show reruns (inb4 pleb)
>constant barrage of ads for anti-trump programming
it's lessened though. they probably though their was more of a market for it than there was and oversaturated it. i doubt the guys runnign the channel are some weird obsessed with hating trump

>Trevor Noah isn't watched by anyone.
I can attest to that. Used to watch the Daily Show pretty regularly over a decade ago. Then, I fell out of it.

Nobody I know watches the Daily Show regularly now. I never even see clips linked on plebbit or youtube.

Free Market decisions.
Dont be a commie, nigga. Grow the fuck up.

>i became more right wing so i make new friends who dont share daily show clips
>hence i think no one watches daily show
Selection bias dumbwad.

>selection bias
also agreed. front page of youtube has trevor noah clips trending
anyway, you're still a commie, so don't ever run into me irl


haha im not a commie, i just use that flag cause it triggers ancaps like you. I support statist capitalism. Dude roads lmao.

My libtard friends don't watch him. I'm a closet conservative.

Lol 4 years in college and 4 years after I streamed everything and had rabbit ears for football games. Now I got the damn cable box again because I make more than enough money. Thing is, I can't fucking stand the TELE VISION PROGRAMMING anymore.

Watch other channels, or start your own tv channel. Thats the Ayncrap freedumb way.

>t. Rick and Morty enthusiast

people sleeping on lil ugly mane

member music on MTV?

Never seen Reddit and Morty but it sounds just as pleb as south park

They're the MTV of comedy networks.

You sound like a fun guy to grab a beer with. 30 rock only funny show in the last 10 years right buddy?

30 rock is shit

jeff and some aliens is pretty good but your fucking right it should be renamed kikedy central