If Sup Forums hates black people, why does it like the Blade movie?

If Sup Forums hates black people, why does it like the Blade movie?

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He just didnt.

Blade II was better


>Taking us serious

Because dumb motherfuckers always tryina ice skate uphill.

This. Saw it a couple of months ago, the chi was not bad at all. It obviously looked dated, but it was not bad.

We don't like liking our hatred.


You win this round.


Some motherfuckers just wanna iceskate uphill

you don't have to hate blacks to not want to live near or around them.

>some mofukkas always trying to iceskate uphill
stop trying to iceskate uphill OP faggot


Hating black people and Jew's on the basis of race is a meme son

its called kino disguised as a movie

There was no regressive propaganda shoved down people throats in Blade movies. Blade was a black character from the beginning with his own backstory growing over the years, not blackwashed (aka WE WUZed) character.
Movies were actually good, the first successful movie adaptation of the comic character.


Just because i enjoy watching a monkey dance, doesn't mean i want the monkey living in my house.

This. The wonder woman movie wasn't that bad either. IF it had a (((feminist))) agenda I missed it, could've been better, could've been worse.

Because Blade is not Black ... he's Vampire.

i kind of thought of the black dude becoming a daywalker from his infected mother, had kind of an aids metaphor vibe...

because he isn't an "empowered minority"
he is a black man who is a superhero
I used to pretend to be Blade when I played with my friends with swords and coats as a kid
and I'm white

>because he isn't an "empowered minority"
>he is a black man who is a superhero

This. I couldn't care less about the skin color of a protagonist. Is not about race but about having empathy towards their struggles.

This motherfucker gets it

blade is fucking based

He brought a character to life, they didnt take an existing character and race swap him.

He pulled it off and didnt cry about diversity because he worked hard and got parts and got things done knowing that is all it takes in life.

A nigger killing vampires, which these days are always depicted as Weimar tier degenerates. It's cool.

Maan I miss the wesley snipes Sup Forums threads back then.

These pretty much summed it up. His race wasn't a story point and there was no agenda to make blacks be something they weren't.

Holy shit.

The black community has fallen far. Not only that but we went from Nat King Cole to... Icecube is it? Drake? And whoever else the fuck is put on the pedestal by crappy media producers.

Need an fix for this with an actual Caucasoid instead of a kikeoid.

Snipes is great. i actually like quite a few darkies

Because Blade is a based vampire slayer.

Find me a better vampire movie. Something that isn't god awful boring like Queen Of The Damned, or something ridiculously gay like Interview With The Vampire.

Unfortunately this is as close to Vampire: Masquerade - The Movie as we're going to get.

Ice Cube was a real hustler....

Drake is the pedestal faggot your thinking of my friend.

IceCube is a black man.... Drake is a nigger...

see what Im sayin?

the first blade with wesley is legit one of the best vampire movies around

I don't hate black people but I think I hate you boi

I dont hate black people

Sup Forums hates niggers, not black people, you fucking retard

I know what you're talking about. On a personal level, Ice Cube was pretty legit. I just don't like his music. I think we're agreed on Drake and the people in his generation/tier.

yeah I 100% agree, one of the few exception in which the sequel is better. 2nd movie is the best of the trilogy too

Implying I like anything thats came out of Hollyjew

Wow, You must have been the popular kid at school.

Blade and the mummy
both amazing movies

New tom cruise one look gay.

and by a wide margin

Politically speaking, was Blade II the badass one with the vampire eaters or the shitty one with Deadpool guy?

Blade was such a badass. Spoiler: the irs defeats him in the end.

But yea better than underworld.

That techno soundtrack in the first Blade was 10/10 90's rave feels desu.

All Underworld ever did was to cruelly conceal Kate Beckinsale's tiddies from us.

Because blade was originally a black character

Who took footage of me