Canadians were some of the most respected soldiers on the Western Front in World War 1

>Canadians were some of the most respected soldiers on the Western Front in World War 1

>100 years later, their leaders march in gay pride parades, their courts legalize oral sex with animals, and their government pays for unlimited abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy

What happened, Canada?

that homo stuff is what Canadians in ww2 fought for.
Don't be disrespectful.

the didnt elect the rhino party


Just goes to show that Communism is a satanic evil.

We lost any sense of national pride or identity. Our leaders became spineless traitors. Our culture devolved into not being american and friendliness. Now we're in a death-spiral with a complacent, lefist population, no right-wing political representation, and slowly rotting demographics. We're positively fucked.

Canada has always been an artificial country, and each province should become its own country

The same answer eeeeevery time:

Men gave childminded, antiintellugent, egofaschist, lazy, parasitic creatures
aka women
control over society.

What else did u expect as a result ? Something great to come outta that ?
Think !!

Agreed. Bring back sovereignty. Republic of Alberta when?

>Canadian rifle is seemingly designed to punch you in the face for being a retard
>Gas attack? Dont worry, just sniff your piss and you are fine!
>Vimy Ridge was a walk in the park, you Brits just cant get your shit together
>lol cold whats that?

>Modern times
>If you kill your enemies, they win.
>Intolerance of Islam will not be tolerated!

How far we have fallen.

The two things are your own problems you stupid woman

We are being called to rise up now, led by Dr Peterson

Lemme be your mommy you can call me old ivanka. You know the sprinkle salt meme? He is the sprinkle frog


The man spakes the truth

Women are truthful?

The French

even Alberta, the supposed last hope of Canada has turned to shit. In my city they recently had Drag Fags read books to children

jews happened

Nothing is new under the sun. Clutch your pearls harder. Read Genesis some time. Why do women have seeds? You know nothing. Read the whole thing. Yes it is sanctioned. No. Whenever there is a "gay" argument in there, that word never existed. You will never scrub the world. You don't have that power. YOU brought the cross dressers. YOU are the idolaters sometimes and the divorced a lots of the time. All death and sin are yours


Conquer BC libtards for shoreline when?

>56% white country
>fat as fuck and generally unhealthy
>next to no social services
>shitty infrastructure
>3rd world tier public transit/rail system
>niggers dominate pop culture
>niggers dominate white women
>mass gun violence on a near-daily basis
>borderline third-world country
>spends billions on war
>lost almost every single war that we attempted to join
>just got done being ruled by a nigger for nearly a decade
>elect a guy who was supposed to fix it but has backpedaled on all of his promises
>do absolutely nothing about it
>call europeans cucked even though they're still way better off demographically than we could even hope to be
>inhabited by the dumbest fucking morons ever
>get circumcised
>niggers spics and non whites everywhere even in rural/suburban areas

If you want the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas to rule over you, you can have them

Anglo wanted french aryan blood and imported the doom of Canadians that is multiculturalism.

Basically the eternal anglo was thirsty for blood again.