Age of Consent

Why do Americans get raped in prison for receiving nudes from 17 year old girls while being 18, even though she will most likely just go on with her life as if nothing happened?
How is this justice?
Why do people forget that the most primal male desire is for a girl to be youthful?

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I have no sexual interest in prepubescents... people seeking that need their heads chopped off.

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Where I live the age of consent is 14, where it should be.

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They are stronger than women in their late 20s when it comes to attractiveness, sorry.
Teen girls can have higher standards because they have more to offer.


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we only exist to protect them

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The concept of an AoC is immoral. A girl belongs to her father not the State. Her father is the one can say when she is to be married. All sex outside marriage is rape, unless its her father doing her.


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Pizzagate is about people who traffic little prepubescent kids, not teens who are in their prime.

I absolutely believe it is real and it is a bad thing, but of course only Anthony Weiner gets legal repercussions even though his victim is probably doing fine now.




No, it needs to be abolished. The AoC existing is an attack in the family.


In Australia, age of consent is 16. It's still child pornography if you got pictures of anyone until their 18 still.

Dunno about countries, but over here if its two kids going at it as long as their over 14, police don't give that much of a shit unless its gay. It's a waste of police resources, as they could be catching cunts down the road dealing heroin rather then swabbing a couple of horny teenagers.

>be teenage girl
>have innate worth and neoteny that can be leveraged against male peers
>be told you will succeed at anything even though you will never even be able to tell success from failure
>if an undesirable male so much as breathes on you, 1000 others are brainwashed to gun him down while the other 999 act as human shields for you
>people in the current year somehow think you need even more legal and social safety nets
She'll be fine, cucklords.

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