These néw flags are stupid

This site is trash now. It's been fun

Ye be full o' shit, lad!

Okay, bye bye reddit, no one will miss you.

fun flag

Yeah, they seem to be stifling intellectual discussion, this post being an example. But today's the first day so I'm not getting all autistic over it, I'm hoping the novelty of these new flags wear off and soon things can return to (somewhat) normal.

See ya tomorrow.

Fuck off then

>goes to anonymous site
>hates anonymity

yeah tell him girl


who are you quoting?

Look at me. I'm the captain now.

Based Hirohito warding out the newfaggots back to Plebbit with a timely Sup Forums feature.

Give it a while to calm down, dipshit.

How do I change my flag?

Oh this is fun

I don't think its trash but I don't like the new flags.

"No goyi... er.. friend, I'm a fellow nazi.

Don't let the door hit you on ass.

the_donald awaits my dude

>This site is trash now. It's been fun
bye bitch

>novelty of these new flags
they were here years ago

Ahahahahah epic picture good sir! You edited a photo to make someone ypu don't like look funny! Richard Spencer BTFO! Based pedes, btfoing racism!

>that image
fucking kek

This, holy shit. Get rid of IDs next and all the newfags/redditors will explode and dissapear

You're right let's go back to reddi t

I agree. Now it'll be a bunch of people saying

>as an X, here is my opinion

Where they very well may be lying. Also now the memes will be shit and the bantz will be weak. I was also always interested in what people from all over the world had to say. It made me feel special. Fuck mods


I want a gf Sup Forums

So, first off thanks for ousting yourself as a fucking newfag, but I also agree with you.

Over time, I ended up feeling like default geographical flags added a nice element to Sup Forums. There became an ability to observe how people from around the world responded to political events and it added elements of both education and banter. THIS IS IMPORTANT. What is more political than being able to see clear differences between geographical regions when talking about geopolitical events??

What does choosing a flag do? It encourages LARPing and apolitical threads especially if there's a fucking Kekistan flag. That alone is the biggest possible encouraging to shitposting possible. All these elements add up to Sup Forums being shittier with flags being able to be selected. It was an improvement when it was removed and it is a mistake to bring this feature back.


The only bad thing about is that all the nazi larpers it produced.


did he... did he died?

>lolbergtarian learns that he is actually quite alone and that all the memes are not banter but sincere derision

he's pushin daisies mate

bye reddit

Sup Forums has returned to its roots.

sieg heil

I didn't say anthing about memes. Who are you arguing with?

I post a slide thread for keks and look at this garbage. I win

Weren't these how the old Sup Forums flags worked or am I remembering wrong?

>not knowing we did these long ago
thats how i know youre new

Why are they so slimey that he would pull a move of going to hug him then snatch his stuff?
That right there is the exceptional quality of niggers.
Never seen anyone from another group do that.
Guess this is dat street knowledge.
I feel sorry for them.

How ugly. Looks like that guy from Slipknot.

it's part of "their" plan
don't give in

>intellectual discussion
do you know where you are?

Totally agree it adds way more deph to this place

Who was in the wrong here?

Lol fuck off newfag

Au Revoir