Do humans show Hybrid Vigor? Is it better to be mixed race?

It is well known that plants and animals show Hybrid Vigor. The hybrid plants and animals are stronger, sturdier and have better life outcomes on an average.

Hybrid Vigor.

Mixed-race relationships are making us taller and smarter: Children born to genetically diverse parents are more intelligent than their ancestors
So my question is:
Is it better to be mixed race? 1/4:
If so, which race mixture produces best hybrid race?

More scientific arguments please. No childish 'much master race's craps.

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we allready are mixed...

we are part neanderthal, mixing with niggers brings us back in time.

of course when you mix IQ 65 with IQ 100, the child will be a vast upgrade for one branch of ancestry. a step down from the other. learn to think, Tyone

Hybrid vigor only applies to genetically depressed populations. Besides that, there's regression ot the mean: a Somalian with an IQ of 68 makes a rape babby with a White bitch with an IQ of 103. Rape babby IQ is 80-something tops. Then the next generation is lower, closer to the 68.

It doesn't fuckin work, son.

White/Black babies are less healthy than White babies.

i have a lot of studies saved and cited for whenever i get around to either publishing a book or making a youtube series on this topic i hold a masters in bio shout out to Yale university for giving this racist a career

heres another one

Mixed race couples are more likely to have stillborn babies than same-race couples.

science bitch.

post the citations, fag.

Not a Tyrone. Of course you have to be careful about what you mixed with. Not all hybrids are the same. Some hybrid though are definitely superior than both the parents.

Except human races aren't inbred you retard (except the kvetchers). Hybrid vigor only works when the two genomes mixing are inbred.

What about other combinations?

All you need to do is breed with someone further apart than your second cousin, this is all the hybrid vigor you need, anything further apart than that doesn't increase the positive results of hybrid vigor.

Breeding a white person and an asian person doesn't give you better enchanced traits than breeding two white people from different villages.

Basically the hybrid vigor meme is nothing but anti-inbreeding science appropriated to mean race mixing.

>Do humans show Hybrid Vigor

No, because we're not literally sister fucking inbred like selectively bred crops are.

So you should race mix with the East Asians and Jews to get your beloved IQ up to a better level

This crop argument is retarded. There are thousands of distinct heritage varieties of cultivated crops but they're not "inbred" and artificially mixing them accomplishes nothing but destroying the desirable traits that have been intentionally bred into them.

All studies in America not accounting for Socio-Economic factors.

Face it; You're all race mixed to various degrees as none of you can define
>Race as a pure scientific definition

And non of you have the balls to take a DNA analysis to trace your genetic lineage.

It's a genetic argument.
Genetic variation ensures the collective survival of a species especially in an increasingly globalised world.


i have contacts who have told me they are broadening a research on white/asian and white/mixed we also need to know what the daily nutrition consists of during the pregnancy how many calories more research is needed but there is a case to be made that mixed kids are disadvantaged to lets say a black/black or asian/asian told me to expect the a full report around 2020 and will consist of data from 2010-2015


No, a hybrid would be an irish fucking a welsh.

When you talk about niggers and white, you're trying to make a hybrid out of apples and dungbeetles.

im glad you mentioned this tyrone

77% of women who have children with Black men earn less than $10,000 a year.

Isn't it well known that mixed races have more health problems?

Coming from a "mixed" race person, lol.

98% of White women who have children with Black men are not financially supported by the father.

i might aswell just fucking advocate for why women need to stay away from niggers my findings are just fucking depressing lmao

>melting pot meme
The interpretation of blurred racial divides isn't accurate. White Americans on average are 98.6 percent European

True fact: inbred corn is improving at a faster rate than the hybrids.
There isn't enough human variation to display heterosis.

Humans do show hybrid vigour, but not in the way you would expect. It appears more in people that are related from around second cousins to further away (but still within the same race).

Inbreeding (within the immediate family) is bad. So is extreme outbreeding (abo with a chink, nigger with a scandanavian).

>And non of you have the balls to take a DNA analysis to trace your genetic lineage.
But I have. I've traced my personal family tree quite extensively. I'm completely European.
>You're all race mixed to various degrees as none of you can define
But this is just flat out false. Race mixed people are a tiny minority even in "diverse" western cities. American niggers and native americans are the only populations that will commonly have ancestors of multiple races.
>It's a genetic argument.
Which makes absolutely no sense.
>Genetic variation ensures the collective survival of a species especially in an increasingly globalised world.
This makes no fucking sense. There's plenty of genetic variation between unrelated people of the same race.

