Mario Odyssey and Cultural Appropriation

What does everyone think about the new Mario game where he openly appropriates the rich heritage of Mexican head ware? Does it count as appropriation if he's Italian? Explain.

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they are both sub groups of caucasians

So this doesn't count then?

dude, the japanese are racist, so its ok.

remember, power + privilege. :^)

He is dressing up as a caricature of a mexican. Its in bad taste

That's where I was leaning a well.

Pacos BTFO.

Its not a big deal or anything either though, I don't think Mexicans will care much

>Mexico culture
>Thinking the Japanese care
What's up with all the shill threads today?

I'm genuinely worried about the future of Mario and what might happen if Nintendo is perceived as culturally insensitive.

Should blacks stop using english and dressing up with anything else than war paint and coconut leaves around the genitals? They're culturally appropriating white culture.

Its all small and vocal minority who think like that and they only really exist in the west, I think Mario will be fine
I didn't mention cultural appropriation

Who gives a fuck about cultural sensitivity?
People will play it regardless of it's cultural appropriation.

It's okay when Ubisoft does it but it's bad when Nintendo does it? I don't get it.

Holy shit that looks great, got a link to the conference?


filtered, pinko

how exactly does a fictitious italian plumber appropriate any culture? isn't it appropriation for a japanese company to make some caricature of a new york italian guy? why is the problem with the mexican stuff? is this some kind of meta-appropriation, where we're supposed to accept the premise of mario's fictitious national and cultural identity as the benchmark, and that any cultural representation imposed on mario beyond that benchmark is now appropriation?

why aren't these idiots mad about him being portrayed as a stereotype of italians???

Culture isn't something that you try to keep other people from taking. It's the opposite, culture seeks to expand.

If we were set as a rule people could not interact with the cultures of others than non-whites would not be allowed to read or write English. Even worst they would not be allowed to THINK in English. To even attempt to pose a counter-arguement in English is to forfeit the idea that culture is something you 'own' rather than something you 'share'.

what the fuck
beyond good & evil 2 is announced?
fuck i was excited for that, and now they ruined it with some ugly negress

You guys think its a caricature but those things are authentic aspects of their culture, this is done out of love like Grim Fandango


Kek, just watched the trailer.
It's a literal ape and a nigger working together and fighting cops.
To top it off, they're constantly swearing like a bunch of ghetto niggers. How the fuck is this BGE?

>What does everyone think about the new Mario game where he openly appropriates the rich heritage of Mexican head ware?
Libfaggots never acknowledge the cultural appropriation when a nigger is using a computer or a spic is celebrating St. Patrick's Day or a kike is assuming a position of power in a white nation or a chink is speaking English. No, "cultural appropriation" is a sin of which only whitey can be guilty. For muds, they have a right to take anything they want to take.

The first game involved an asian woman named "Jade". That's already fucking cheesy. It was always about playing with dumb steriotypes.

What are Mexicans so stupid? It's obvious racism.

>Title is Beyond good and evil
>Animals have no concept of whats "good" or "evil" so by kike logic they must be beyond it
>2 chimps are the main characters

Kill yourself faggot

>mexicans are white
Are you fucking stupid?

Italians are Europe's Mexicans so it's fine.

Funny watching liberals lose their shit over this game because an italian plumber from new york is appropriating mexican culture.

So glad we finally have diversity in video game representation. Just look at all these fantastic designs!

As a latino I think it's fun -- only dumb lefties give a shit.

>We need a mapuche Mario
>*picture of racoon Mario*
>! said mapuche, not mapache

Why are you virtue signaling here faggot? No one cares.

And as an American, I love seeing other countries doing Murikan shit. Eating burger/bbq, wearing goofy cowboy hats, shootan guns. Culture is something we should share.

he's already a shitty caricature of an Italian so why give a fuck now?

Coins were replaced with doritos

BASED Japanese devs