This is Emmanuel Macron, the 25th president of France

This is Emmanuel Macron, the 25th president of France.

Say something nice about him!

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not black


He will one day die


i see that he is a man of culture as well.

He's a good grandson, he brings his grandmother everywhere he goes.


He has good taste in men.

He isn't afraid to go down on a dried up wrinkly old granny poon.


I can imagine her bingo wings flapping away as she wanks his cock.


imagine the smell

I didn't need to see this

He's the leader of one of the most powerful African nations in the world

at least he dabbed sorta correctly

manlet cuckold

>in true French tradition he
has surrendered to Merkel & Islam

Nice UMMMM least he's not a nigger.

So hip, so Trendy. So modern.


Thank you for reminding me why I stay away from red boards

I shagged his mum, she was good.... wait thats his wife?!

It's cool that he hangs out with his grandma, people should respect their elders. That's his grandma, right?

He's not Brazilian, unlike OP

I've met frogs that I like, that are nice people. I've never met a Brazilian I like. And i've spent 2 months backpacking Brazil. Useless country, useless people.

Leftists will be slaughtered en masse in our lifetime, lads