>outbreeding enhancement meme
>outbreeding sickness meme

which is it

But genes can vary more inside of race, than out of it. This is one of the fundamental reasons liberals say that race is a social construct.

>muh Hybrid Vigor

Mongral less adapted to each of its parents' historical environment.

Eugenics is mostly bullshit. Mostly.

trash video

>irish fucking a welsh
That's bestiality, not hybridization.

If you want an example
>Also, the few remaining birds increasingly hybridized with little grebes which use the wetlands as a migration stopover site; as the species differed in several key aspects, the hybrid birds may have suffered from decreased fitness, to the detriment of the rufolavatus gene pool.[5][6]

Mixed race people doesn't have a biological advantage, Indians are not negros, indians are already racemixed, White people live on average 90 years, Heterozygotic is good, and to achieve that is enough with not having kids with members from your family, for example cousins, there's already enough diversity between white people

Attractiveness is a better marker of genetic health than IQ, due to that being the whole point of attractiveness.

this, race mixing is just culturalmarxist shit

It helps niggers to get white admixture. Not whites. Therefore, fuck niggers. Europe would be better off as 100% European, just as Africa would be better off if it were even 20% European.
Also, fuck off, Shlomo. Stop trying to dilute the white gene pool.

people just get stupider and stupider, don't they?

Considering that some of the factors to determine intelligence are cultural and an hybrid culture may not be as solid as informational background, mixed societies tend to be dumber in that regard, but it's debatable.

>Spamming bullshit on pol
>Libtards have insane bias, clutch at straws

Imajun moi shok guv'nah

Mixed race people make up just 3% of the UK population but make up 30%
of the soccer players in the English Premier league!
And which country has won the World Cup more than any other? Brazil! (Very mixed). So the mixed race people do seem to have advantage when it comes to skills needed to play soccer. But I understand that the advantages may not extend to other aspects of that particular hybrid.
And Brazil has a lot of poverty and other issues. The question is, how much of that is due to genetics and how much is due to other environmental factors.
Also, yes there is a point where you can go to far away i.e. into a completely different species. Horse and donkey are two different species that produce a very hardworking and sturdy mule offspring. But the donkey and the horse are so genetically different that the mules can't reproduce.
Now the question is: Is there an optimal race mixture? May be not black/white but some other combinations.

You thick Nigger. Everyone with half an iota of grey matter knows that eugenics is outright false. You can't out breed diseases or much else, mutationals ALWAYS occur this was common knowledge in the 1930s when the Eugenics meme took off.

As an a priori example, you've clearly never heard of the nigger family that had a white daughter, I believe she was a twin as well. One nigger one white, both twins, one big Nigger family.

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>WE WUZ introducing 'hybrid vigor' by raping they white bitches an shieeet

NIGGER your filthy, dirty race were dick cleaners for the Egyptians and pyramid labourers before that. Stay in your lane

Look at Britain for instance, many nations came and settled there. Look at 1066. Then America or Canada, that's a mad mix of genes even just among Europeans. All my friends in Ontario are giants 6 feet plus. It's our Canadian dairy I say!

What OP's pic doesn't show us is the tons of retarded hybrid corn that came before this cob. It wasn't a simple case of casually mixing two crossbreeds together and instantly ending up with ubercorn.

That pic cherrypicks the worst "inbred" corn and the best "hybrid" corn.

Im sure its possible but only under controlled enviroment

If you have been inbred for a dozen generations, yes, fuck a black woman, fuck any woman who isn't related to you and your children will be genetically stronger.

Funny how OP has no argument against this

>Brazil! (Very mixed). So the mixed race people do seem to have advantage when it comes to skills needed to play soccer

Interesting point, I'm sure there can be some benefits if you do it carefully, but like you say, Brazil is not exactly an ideal model for race mixing.. At least not for free for all race mixing.

Genetic inheritance is still very real, and I do think that race gets overplayed in it a bit too much, even though race can give you a general estimate. A strong high IQ black woman and a strong high IQ white man are more likely going to have a strong high IQ mulatto.

But if you mix a low IQ white and black, the odds are more likely you're not going to end up with a strong genius mulatto just because of "hybrid vigor"

You could also achieve the same thing by fucking a European woman who isn't related to you.

The European group is diverse enough at this point that even if OP's theory was true, it has no need for race mixing to achieve "hybrid vigor"

breeding with someone the same skin color isn't inbreeding, children born to genetically diverse parents are intelligent because one of them is probably white or asian

also humans are not corn you fucking idiot

Inbred shit is always fucked up. I hope you aren't implying that unless something is hybridized it's automatically inbred