I have only one problem with the nazis...

I have only one problem with the nazis. They declared the Slavic peoples subhuman and committed war crimes against them including slaughtering whole villages in Ukraine. Why do this? They're white people

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Prove to me that they did with valid sources or I'll just dismiss this as lies.

it was just an accuse to take their land



They weren't Aryan.

Skip to 12 minute mark. The Red Army literally put on SS uniforms and then burned whole villages to the ground.


Germans have been at it with the Slavs for a looong time. Way before WW2 even WW1. So a lot of german soldiers treated the Russians quite poorly.

>wanting to genocide
What a surprise.

>slaughtering whole villages in Ukraine
They did it everywhere. Not sure why do you mentioned Ukraine since Belarus was the prime victiom, like 25% of people there were murdered.

Germans tried to look friendly in first months of the war to have support from locals who were desperate to escape the communist regime. Literally thousands of people gave up to them including soldiers. But then germans started to burn whole villages alive and doing insane things like it it Medieval times or something. So they showed they are even worse than Stalin.

they also imported polish kids (slavs) ran tests on them then made them aryans and raised them as germans.

the problem i think was stalin and some baltic/romania/bulgaria or whatever the fuck people call that general land mass.


Everyone in Europa has hated Russians for their constant invasions in our lands and built defenses against them, so I don't see why anyone would suddenly think we liked them? But I guess you're an American mutt with identity crisis, best to just kill yourself to end your suffering.

Why did Ukraine fight against him after he liberated it then? They hated the commies but decided to fight against the nazis after he took it over

>Germans have been at it with the Slavs for a looong time.
Also this. German priests were crazy butthurt when the Pope approved books in Cyrillics. these retards inherited not only civilization from Romans but their xenophoby either.

They just took any people who looked decent. My great grandfather was a captive in West Germany together with several tall men with light eyes but the others who were with them got bullets.


Not subhuman, second place after the nords. But still, germany adopted russian children who was considered to have germanic features.

Slavs aren't white. Nothing more than slaves and buffers for real wars.

Have you been to Ukraine?

Sounds about right, They were probably Bolsheviks/Bolshevik sympathisers

Hitler associated them with Roma /Jipsees

Because . Also there were many commies there like anywere else. Ukrainians weren't any different like they want to seem now. Dekulakization was made by locals who reported people and locals volunteered to to take action against their richer neighbours.

Too many for officials, right?








wtf are you talking about? Thats commie propaganda. Nazis had plenty of poles in their ranks as guards in internment camps and on the front lines

Holy fuck I never noticed that was Pewdiepie




>forgetting about the Ukrainian SS division
hitler didn't want to exterminate the slavs that's wartime propaganda to stop soldiers from defecting/surrendering


*Fist bumps*

>my only problem with these genocidal racists is they targeted my race

The germans were never white supremacists until dumbass skinheads and KKK hillbilly rednecks made it so

My (((education))) tells me that these are staged and that these women were forced to pose for pics or were really German women in disguise to create Nazi propaganda. Please tell me this is not the case

Exactly, they are Germanic Imperialists.

I'm not Slavic I'm a mix of German Norwegian French and English

Nah you're fine

>You will never roll through Ukraine on your Panzer stopping at villages along the way to bed all the hot Ukrainian girls


I love and hate being Icelandic. Nobody hates us but at the same time we haven't really been that much of an influence in history other than our viking heritage.

Though anti-Slavic atrocities were widely falsified by the soviets, it is true that Germany was unreasonably hateful and ruthless towards the Slavs. This probably seriously hurt the war effort in Russia.

>most Slavs were suspicious of communism
>Hitler's nationalism, militarism, and social conservatism were in line with common Slavic values

If Germany would have included Slavs in their movement and advanced Russian fascism (the way they advanced fascism in Italy, Romania, or Spain) they could portray themselves as liberators and probably could have won over a lot of Ruskies to fight for the cause. Pretty regrettable that Slavs were so excluded from the movement.

Hitler wanted that lebensraum, m8.

This. Hitler could have definitely capitalized on the liberator image and may have been able to end the war in the east due to massive defections. Not sure if that could have broken communist programming but it would have made it much tougher for the Soviets.

>They declared the Slavic peoples subhuman
Commie propaganda as always: same lies pumped out over and over and over and over and over for years. The Natsocs declared Bolshevism and Communism to be "degenerate", that people taken over by communism "degenerate into Untermensch". Hitler wrote ENTIRE CHAPTERS in Mein Kampf talking about his fear that Germans would BECOME untermensch if Communism took over. Your Ruskie Grandma and Grandpa who told you horror stories about the 15 times Hitler wanted to gas them were lied to by their kike masters. Stalin stoked mass fear and hysteria because he was terrified of his people turning on him as Hitler's armies advanced, and because that's what commies ALWAYS do. Your family believed in it like good little lemmings living under communist propaganda.

Slavic people are subhuman. When will you learn?

The nazis were evil, don't fall for Sup Forums lies. It is under reported, but nazi soldiers would commonly adorn Russian uniforms so they could commit mass rape without repercussions. Truly nasty people.

Nazis would trick Slavs into joining the Waffen SS, then tell them to go guard gas chambers. Once they were inside, thinking they were the Nazis, the real Nazis turned on the gas. My great grandfather was gassed this way 20 times, and on the 21st time he escaped.

At the beginning literally millions of Soviets defected or surrendered, the Red Army was unprepared and incompetent. Stalin was eventually able to revive Russian nationalism and inspire the population to some extent, and this was the nail in Hitlers coffin. Thinking about it with hindsight it enrages me that the Germans didn't try harder to recruit the Russians after their early successes, with so much soviet dissolution and the shared values with the Germans Slavs could have been a game changer.


M8 my grandparents lived through commie and Nazi occupation, they would have exterminated us if they had the chance but they were caught up with fighting the reds. The Nazis threw our nationalist leaders like Bandera into concentration camps. Just because you can find pictures with smiling faces doesn't mean that massacres weren't happening elsewhere.

Nah it was the (((commies))) who Holocausted slavs

>my grandparents lived through commie and Nazi occupation

Mein too. All these slavs died the same way: tricked into wearing Notsee uniforms, sent to go guard gas chambers. My grandfather was gassed 100 times, and on the 101st time he finally escaped by pretending to be a Jewish inmate. THe poor jew who he made wear his SS uniform was taken out and shot for being a Slav.

> applying logic to nazis


What the hell is this fucking ant pic

>Just because you can find pictures with smiling faces doesn't mean that massacres weren't happening elsewhere.
Oh, and believe me, the Notsees were killing Slavs by the thousands. Just like the Katyn massacre that the Notsee war criminals were found guilty of at Nuremberg: almost 30,000 Slavs butchered by Nazis working for Stalin:


>we haven't really been that much of an influence in history
Change that, then. Make something of yourself in the name of your nation and people.
>inb4 "how?"
If you care enough you'll find a way. It certainly isn't shitposting (((here)))

Slavic -culture- is subhuman, Hitler was right again, Poles and Czech are long lost wendo-germanics corrupted by slavshits aka Russia. Today they could be rich and properous.

slavs are special kind of shits, they're white but they have mind of a jew and have no loyalty towards their own whatsoever
most russians are like that

>slaughtering whole villages in Ukraine

Stopped reading

I just don't understand why Stalin had so many Notsees working for him. Why doesn't anyone talk about this? All these Slavic Notsees fighting against Hitler -- they were heroes! Without these brave Notsees fighting against Hitler, Hitler the madman would have gassed all of Europe 100 times:


Look at these fucking NAZI RAPISTS trying to stare rape slavic wymins to DEATH. Its like 1000 gassings each second.

What is this supposed to prove? Everyone knows the Polish army officers were subversive elements, that's why they were liquidated a month or so after this letter at Katyn.

When hitler was in Austria he realized the Slavs mixing with the German population was one of the things bringing the Reich down because their ideologies didnt align.

Basically when white guys see people sagging their pants and blasting trap music not opening the door for old ladies and also notice there are less white people around they just put two and two together and get labeled white supremesists.

>What is this supposed to prove? Everyone knows the Polish army officers were subversive elements
That's EXACTLY why Stalin ordered his Nazis to exterminate the Polish slavic subversive SLAVS.

My bad I missed the beginning of that. Besides Jews, the worst ethnic cleansing in Eastern Europe seems to have been without German help anyway (see Ukrainian insurgent army killing Poles and vice versa)

>Why do this? They're white people
Perharps today they're consider white, but some decades ago they were seen as mongrel subhumans.
Pic related

>the worst ethnic cleansing in Eastern Europe seems to have been without German help anyway (see Ukrainian insurgent army killing Poles and vice versa)
All shitposting aside, the majority of slavs killed in WW2 were killed by other Slavs. The loser was made the scapegoat. Unfortunately, the majority of people are lemmings and will believe, religiously, whatever they are taught at school, by their family (also indoctrinated the same way), and what they perceive to be "what they are supposed to believe" in their society:


>nazis dindu nuffin, they good conquerors

Exactly! They screwed the poles.
Poland beat those Ruski plebs in the 20s then all of a sudden Chancellor Killing Animals hurts my fefes came along and screwed them over, handed them to that DOG (((Stalin)))


>including slaughtering whole villages in Ukraine

are you sure it wasnt the soviets that did that?
the soviets lied about everything

dennis new documentary is worth watching ?

>be Bandera
>cause trouble within a conflict of much greater dimension than you can imagine
>be asked to stop
>dont stop
>have to stay in luxury cell in Sachsenhausen KZ with pictures on the wall and carpet
>be released after three years
>flee to Germany after the war and die in Munich

What a holocaust

If these pictures are genuine and not just staged for propaganda then its really nothing. But if those soldiers actually slept with foreign women, they should've been hanged. Racial hygiene should have no gender bias, sleeping with the enemy is the highest form of treachery, doesn't matter if you have a dick or vagina. Fucking degenerates.

>Ukrainian women are the enemy